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November 18, 2017

Change your negatives to positives

You may have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’; you may be aware of the teachings of Abraham Hicks or the book, The Secret, but what does it actually mean and how do we get it to work for us?

What it means is basically “like unto itself is drawn”, in other words a person attracts everything, both good and bad, into their own life by the emotional state of mind and what they focus on.

You judge something to be good when it matches what you are now wanting and you say it is bad when it is not what you are now wanting. So the first important thing is all experience is good – the ‘bad’ offers experience and opportunity to understand better what you really do want. All wanting causes expansion, this is how we and our universe continually evolve and expand; and wanting is thought-form* that has momentum.

The key to attracting what you do want into your reality is to always choose to think of and already feel the joy that you will have when what you want has manifested – you need to feel that joy in the now moment, because it is only when your thought-form about it has enough momentum that what you want will manifest in reality. You shouldn’t choose to make a thought-form from the fear of a bad experience. Like attracts like and it’s your own thought-forms that bring everything into your life, so whether you are focussing on good or bad, wanted or unwanted, that is what you will attract into your experience.

Many people say: “This or that person is bringing unwanted things into my life”. But no other person can manifest in anyone’s life, only the person for them self. All experiences come from the person’s own thought-forms.

Whether you are focusing predominantly on good things or bad things; that is what you will attract into your life. You might have five big things in your life that are not wanted – that make you feel ‘urgh’, and one thing that is wanted that makes you feel ‘oooh’. If you choose to think about the thing you want, you are happy – no problem. The ‘oooh’ vibration makes the thought-form have big momentum, so the five unwanted things must change to wanted things, because they don’t fit your happy vibration.

Equally, if you have 9 thoughts that are of wanted, happy things and one of an unwanted thing, if you continue to focus on the one unwanted thing, as people often do, then the energy of the wanted things will start to change towards the less wanted.

Here’s an example. If you taste something bad (urgh), you spit it out or swallow quickly to get rid of it. It’s important not to think about it. If you taste something good (oooh), you should deliberately choose to chew this for many moments, to make it last. You remember the good tasting, and when it’s gone you should think for many moments of the memory of the good taste. This makes positive thought-form momentum. When an unwanted thing happens, don’t think of it or focus on it, just think of a different ‘oooh’ taste. It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking about, only that it’s ‘oooh’ not ‘urgh’, so that you create positive thought-form momentum rather than negative thought-form momentum.

Another example is, if you sit by an open fire and a cinder spits from the fire onto your trousers. If you notice it straight away and flick it off, no hole, no problem. If you leave it there it burns the cloth. It’s the same with thinking about the thing you don’t want – it’s important to become aware and stop the thinking before it ‘burns a hole’ and becomes a negative thought-form.

Exercise in focusing on the wanted

Each night before sleeping, think of 5 things that have happened that day that you have liked. Do it regularly and soon you will be thinking of 10 things that day that you have liked. To do it before you sleep is important as it means you go into sleep in a positive vibration.

When you have become practised at this you will notice that you are feeling happier most of the time and that your mood is less often swayed into negativity by things that you dislike. It usually takes daily practice for more than a month to change the negative habits of a lifetime, so be patient.

When you are happier most of the time, you can change the focus slightly and think each night of 5 things that you have done that day that you are happy about. This is important for you to learn to appreciate yourself, this changes your core vibration to one of consistent happiness where you will attract more experiences that will make you happy.

So how long must we think positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts each day before we start to attract/manifest the things that we wish for?

Wrong question – It’s not a question of time, only momentum. The amount of momentum in the thought-form governs how quickly the wanted thing manifests. People might know the theory but often choose to think about the ‘urghs’ – a big waste of time as it brings the unwanted into their experience. Also people often think “it hasn’t come yet, it’ll never come. I can’t make this attraction thing work for me”. They are right because their negative thought-form makes it possible for only the unwanted to manifest, the wanted can only manifest in positive thought-forms.

*(A thought-form is a thought which is repeated many times and believed)

Christina Cherry
Christina Cherry © 9 Nov 2017

My own understanding of the ‘Law of Attraction’, and many other things, was helped enormously by speaking to Robert Hughes, a young man who died in World War I, who was channelled through his medium Saesneggar. Full details of his life and the messages he shared can be found on

November 17, 2017

Loving Psychotherapy

Quantum physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, postulated that if you measure the sum total of the number of minds in the universe, there would be just one. We affect each other. In the quantum field of non-locality there is no distance. Thus once a particle of a substance has been in contact with another particle, both particles continue to react in tandem, even though subsequently separated. As Borysenko explains, “In the quantum world of non-locality, there’s no distance. This is demonstrated in Bell’s Theorem. Let’s say that there’s a molecule of salt—sodium chloride. When it’s sprinkled on your food, eaten, and then excreted, the two atoms of the molecule are broken apart. The sodium may be in one place and the chlorine somewhere else. But even in separate places, if the sodium rotates, so does the chlorine. Everything is connected in what Albert Einstein called a ‘spooky’ way that’s beyond the Newtonian physics of gravity and larger forces”.

We are connected to each other - even when not in the room together. The therapist-client bond is a soul to soul relationship, and affects the universal mind. How we behave, what we believe, affects everything that is.

Thus for me, psychotherapy is about love. We all need it but many have not been in it, do not love themselves, nor have they been loved by anyone else. Without connecting to love we live in a world of anxiety, depression, pain and more. If my client doesn't receive loving acceptance from me, perhaps for the first time in their life, how will they ever lovingly accept themselves?

We are not separate, not separated by conditions, or our history, our parents, our inheritance - to go the separate path is to lose valuable parts of ourselves. In loving psychotherapy is compassion, empathy, connectedness, holding and safety and only this relieves suffering - personal, familial, and collective - all of us are affected by the other's suffering.

Thus our suffering is a gift to the spirit, personally and collectively. Our trauma teaches us about ourselves, and others. Let your pain up gently, a little at a time, so not to re-traumatise, and gradually come to understand your story, reclaim your lost parts, shed your tears and be compassionate with yourself.

For me, working with someone in therapy is working in a loving relationship. It's true that it is not what you might normally expect in a loving relationship, in that each share who they truly are, because as a therapist I don't share very much of my personal self. The relationship focuses on who the client is, what they bring in with them: their loves, their struggles and pains.

However, I hope to create a safe space for my client to bring all of this, and to discover more of the lost parts of themselves. I use myself to really 'be' with my client, soul to soul, to support their healing. And that works both ways. My clients also heal and teach me - they affect me.

As a psychotherapist I get to share the beauty I find in myself so that others can find the beauty in themselves. Healing happens in that intimate connection, in relationship with your therapist, and through that relationship, to everyone else.

Linda Bishopp, MA, Dip Couns, Reg MBACP, CThA, THF
Linda Bishopp © Nov 2017

Borysenko, J., (2017), Psychotherapy of the Heart, available at:, accessed 04.11.17.

November 17, 2017

Spiritual Hogwash

So, how did this bloke end up in all this spirituality hogwash then?

Whilst I was inspecting the ceiling. I’m up against a fellow karate opponent who has just swept me and I’m seeing stars and angels looking down at me as I pull myself up and stumble back to the line for him to do it to me all over again. That was a moment when I realised, I’m out of my depth here. Mind you, if I was ever to be a roof examiner it was most excellent training.

I loved karate, in fact I got to black belt virtually but for one reason or another I went away from that path. It lead to me going to the gym and this is where the universe got to work. There was a mind body spirit fair going on. I remember thinking, let’s see what this cobblers is all about. A few of the therapists looked my way and with a shifty glance I sidestepped away from their couches which I was sure would ensnare me in some ethereal trap that would cost me a fortune. However, a chap called Aldo did manage to grab me and told me I’d be a healer one day and got all excited about the number 11, which apparently is a master number, related to me. I was like, “yeah whatever pal!” and then I had an angelic reiki session with a lady who would end up being my angelic reiki teacher one day. I can still hear her now telling me “You need to ground yourself”, a lesson I still need to heed.

A while later, there was another one of these fairs in deepest Ashford in the not so salubrious settings of a leisure centre or some such fine place. It was a really grotty day but I thought, sod it, let’s get off me jacksie and give it a whirl. To be honest, my intention was to have a look at the workshops and I met Corrina who is part of the Unique Soul Healing team and introduced me to a spot of medium training. I did pick up a tiny bit I think, but it was minute to say the least. I then listened to Sharon speaking about all these wonderful spirit animals we can connect too, everyone was getting wolves and I couldn’t wait for mine to arrive. Alas, I didn’t get a dire wolf called Ghost but Steve the badger. I was somewhat miffed but a badger is a very fine fellow who builds bridges and is also fiercely protective. I adore my badger now. Oh, I also met June who talked to me quite a lot, but that’s for later.

Anyway, the day ends, I was happy and Sharon told me about what she did and I thought, hmm, I’ll add you on Facebook. As soon as I did that BAM I got a friend request from June. Immediately, she starts a little chat with me about reiki and I said I’d been keen to explore it as I had a couple of treatments from a friend of mine a few years previously and from a chap near Lenham, who helped me out just after I left my previous job. She said, that’s fine as I’m looking to teach and that’s how I met my reiki teacher.

It was all meant to be as June would soon be leaving for Lincolnshire and that very day I met someone called Chrissie who gave myself and June a treatment in her Access Bars technique. She certainly changed my world and June’s for that matter too.

So here I was, suddenly with this amazing ability that we all have. I wanted to reiki everything and everyone and couldn’t understand why not everyone wanted it. I do now, some of us just aren’t ready for it or couldn’t understand that how one minute, here I am, this everyday worker in a warehouse, suddenly wants to zap them with this turquoise ray I channel. No doubt, they were thinking, you keep that Harry Potter stuff to yourself mate, you’ve lost the plot you nutter.

Did I finish there though? Not at all. I then joined MSDC (Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre) and also the team at the Shakra Centre which then introduced me to the weird world of spirit contact, oracle cards, tarot (which I swore I’d never do), psychometry, etc. I’m now firmly in the world which I once used to laugh at and now I’m one of the therapists who gets those funny looks I used to give them. Life is ironic, I love it.

It gets worse (actually better). I won a witches apprenticeship at a fair. It was another hand on my forehead moment, I was thinking, listen, “I ain’t turning anyone into frogs”. However, Ricky couldn’t have been nicer and he told me I’d heal with my voice. I thought, “Mate you really don’t want me to speak, I can’t sing, I’m quiet and keep to myself”. How was I to know spirit were having a laugh with me?

Months later I met the amazing Georgie at an angel day. She said we’d all be singing and I was thinking “Gaz, what have you done here mate?” However I did it and found it most liberating. Then I saw she was doing a course up in Tring to be a practitioner. I had huge doubts about it but a tarot reading in group from a friend of mine, picked up on it and told me, “Gary, just do it. What are you waiting for?”

So bang, here we are, present day and I work with angels, energy, sing, tone and invoke light language when I do these treatments. What is going on I hear you ask? Don’t ask me mate, I’m just the performer not the director, but I tell you what, there’s loads more to come. So come on spirit, set the stage and bring on the next big act.

Self-love and Self-esteem – why is it important?

Why should we love ourselves? Isn’t that egotistical? Weren’t we taught to put others first?

Firstly, you must first be able to love yourself in order to truly be able to love other people. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, you can never be truly comfortable with others. If you don’t believe you deserve to be treated well, you will start to attract people who match that energy and who don’t treat you well. And as for ego, the more you feel good about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off or act in any ego-led way.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”Lucille Ball

Secondly, when you love yourself you know you deserve good things in life as much as anyone else. So you become a better energetic match to having the things you want. When you don’t love yourself you only see failings and under-achievement. You fail to notice the things you’ve done well – thereby putting more emphasis on what you are not instead of valuing what you are. If you always feel unworthy and undeserving you won’t be able to attract positive experiences into your life – you will only ever attract what you feel you deserve.

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.” – Maxwell Maltz

Why is it important to take care of ourselves first?

We may feel empathy for others, but might not be open to receiving it ourselves or feeling it for ourselves. Rather than feeling empathy and compassion for our thoughts and feelings, we often tend to dismiss them as weaknesses.

Self-care is never selfish because it’s only when you are energetically in a good place that you can radiate positive energy to the others around you. It’s a bit like they say on aeroplanes – put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping someone else.

However self-care does not mean self-indulgence. It doesn’t mean you should indulge your emotions with treats, such as over-eating, because you feel you deserve it or should have it to compensate for some uncomfortable emotion. You should rather attempt to empathise with and understand the feelings that are creating those emotions. Look at where those feelings originated and consider how you can let them go rather than keep repeating the negative commentary in your head.

So how can we develop more self-love?

By spending time cultivating friendship and kindness towards yourself, you start to dissolve the negative pull of fear and guilt in your self-talk, which in turn leads to greater happiness, as well as greater compassion and empathy for others.

Don’t look to others to define who you are, but take steps to fully know and appreciate yourself. Don’t see yourself through other’s eyes – your assumptions of what they think of you might be completely wrong anyway. Moreover, why should you give more value to the opinions of others than your own opinions?

Appreciate yourself and notice and celebrate your own achievements, however small, rather than looking to others for validation. Focus on your successes rather than beating yourself up over perceived failures. The key is to first accept yourself completely and then make any changes you feel appropriate. But do it because it feels right to you, not because you think someone else wants you to change. The more you accept and appreciate yourself, the more others will feel drawn to accepting and appreciating you.

Exercise in self appreciation

The moments before sleeping are particularly powerful for manifesting what you want in life as you are starting to flow with your subconscious mind. This is a key time to strengthen emotions and beliefs that you want to develop and expand. So each night as you are falling asleep, think of 5 things that you have done that day that you are happy about. You might only be able to think of small things at first, but the more you practise, the easier it will become. This is a simple tool for you to learn to appreciate yourself more, as it changes your core vibration to one of consistent happiness where you will attract more experiences that will make you happy.

“I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment…
The key is to develop inner peace.” – Dalai Lama

When you have become practised at this you will notice that you are feeling happier and more content within yourself. Your mood will less often be swayed into negativity by thoughts of your perceived failings and concerns about what others might think of you. It usually takes daily practice for more than a month to change the negative thinking patterns of a lifetime, so be patient.

Find your inner peace

Another excellent way to develop greater inner stability and peace is to strengthen your connection to your Inner Being. This is your inner core - your spiritual self that is your life force and the source of your joy. And the simplest way to do this is to start to meditate. There are many ways to do this. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position and chant ‘Om’. See my YouTube Channel for links to free guided meditations.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Christina Cherry
Christina Cherry © 9 Nov 2017

November 15, 2017

Healing With Light Language

We both came into spiritual healing through different routes, Nicola is a Usui Reiki Master, and I am a Rahanni healer. Having both practiced meditation as well, we have been exposed to energy work for a long time. Nicola and I didn’t know each other until a year ago when we met at Sharon Lynn’s Higher Awareness Development (HAD) group. We feel we have been put there together for a purpose higher than we can understand or perceive.

I decided to go and help out at the Maidstone Spiritualist Development Centre as Nicola had asked me if I could volunteer with some healing there. When we met on this second occasion it became apparent to us that we had been brought together yet again and our paths were definitely supposed to meet.

Nicola had been made aware of her abilities to sign Light Language a few months previous to our meeting whilst healing someone, which is strange considering I had a similar experience. The signing of Light Language is a very powerful tool which enhances every healing session may it be Reiki or Rahanni healing.

Light Language is an ancient universal communication system that is from our souls, our hearts, coming forth to many of us who are embarking on spiritual journeys, meditations, healing sessions, and retreats. We are more involved in our spiritual lives than we have been for a long time. Light Language is conducive when we are in our heart space. There are different forms of Light Language; signing, spoken, sung, chanted and written. Spoken Light Language is not a cognitive language, it doesn’t get interpreted through the brain, but through the heart. There is no translation, it is interpreted through the feelings of the person speaking it. It is a divine feminine tool. It forces the facilitator to use their intuition.

Sometimes it is useful to relay in English what is being communicated, and that is what Nicola and I have found. It is not always essential to communicate in English because it is more important for the person being healed with Light Language to interpret it through their heart space. On our journey, we have both been made aware that we could speak Light Language and that the effects of the sound added to the signing duplicated the benefits in the healing sessions. It seems to come through us without effort and is always done for the highest good of the person being healed.

Both of us have had amazing results using Light Language in our healing practice. We have found that the healing delivered is very deep and significant. We are always very grateful and thankful that we have been allowed to use this ancient universal form of communication.

Example of Light Language channelled by Nathalie:

Nathalie Carden and Nicola Russell
© Nathalie Carden and Nicola Russell

Contact details

Nathalie Carden
Healing and Meditation journeys (

Nicola Russell
Russel Reiki Nicola

We provide very deep soul healing, using light language but also enhanced healing sessions with use of a pyramid.

Connections with Spirit

For nearly half my life I have either had a fascination for crystals or I have worked with them in some way. In my lifetime I have done many jobs. I have worked for Court Bailiffs; Estate Agent receptionist; Eon Productions (James bond film makers) and I’ve been an author. Yet the pull for holistic work was always much stronger and quite often I became discontented with my life.

Something was missing.

It is very unfortunate that Crystal Healing has been debunked as new age madness, all because science cannot prove why or how they work. Sometimes you need to leave the rational scientific mind behind, because it often holds you back from discovering something miraculous.

It can be ‘labelled’ as pseudoscience or a placebo as much as a person cares to say it, but the evidence that crystals do work on the body for healing, is marked over hundreds of years. At the end of the day, the human body is crystalline in nature, so it stands to reason the body will respond to crystals from the earth. Evidence shows us that if we cut open a gallstone, we can see it has a crystal structure and urine crystallises when dried out.

Ancient Egyptians were mining crystals for their beauty and therapeutic value long before even Tutankhamun was around. They believed that gemstones protect their health and spiritual wellbeing. Lapis lazuli was crushed and painted around the eyes to ward off eye infections. Malachite was thought to heal at a cellular level and is often found in artefacts. This civilisation recognised that gemstones had a deep spiritual value and worked on the mind, body and spirit.

In today’s modern world of science and technology, Crystal Therapists are either mocked or just ignored by most of the medical world. Yet we still persevere and push forward with these gifts of the earth, because ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Therefore, if we keep pushing something will eventually give. I have done many crystal courses over the years, but the best teacher for me was an elderly lady whom I shadowed for 20 years. Her crystal knowledge was passed down to her through her family, and this lady showed me a whole new world where crystal healing did amazing things.

When I moved to Kent 14 years ago I set up Connections with Spirit as a small part time interest. I offered crystal healing to the odd person who may have been interested. I began making gemstone jewellery, which I believe has a huge therapeutic value when worn, and I did spiritual readings off and on. But spirit had a plan for me. Now Connections with Spirit is a thriving holistic business with clinics in Tenterden and Ashford, Kent. I teach Accredited Crystal Healing Practitioners courses, along with many other courses, and it really makes me smile when I see the look on the new students faces when they first see for themselves how crystals interact and work on the body. Throughout my business work I am guided by spirit. When I wake up with a workshop idea, I apply it and it is always a success. Spirit have a way of bringing likeminded people together which cannot be ignored!

One breakthrough I have had this year is from a client’s back surgeon. For a few years we have been keeping her back stable with crystal healing as she does not want to have an operation on it. He said to her this year “I don’t know how your therapist does it, but tell her to keep up the good work.” What an accolade! I was so pleased. Of course, we must remember that any holistic work MUST run alongside conventional medicine. NEVER instead of it. We are not doctors and we rely on them to know how to treat a client.

When learning crystal healing I strongly suggest that you look for accredited courses which go into the science of the crystals as well as the healing. There are so many courses on offer now which are scarily inaccurate. Research your facilitator. See if they run a business and actually do crystal healing themselves. Chat to others who have been on the courses. Then you will find the right one for you. Enjoy the amazing journey!

Margaret West
Margaret West © 7 Nov 2017
Holistic Therapist/ Accredited course Facilitator

November 14, 2017

Managing your Life Cycles

Have you ever watched laundry drying in a tumble dryer? The cycle goes on and on, and the laundry pieces are slung into the air, carried on the hot stream and then dropped down to the bottom of the dryer. If you are that piece of laundry, the process goes on and on, and you probably soon feel battered and bruised, willing it all to stop.

However, the badgering will only stop once the cycle is complete. When the door is opened, the piece of laundry can be retrieved, with no wrinkles, feel cuddly warm and smelling fragrant. All the badgering was worth it for the piece of laundry.

That is just one view.

Have you seen those amusing videos of babies watching the dryer as if it is a movie? They are totally captivated and will sit there watching the laundry being thrown in the air and tumbling down for hours.

This is very similar to what happens in our lives – except that we are participants (like a piece of laundry) and not spectators.

We live our lives in cycles, just like every planet revolves around the sun in its own cycle and just like nature ensure that spring is followed by summer and night is followed by day.

If you go back and plot the graph of high and low times in your life you will be able to define the cycles. Some of these cycles are defined for us by society, for example the minimum years you spend in school. Other cycles are defined by economics (like a recession), or by political activities (like elections) and we slot into them.

The most fascinating cycles are those that we live as part of our life script and that are unique to us. For these cycles, we set the dial even before we are born and we also recruit our co-actors (parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends, colleagues) before we enter this world.

How do you recognise a cycle?

There are two tell-tale phases to help you understand where you are in your cycle.

The first phase that is easily recognisable, is when you feel there is no excitement left in your life. You simply live from one day to the next, (or from one cup of coffee to the next), waiting for something to happen to take the boredom away. You know in your heart of hearts that you cannot go back to where you came from, but you are not clear at all on where you are heading. This is often the case at the end of a relationship, or when you leave a job, or when a friendship fizzles out.

I like to refer to this as a no-mans-land or a dark corridor that you must get through, whether you like it or not. Even if you don’t know what is waiting for you on the other side, the only way is forward and this requires a lot of trust and faith. This phase also requires a lot of energy from you, so that you can prepare and be ready for the next phase in your life.

If you don’t understand that you are at the beginning of a new cycle, it is so easy to give in to the temptation to only look back and not look forward. You can get stuck in contemplating your navel and feeling sorry for yourself and you completely overlook the lovely opportunity to look back with gratitude and embrace the wisdom of your experience.

The other obvious indication of being in a cycle is when you start a new cycle. You work very hard – whether it is physical work, or future planning, or any other activity that you put your heart in, but you don’t see any results. In this case, you often feel physically exhausted for no valid reason and it is very easy to get down-hearted and feel that no matter what you do, you are not achieving anything. What is important, is not so much what you spend your energy on, but rather an awareness of how cycles work and where you are in terms of your own life cycles.

Remember that the earth was created in seven days? This is obviously not literal, but rather a metaphor for the creation process. You plan, think and create for six units of time (these could be days, weeks or even years). Then you are supposed to rest and wait, so that you can see your creation materialise during the seventh unit of time. Now can you see where the “unjustified” exhaustion comes from?

If you know about the cycles, then you will be kind to yourself, rest more and build up the anticipation, so that when things start to happen, you are ready to do a victory dance and say, “I told you so”.

If you don’t know about the cycles, it will be very tempting for you to fall into the trap of doubt, self-pity and feeling hopeless. Of course, you will get out of it – you always do – but the difference is that if you are not aware of the cycles, you take a little longer to notice the miracles and get going on the next exciting leg of your journey through life.

How can a psychic reading help you with either of these phases?

When you are at the end of a cycle, the reading will probably contain some of the wisdom that you have overlooked. You may be frustrated because you would want the psychic to tell you what is waiting for you in the future, and you won’t hear that. Instead, you may be advised to reflect and find your gratitude. Remember, you create your own future and you are the master of your destiny. If you only look back, then no psychic in the world will be able to create a rosy future on your behalf. You need to finish your cycle first and then you are ready to move forward.

When you are at the beginning of a new cycle, a psychic reading will probably be full of information about what is waiting for you. This will be based on your own creation and the options that are available for you. A good psychic will be able to read that private space and tell you about the options and you will intuitively understand your truth and what resonates with you.

Either way, your future does not lie in the cards, or in how good the psychic is when reading your private space, but rather in what you create for yourself based on your life script. A psychic can tell you that you may win the lottery, but if you don’t bother to buy the ticket, it will not happen. A psychic can tell you that you will meet a tall, dark and handsome prince and live happily ever after, but if you have not learned the wisdom from your past relationship, then your prince will be the same kind of person you left behind – probably with less hair, but with the same nature that drove you to the end of your previous relationship.

What can you do to move forward?

There are two easy steps that you can take so that you can move closer to your ideal future and make it happen. The first step is to look back with gratitude. If you still carry a lot of baggage from your past, ask yourself how you have gained from that same past. How have your bad experiences made you a stronger, wiser, better person? Embrace that wisdom and find the gratitude.

The second step is to start day-dreaming. Imagine your ideal future. Every time you do it, add more details, until you can see, feel, hear and taste that reality. Then ask yourself what small step you can take today so that you can get closer to your ideal reality.

And remember, the best place to be is in that dark corridor, because that means you are very close to seeing the beautiful and amazing fruits of your labour.

Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit © 7 Nov 2017

Elsabe Smit is an international psychic and presenter of The Elsabe Smit Show, a weekly wellbeing broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. 

November 13, 2017

We are no Angels excerpt by Lara Brook

After twenty years as an insurance lawyer, one day I simply started channelling ideas from Spirit on how to make my life happier; at first I tried not to take notice and carried on as if nothing had been happening. Telling myself that I didn’t have the time nor the place to listen or to write this “stuff”; but suddenly things started to change in my life and I was spending less hours working in the office, I had a purple laptop all to myself and even a little antique desk I bought years before. I had no more valid excuse and the voices of my spiritual guides were yelling at me at this stage: “Listen!!!”

Some of these ideas came from more than a decade of practice with Crystal Healing, Reiki and Angelic Reiki. I was compelled to put these ideas in writing as if they were mine and original, but I know that in a way they are not. They have been around forever, and Spirit and the Angels are simply reminding me of them. What is mine is the writing style, the wording, the passion, the time and effort, and ultimately the faith in them.

We are no Angels: we don’t have the whole of eternity on our hands nor do we possess almighty powers. On the contrary, our time on Earth is limited, we don’t even know when it ends and have somehow limited abilities; but we are lucky, because Spirit and the Angels are keen to help us!

With the help of Spirit I have channelled some food for thought. You can think about it, discuss it with friends and family, meditate about it, dream on it or just let it settle into you and see what happens. My wish is that any person may have the ability to live a more spiritual life just by way of including some of these suggestions in the everyday routine.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!


The power of dreams is amazing. They entertain us, cleanse us from emotional debris and often give us an insight on what’s to come. This is a formidable tool, an aid for life improvement. Like any tool we just have to learn how to work them. The problem is that dreams don’t come with a user manual; if they did, men, who are good at reading maps and manuals, would be masters of dreams. Can you figure that? Instead, we are left to our own devices to guess and second guess what dreams are all about and how to get the most out of them.

Lacking a rational way to deal with dreams (no user manual) let’s just go with creativity.
When you have a dilemma and nobody seems to be able to provide a satisfactory solution, just try and… ask yourself through your dreams. It might surprise you but, when you think about it, it makes sense. Who knows you better than you? Who cares for you more than you?

Now, when I say you, what I actually mean is your higher-self, your subconscious. That’s the part of you that holds the experiences of your previous lives, it’s your wiser self. This aspect of you is also in contact with the Divine, with Mother Nature, with the Universe and with the whole of Humanity. It is part of “All there is”.

That’s all very cool, but how do you go about programming your dreams?

There are options. You might like to write your question on your dreams pad with candour, like a child writing to Santa. Be specific in your request and always act for the highest good. Bad intentions don’t work in the spiritual world and can easily backfire.

Another way to do this is having a meditation: for a few minutes let go of any thoughts and focus on the matter you want an answer to. For this purpose, a visualisation is particularly powerful; so, sit in a quiet spot and depict in your mind’s eye all the various aspect of your dilemma, just act it out as if it were a movie or a theatre show. In any case ask your higher self to provide you with an answer in your dreams.

To enhance your ability to receive oneiric messages, try placing a piece of Sodalite on your forehead for a few minutes. This beautiful crystal resonates with the third eye chakra (the vision) and is said to empower the holder with wisdom. It will therefore help you “see” the appropriate answer.

What you need to do at this point is have a good night sleep! Write down any dreams you had as soon as you wake up (leave pen and paper close to the bed) and that’s your answer.


Where have I put my car key? I’m sure I left it here! Oh, not again, I don’t have time for this now; I am in such a hurry! GRRR!

How many times have you seen this scene with yourself as the main character?

If there were an Olympic category for losing things around the house, I would win first, second and third medal!

How are you positioned in this table of losers? If you come in the first ten, you need some help too.

The terrible thing is not losing items in itself because there is very often a practical alternative. The problem is the shear frustration and sometimes the panic that comes with it, especially when in a hurry or when in no mood to cope with annoyances.

Usually my husband, who is much cooler headed than me, lends a hand. He asks me to leave because, I quote, “your negative energy is impairing my searching abilities” and then proceeds to sieve the area using a kind of “sound technique”.

What he does is calling the missing items by their names (no rude words, please) and cajole them into the clear. For example, if I can’t find the car key, he will say something like: “Little car key, where are you? Come out and play with me now, little car key”.

Without even thinking it, he is creating an energy connection with the car key by sounding its name with his voice. At the same time, he searches the area geometrically in a very practical way until he suddenly goes off an actual tangent and shouts: “I found it!” I figure that my husband listens out for a response from the lost item; this works like an echo of his own voice bouncing on the missing object and returning to him with information on its location. It reminds me of the principle behind the sonar.

The secret to success here is to keep cool. First of all let go of your frustration. Step away from the scene of loss and stop looking for the missing items until you feel calmer. Find a way to distract yourself and let go of the irritation: go for a brisk walk or, if the weather is typically British and you don’t fancy showering in your clothes, just sing. Sing as loud as you can. If you are in public, grab a mike or sing under your breath, if you need to preserve your respectability, you choose.

As soon as you feel better, you can resume your quest.

You can try my husband’s technique, calling the lost object and hearing out for the answer. Or you can ask the elementals to:

1. Stop playing hide and seek with your possessions
2. Help you find what you are looking for

The elementals are the elves, the leprechauns, the fawns and the fairies. They can be very naughty and playful, but also rather helpful. The offer of some sweet food usually works wonders. Don’t be tempted to ask using an angry tone in your voice or to reprimand them, because you are not going to see your car key again. Always ask nicely and thank them sincerely. Anyway, there is a lesson to learn, whatever the outcome.

When the situation is serious you might want to call in the super-heroes. Leave Batman and Robin alone and invoke the Angels. Their mission is to help us and we only have to ask.

Again, collect yourself in a calm state, focus your attention on your Guardian Angel and ask him/her please to show you the way to the missing item. It is important to be grateful in advance for the help you ask. This way you show the universe that you trust the Angels and it is this trust, this unconditional faith that makes it happen.

Now listen to the answer, follow your intuition and check again that drawer for the third time, knowing that, although it wasn’t there the last time you looked into it two minutes ago, your car key could very well be there now. Surprise! It is! Panic over.

Time to go and lose something else!

© 9 Nov 2017, Lara Brook

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November 13, 2017

Do you suffer from FMS (Full moon syndrome)?

I was compelled to put this together today as this coming full moon is already making its presence felt. I have noticed many others being quite intensely emotionally affected by this energy and slipping somewhat into a learned response to the icky FMS (full moon syndrome) mode. (My own label for this moon phase)

I liken it a bit like pre menstrual syndrome except triggered by the influence of the impending full moon. We encounter full moon energy every 28 days and some cycles it affects us more than others. This full moon accompanied by the thin veils of Samhain is proving to be particularly potent.

This time of year is always a bit of a shift from the outward energies of spring and summer to the inward shift of autumn and winter. In autumn we begin to shed and let go what we don’t need. We begin preparation for what we do need, allowing our visions to be “conceived” in winter. With careful nurturing in winter they can grow and surface when the energies become our outward focus once more in spring.

This letting go process along with the more inwardly focussed energy can promote feelings similar to sadness. This is dependent on how we sense our energy lowering and what it brings to the surface for us. These feelings can be all be heightened when full moon energies challenge us.

Although this cycle is proving quite intense, full moon energies can be difficult at the best of times for some people. Its effects can be mild and unnoticeable to extreme. When extreme we can begin to feel there is something “wrong” with us. We can become exhausted and life feels like an emotional rollercoaster that we can’t seem to get off.

I have worked in the Mental Health sector and am acutely aware of the full moons affect on those already experiencing sensory or emotional overload.
Being an emotional empath and an Emotional Wellbeing consultant I work in the field of helping others to understand and make friends with their sensitive nature I see so many of us affected and struggling with this energy.

The moon affects the tides of the world with its magnetic pull. Our bodies are a high proportion of water (around 60%) so it is understandable that the moon influences our “waters” and “tides” too.

Emotions are technically energy in motion - like thoughts we have a constant stream of emotions flowing through us effortlessly every day. A bit like flicking through the TV channels or surfing the internet it is only the ones that we pause and interact with that have any conscious effect on us.
When we focus on a specific emotion, or more accurately focus on the thoughts that bring our awareness of that emotion. We are stopping the flow and stopping the energy in its tracks. This is when we begin to feel the physical effect of the emotion. Anxiety might produce a knot in the tummy, Sadness a feeling of heaviness in the heart area, I’m sure you get the picture. When we let the focus go, the tension and build up of energy is released no matter if it is physical, mental or emotional.

The full moon energy affects the flow of water (that links to emotions) on a greater or lesser degree depending on several factors. Its proximity to the earth and our state of emotional balance at the time are only two of those factors.

The moon pulls the energy within us like tides and it is this building of energy almost to breaking point that can leave us wondering what the heck hit us. That’s when FMS at its most intense.

We all react to the moon on a cellular level but we don’t have to allow the reaction to manifest on an emotional or physical level. We may well need to alter how or what we do around this time but with awareness we don’t need to become the victim of energetic circumstance.

When we bring awareness to the fore we bring a valuable tool to the table and one that allows us to discern just what is going on for us. It may well be that we don’t fully understand but the awareness that something has been triggered allows us to follow the trail. When we are aware that we have been triggered we can then choose more effectively how we respond to this trigger.

Without awareness we would probably have been propelled straight into a knee jerk reaction that was little if anything to do with what was actually presenting to us in the now. Often these knee jerk reactions were costly for us too. Over reaction tends not to be positive or well thought out. If they put us into defence mode it can cause all sorts of complications that aren’t so easily remedied.

With awareness we can check into what is happening and make sure that we don’t compromise our integrity, burn bridges or lose out on valuable opportunities.

Awareness brings the key that allows us to know which doors are best locked at this time and what is best postponed till a more energetically conducive time. This doesn’t mean we come to a standstill it means that we prioritise and accept that there are limitations and within the limitations we can be as productive as we need to be. Also holding fast to the truth that this will pass and we will soon be up and running at optimum speed in a few days is helpful.

My chosen area to support my healing is vibrational medicine and I work generally with Flower, Gem and other vibrational essences for support. The essence I like to work with at full moon is Selenite – I find it is gentle and illuminates from within so that I can stay clear on my core energy and take steps to rectify things if I feel I’m having a wobble. My cellular energy may be affected but my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can hold space for any necessary fluctuations and Selenite is a great essence to facilitate this partnership.

We are not broken, we don’t need fixing. We merely need awareness and the space to flow in harmony with the tides of the moon.

Wishing you a smooth and illuminated Full Moon.

© Sally Arthurs, 2017

About Sally
I work with sensitive and emotionally overwhelmed people, helping them to find ways to feel empowered, focussed and able to enjoy life even when challenged. I also have a keen interest in supporting parents of highly sensitive and autistic spectrum children. I understand the emotional overwhelm that can bring.

Taking vibrational essences are an integral part of my life and exploring what I need and what essences, can help me bring clarity to my life. They give me the choice of staying in control of how I feel and how I react. It is very empowering to be able to choose to go forward in a way that is positive and good for you. Be supported by Natures precious gifts ~ find out how Flower, Gem & Vibrational Essences can help you on your path to emotional wellbeing.

November 11, 2017

Fear is Media BS

It's been a while since I have posted, mainly due to the summer holidays and having the time, but now we are very much back to normal, thankfully.
This morning I had a rare chance to go to the woods with our dog Stella and have a quiet, gentle stroll with her. It was a beautiful morning; the sun shining, the birds singing, a woodpecker was banging away at a tree. I tried to see him but I couldn't in the mass of pine trees. I love trees.

It was a toss-up between a walk around a lake or into the woods (with various streams for swimming). I love their energy, I always feel protected and calm in a forest.

I was the only one there this morning; and it got me thinking about fear. Nowadays it seems our whole lives are encompassed with fear. Fear of debt, failure, loss, cancer, loneliness, isolation, change, death, pain, strangers, spiders (possibly). Did we always live like this? Or is it our modern Internet age that has done this? When I was growing up, we were out all the time playing, in the woods, fields, disused quarries (which most of our parents still don't know about), oh and the village graveyard - but that's another story for a different day.

I think that we spend so much time worrying about what could go wrong that we pre-empt a lot of it. We don't shut the gate before the horse is bolted, we completely reinforce it with a 6ft fence and barbed wire. We worry about things before they happen; we are assaulted by images and bad news 24/7, gossip, judgements and hate is being published daily throughout our media and we buy into it because we think that we should be educated about current affairs.

  • But at what cost?
  • Fear stunts all types of growth.
  • Fear will clip our children's wings.
  • Fear will make you believe that you are not good enough.

How many times have you thought about starting something new, going somewhere different, doing something outside of your normal routine and you have let fear talk you out of it?

Today is a good day to take a leap of faith, ignore the scaremongers, ignore your fears, just today, silence them and try something new. Let it seep into your soul, let that spark ignite, give yourself a piece of joy. You are allowed to enjoy your life, to try new things, to be your authentic self with no modifications, no mute button, NO FEAR. Switch off the news, and do it

Mel Bevan is a Holistic Therapist based in The Cotswolds, she enjoys working with nature and all things witchy
Mel Bevan - Holistic Therapist
Mel Bevan © Nov 2017

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