April 26, 2013

Boji Stones

It is said that Boji Stones™ originate from only one place in the USA and they grow like mushrooms. Only one male stone grows for every seven females! The male is the rougher looking of the pair whilst the female Boji is smooth. They are best used in pairs but you will often see the females made into pendants.

The stones themselves are blackish brown in colour and a small flattish sphere in shape. Their size can vary from about the size of a penny up to almost the size of a golf ball. In our experience the average size is around that of a 50 pence piece.

You can also get Rainbow Boji Stones. These are as they sound in so far as they have rainbow colours running through them, most likely due to another mineral or crystal running through them. They are much harder to come by and much more expensive.

No one is quite sure what the actual mineral/crystal or chemical make up of the Bojis Stones are, which makes them even the more intriguing.

A set of Boji Stones

A set of Boji Stones

We find them fascinating and have also found that essentially although they are all the same, each pair seems to have a slightly different energetic quality. For example some will be much better at grounding whilst others seem to excel at opening the chakras. Other pairs have been excellent for physical healing. One man we spoke to had severely burned his arm, yet within two days of applying the Bojis regularly, the pain and blisters had almost disappeared, something that would generally have taken weeks to clear.

As mentioned in another piece in the Library about Chakras, Boji Stones™ can be used to balance the Chakras; in fact Boji Stones™ can help align and balance all the Chakras automatically. This means that positive energy will pass through each Chakra (normally from the Crown Chakra {top} to the Base Chakra {bottom}) and aid the release any blockages there may be. It may take more than one session to fully achieve this, although even one session will normally yield significant improvements.

If you are using Bojis for meditating and chakra work, we generally suggest that you place the male (rough) in the left hand and the female (smooth) in the right hand. This then has a balancing effect on both sides of the body and brain. If you are extremely out of balance this may feel uncomfortable, in which case use them in whichever way feels comfortable for you.

Brian’s thoughts:
Here I would like to share a few of my personal thoughts and experiences on using Boji Stones.

As well as using the Bojis during meditation I have used them in combination with other crystals to add a different energy to my healing/meditation sessions.

By holding a Boji in each palm and placing a crystal between the thumb and index finger of each hand you can greatly enhance the experience. There are many different combinations that can be used but here are a couple that I have used regularly:

  •  Herkimer diamonds – this greatly enhances the opening and linking with the crown chakra especially, and generally sends a blast of positive energy through each chakra along the way!! Do not try this is you are generally quite spacey; you will need quite good control of your energies before you give this one a go!
  • Black tourmaline – this really brings you back down to earth! It will also help disperse and release any blockages you have.

I will be adding more combinations to this section as I work with them; so do pop back from time to time.

As with any energy work always make sure you are grounded and centred in your own space (see the Grounding and Protection section).

Many websites or books that you read about Boji Stones will tell you that they do not need cleansing. Personally, I feel that any crystal or healing tool will always benefit from tender loving care and cleansing. Bojis in particular seem to like the ‘smoke method’. Please see my Energizing Crystals section in the Library for further information on cleansing and energizing crystals.

© Brian Lynn, 2003