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September 23, 2011

Eleven-Eleven Again

Whilst a few catch on straight away, as to why they’re repeatedly bombarded by the continuous appearance of 11:11, many have remained bewitched, bothered and bewildered by it all. Although I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I’m absolutely convinced that the nagging appearance of 11:11 that’s placed before “eleveners” in an infinite number of ways, is definitely a pre-programmed wake-up call. In other words, it looks like we’ve set the alarm for 11:11 ourselves before we incarnated this time around. The mere fact that these numbers are being constantly manipulated in order to seek our attention, should go a long way towards convincing many of you that other realities exist. In truth we are spiritual beings experiencing physical form, and it’s our spiritual consciousness that’s being continuously addressed. Whilst we’re held within this dense physical plain, we all struggle at times to try to remember who we really are, and for what life’s purpose we serve … for many though, simply being on the receiving end of an endless supply of 11:11 wake-up calls should act as a positive reminder.

With so many thousands worldwide now being subjected to all this, the question that needs answering now is “Why was this alarm set?” … And what’s so special about 11:11? Well believe it or not the symbolism of eleven in itself helps to provide some of the answers, as I’m about to reveal.

Eleven for aeons has been known as the number of enlightenment … in fact a gateway to enlightenment that’s often seen symbolically represented by twin pillars erected on either side of an entrance to ancient mystery temples (figure 1).

Eleven Eleven: The Temple Diagram

Figure 1. The Temple

Looking very much like the figure eleven, Freemasons regard the left hand pillar (Boaz) as representing strength, whilst the right hand pillar (Jachin) is set up to establish righteousness … so figuratively we find eleven possesses a dual characteristic, for strength plus established righteousness equals stability.

Beyond the gateway (see again figure 1), we find ourselves stepping onto the floor of a Templar church, a Gothic cathedral or a Masonic lodge that consists of alternative black and white tiles. Symbolically, all that stand upon the chequered pavement have intimate contact with the physical, for in being the ground floor it’s regarded as the level playing field, surrounded by all that’s black and white … negative/positive … active/passive … etc. Characteristically the black and white tiles fit together to form an integrated whole … a symbol of duality creating balance and because eleven symbolises duality, the colours it’s known to associate with are always black and white.

As mentioned in a previous article, eleven is a master number positioned at the beginning of a master sequence of numbers. Eleven and each alternate eleven in the series are considered “as above” numbers that are more spiritual in nature, whereas the rest are regarded as “so below” numbers, reflecting the physical plane (figure 2).

Eleven Eleven: Above And Below Diagram

Figure 2. Above And Below

Throughout our experience here though, we understand duality to be an alternation of extremes. This loses sight of its much higher truth in that duality is considered on higher planes as being purely an expression of eternal cycles created by rhythm and harmony.

As to why eleven as 11:11 should appear twice … well there are several reasons for that, one being obviously that by repeating itself eleven is emphasising its duality. Importantly eleven must never be thought of as having only one meaning, for eleven is black as well as white. This helps to explain why the ancients often feared eleven, because enlightenment meant change. This usually meant mass upheaval whilst the old order was being swept aside … a situation we’re encountering right now as the 11:11 experience, during our eleventh hour.

Our world is rapidly changing with many changes occurring in an infinite number of ways. Working within duality, eleven can often play a very negative role with one such example being the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centre. Eleven appeared everywhere … in the flight numbers, in the number of people on board etc etc, in fact in so many ways, that it simply couldn’t be put down to mere coincidence. Even the twin towers, which side by side looked like eleven, were hit twice! Once you distance yourself from all the emotion that surrounded those terrible events, it soon becomes clear that here was a global wakeup call – big time! Although the response, fuelled by media overkill, inevitably proved to be just as negative, let me assure you that when you learn to view such an event as having a dual outcome, you’ll also find its positive side. Worldwide it’s all helped to trigger the inevitable shift in consciousness that’s about to surface. Massive change is imminent, for these are the “end-times”. Much will predictably worsen until an inevitable cut-off point, long referred to as the transition into super-consciousness. Literally, we shall “lighten up” as we shift from the dense realities of the third dimension, into the “enlightened” consciousness of the fifth. Whilst continuously receiving their wakeup calls, “eleveners” are incarnating at this time in order to help others through this transition – it’s as simple as that!

It’s quite common for many exposed to elevens to question “Why me? – I’m just ordinary, why is this happening to me?” – Why shouldn’t it happen to you? … Can you think of a reason why you shouldn’t be on the receiving end? What’s important to realise here though, is that it’s just not you … for in truth we’re not just dealing with individual callings, but experiencing and witnessing something that’s truly remarkable … a worldwide spiritual awakening.

The symbolism of 11:11 was highly revered by the ancients. Priests and initiates into Mystery Schools learnt of an eleven that’s found within 11:11. (figure 3). Simply put, eleven is the number of enlightenment, and enlightenment comes from within … Working in harmony with the divine plan, our path through evolution eventually leads us to become enlightened beings. The lessons learnt throughout many lifetimes that are essential to our development, are obtained through the vibrational rhythm of numbers. “All is number” according to Pythagoras, and although we’re little aware of it, numbers are a major influence in our lives. Those now responding to the master numbers of 11 and 22, have reached the higher state of their evolution, which is often referred to as the “Christ consciousness within” (aka “The eleven within”). Interestingly, the number total of the name Jesus in numerology adds to 11 … and isn’t through Him that many found enlightenment?

Eleven Eleven: Eleven Within Diagram

Figure 3. Eleven Within

Trying to ignore the 11:11 experience really isn’t an option. There’s really nothing to fear by being singled out as an “elevener”, so why fight it? To be an elevener is to be a “light-worker” … an enlightener with a choice of many pathways upon many levels. You have literally triggered yourself into seeking your spiritual self – that’s what this is all about!

As for myself, I am a crop circle researcher who continuously works to pass on their valuable teachings. Crop circles are simply enlighteners that are heralding the changes throughout these end times. Often employing eleven and its derivatives in a multiple of ways within their geometry and form, crop circles are the language of the light from the light. Symbolism is a universal language and as such can be understood by anyone worldwide. With many formations being ancient symbols, they encode a mass of information ready for us to interpret … Make no mistake about it – they’re talking to us! To give you an example. Take a look at the design that appeared beside Windmill Hill near Avebury in Wiltshire, during the summer of ’99 (figure 4).

Eleven Eleven: Windmill Hill Crop Circle Diagram

Figure. 4 Windmill Hill 2000

Held within a circle, we find a 13 x 13 chequered floorlay that amazingly appears to project skyward! Whilst 11 is symbolised by the black and white tiles, the number 13 in numerological terms indicates transformation. So here we find, perfectly symbolised in the grain, the imminent dimensional shift! Within its 3-dimensional symbolism we’re also viewing the Great Pyramid as you would from above, for as you can see, the largest square indicates the missing capstone. The Great Pyramid is of such prophetic significance that clearly written numerically and symbolically within its geometric structure is the prophesised return of the Christ Consciousness.

With crop circles apparently mentioned in the Old Testament “as the signs we shall witness on the Earth below”, they are now well complemented by the other half of the prophesy which also foretold of “the signs we shall see written in the sky above”. I think you’ll agree that we have never at any moment in time seen so many planetary alignments and cosmic collaborations as we’re witnessing now. Amazingly, many of these events have thrown 11 and 11:11 into the equation. Passed unnoticed by many, they would have had the ancients down on their hands and knees in awe! Consider the events that took place during 1996 within the constellation Perseus, which I first found mentioned in Bonnie Gaunt’s intriguing book “The Stones and the Scarlet Thread”. †

Perseus was a warrior, and he’s clearly viewed in the constellation as wielding a sword and lauding it victoriously above, whilst clutching the severed head of his enemy in his other hand below. Symbolising the light overpowering the dark, one of the brightest stars Algol is found within the severed head. Positioned precisely over the star on April 11th 1996 was the comet Hyakutake, but can you believe that exactly a year later, on April 11th 1997, comet Hale-Bop was also placed precisely over Algol! But that’s not all, for the paths taken by the comets were at right angles to each other, and is so doing, formed a perfect cross on the forehead of the severed head! Could it be that here we had witnessed the fulfilment of an age-old prophecy within this sign, that foretold of the forgiveness of sins upon the imminent return of the Christ Consciousness? Obviously this particular sign wasn’t completed until the second event was realised. Knowing that the “Guy from Galilee” worked with 11, did the second phase that completed the sign on the 11th indicate the Second Coming? … Eleven twice? Look also at the date when the sign was completed – the 11th of the 4th month 1997. Adding fadically that’s 11 + 4 = 15 plus 1997 = 2012 – doesn’t that ring a few bells?

How can anyone put all this down to coincidence? I’m absolutely convinced that we’re witnessing major fulfilment of end time prophecies that have long been prophesised by the ancients worldwide. All that it takes to cure humanity’s ills is a shift in consciousness and that’s what’s meant by enlightenment. Everything foretold is now perfectly in place, and that’s including you and me!

Graham Tucker
(Article and diagrams © 2002)

End Notes:

† “The Stones and the Scarlet Thread” by Bonnie Gaunt confirms the authenticity of the Bible’s Number Code (Gematria). Published by Adventures Unlimited Press – ISBN 0-932813-87-9

September 15, 2011

Eleven-Eleven: The End Times

The 11:11 phenomenon that’s intrinsically linked to digital clock displays is very much about time. We’re living through a long awaited period of transition, that’s known as “The End Times” and as our reality moves towards its omega point, most people will agree that time nowadays appears to be speeding up – which it is! Time is literally collapsing, and as incredible as that may seem to some of you, the term “End Times” means quite simply the end of time.

Haven’t you noticed how time appears to pass quicker each year? We are now entering a higher dimensional aspect of our planet, and whilst you would never see this in the hands of a clock moving any faster – you can readily sense “Cosmic Time” speeding up. many have talked about these changes in different ways, with some even declaring that the 24 hour day now only equates to 16 hours … now didn’t you just know that!

Time certainly feels different now, for our world is restructuring herself. The energy of ascension is really moving fast, and with it the structure of our own bodies is altering. It’s simply has to be said that the long held prophesies of a reality change will occur because the many elements, such as the speeding up or quickening of the Earth’s pulse already exist …

Everything within creation is a vibrating energy. Whenever the speed of vibration increases, energy becomes less dense and heat is created. So look at what’s been happening to the temperature of the planet over the last few decades … we now have global warming. In all probability, this has more to do with the quickening frequency of the planetary energy field than anything else.

Through an 11:11 triggered response, information easily becomes a commodity that’s almost as important as food. As soon as you start to grow in awareness, you intuitively sense that primarily you’re a spiritual being … and along with that realisation, suddenly the fact that you pre-programmed yourself with a 11:11 reminder before you arrived here, doesn’t appear to be so far fetched!

Crop circles are also a trigger … often employing eleven in their measure, these profound wake-up calls are literally a physical manifestation of spiritual consciousness. They profoundly announce with elegant and intricate beauty, “the paradigm shift is upon you”! Acting as heralds, they’ve long been working in our recycled fields to achieve the forthcoming harvest. Each and every transmission carries a message and what has to be understood is that these cosmic imprints have an incredible power to transform. One important messenger arrived in oil seed rape at West Kennet Wiltshire early in ’98. It became known as “The Beltane Wheel”. (figure 1)

End Times

Figure 1.

Consisting of 33 tongues of flame, this ancient symbology embodies “Blazing Fire of Bales” or “Bale Fire” that referenced the old Celtic festival of Beltane. Beginning on May 1st of each year, the Beltane Festival was celebrated right throughout the month. The first half of the Celtic year though began in November and was known as “Entering the Dark” … wintertime, with its short-lived days. The second half of the year began in May at Beltane, and was known as “Entering the Light”. At Beltane, fires were prepared on hilltops using sacred wood. They were lit just before dawn, and symbolically were a celebration of leaving the dark and entering the light.

The Beltane Wheel was found lying opposite Silbury Hill, early on the morning of the 4th May. This was a fascinating formation, and one you couldn’t fail to notice with its yellow flower heads as flames. It appeared in a field that’s been overlooked by the West Kennet Longbarrow, for the past 5700 years or so. Often attracting formations within its environs, the Kennet Longbarrow is the largest barrow in England, and the ground plan of its chambers resembles a pregnant squatting goddess. The principle function of the barrow was to provide a womb, in which the dead could be reborn. With its message of entering the light, the Beltane Wheel perfectly echoed rebirth. Being springtime, there’s evidence of renewal everywhere, for suddenly meadows become alive with flora celebrating new life.

The construction of the Beltane Wheel is quite complex. Although it appears to have no circular components (that’s to say beyond its structure as a ring) it’s in fact made up of many overlapping rings.

33 is a sacred number, for it evokes “The Christ Consciousness” … eternally giving light, the 33 flames of the Beltane Wheel represents Christ’s earthly years. 33 is derived from 3 and 11, and simply by employing these numbers we find that we can easily unlock what’s encoded here.

End Times 2

Figure 2.

First of all, if we slice the inner circle pizza fashion into three we can then go on to divide the lower segment into eleven pieces. (figure 2) Next by drawing a triangle we can instantly produce another three triangles that create a three dimensional effect. (figure 3) What we’ve actually created here though is a pyramid, which in being a temple of enlightenment, symbolically pours out “the light” of enlightenment, as we enter along our chosen pathway towards a new reality.

End Times 3

Figure 3.

At this very moment in time, the Earth is slowly entering and journeying through a band of light particles known as photons – collectively “The Photon Belt”. With our entry into this belt, we are literally entering “The Light”. (figure 4) For many thousands of years man’s consciousness has been in the dark and now we are reawakening into the light … the very message of Beltane, and that which we find encoded in the Beltane Wheel.

End Times 4

Figure 4.

As the veil that separates us from higher realms becomes thinner, we are able to absorb more spiritual energy. As this energy is consumed, negativity becomes a waste product. Eleveners along with many others that are soaking up this light, should be aware that as the veil lifts the light will intensify, with the result that the dark will literally become darker. Right now the so-called dark and negative are in panic… it’s all around us I’m afraid. All of this though is nothing to be fearful about, for in the forthcoming new age of enlightenment we’re heading far beyond a fear-based reality.

Before you incarnated here, you were subjected to a process that laid out the contract governing this lifetime. In it you established the way you wished to imprint yourself upon this physical reality. Through the 11:11 experience you’ve literally been triggered into remembering this connection. This trigger is an amazing integration of spirit with physicality, which briefly allows you to glimpse the full sense of your being.

11:11 is a vibration that’s awakening a network. 11:11 is a vibration that switches on the grid consciousness and selects those for whom are pre-destined to follow this path, for there are many in service as well as in lesson. With 11:11 appearing so frequently, it’s never long before you find yourself mentioning it to others. In so doing you’ll often find that those you’ve mentioned it to, get back to you at a later date and can’t wait to tell you that they’re now having the same experience. Well folks, you’ve awakened them! … for there’s a multiplying factor here that’s now being recognised as a part of all this.

People from all walks of life experience this phenomenon, right across the board. Pre-encoded with their own personal life mission, eleveners are awakening as the Christ Consciousness. Christianity and Islam both teach that Christ will return at the end of days, and whilst that’s still possible in the flesh, it’s far more likely that the Second Coming should be regarded as a collective consciousness shift en-masse.

Before “The Guy from Galilee” began His ministry, it was the Baptist who foretold of His coming. John immersed Christ symbolically into the waters of enlightenment, for he was the Water Bearer who was pre-destined to announce the physical coming. It’s now Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac that spiritually pours out the waters of enlightenment that’s announcing the Second Coming. At long last “The Christ Consciousness” is being announced, as we ourselves become baptised as we become fully immersed in the Light. This is the long-awaited transition into Superconsciousness that’ll reawaken our spiritual faculties … finally it seems, we shall see ourselves for what we really are – spiritual beings!

Graham Tucker
(Article and diagrams © 2003)

June 24, 2011

Fourfold Yoga – Part II

Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga )

Jnana means Wisdom & Jnana Yoga means Union with the Divine via Wisdom.

Wisdom has been defined as organised Life. Wisdom and knowledge are different. Wisdom is a special kind of knowledge. What is the use of knowing everything if one doesn’t know the Self ? Knowledge of the Absolute Self alone is Wisdom. ( Sa Vidya Tan Mathir Yaya ).

The Quantum Field Theory

Quantum Mechanics postulate that the finest state of matter is the Vaccum State. The universal sea of matter exist in the Vaccum State. It is defined as the Field of all possibilities. This Vaccum State of the Quantum Field corresponds to the Indestructible Being of transcendental philosophy.

Matter was studied and pursued till one day it vanished into energy. De Broglie’s Matter-Wave Hypothesis postulates that the electron is both a particle and a wave. This wave like nature of matter has taken Physics into the realm of Metaphysics, which hath already declared that matter is a form of Energy and Energy is a form of Consciousness.

The Sevenfold Chord of Being ( The Septenary Principles )

The Universal Substance, by which all this is pervaded, manifests with Its septenary principles with Matter as the lowest term and pure Being as the highest.

  • Matter ( Annam )
  • Life ( Prana )
  • Mind ( Mana )
  • Supermind ( Vijnana )
  • Existence ( Sat )
  • Consciousness ( Chit )
  • Bliss ( Ananda )

These are what the ancient sages meant by the sevenfold mode of cosmic existence, the septenary principles through which the Universal expresses itself.

These, then, are the seven colours of the light of Divine Consciousness, the seven rays of the Infinite, and by them the Spirit has filled in the canvass of his own selfexistence conceptually extended, woven of the objective warp of Space & the subjective woof of Time, the myriad wonders of his self-creation, great, simple & symmetrical in its primal laws and vast framings.The Light, the Sound is One;their action is sevenfold. ( Aurobindo )

How to overcome the Ego

All knowledge is threefold (” Thraigunya Vishaya Veda “). In Freudian Psycho-analysis we have three impulses, Id, Ego and Supergo. The Vedantic Satwa, Rajas and Thamas correspond to these impulses. The mind is always gripped by these three impulses. Sometimes we are Rajasic ( worldly ) and go after wealth. When intense anger and other negative emotions grip us, we are Thamasic. When divine qualities like Love and Peace influence us, we are Satwic ( divine ).

The Ego with its ten heads ( symbolised as the ten-headed Ravana ) is the major block in attaining Self_Actualisation. The ten heads of the Ego are Lust,Anger,Pride, Avarice, Sloth, Covetousness, Attachment, Mind, Intellect, Conceit & Egoistic Mentality. Only when the ten heads of the Ego are removed can we hope to get Self-Realisation. ( Symbolically only when the Ravana in us is destroyed ).

When we do our yoga, we will be assailed by three type of Ego. Rajasic ( wordly ), Thamasic ( bestial ) and Satwic ( noble ). In order to overcome the three types of Ego, we are given certain commandments.

” Ma the Sanghostha karmani ” – (Let there be not in you any attachment to inaction. ) This commandment is given so that we can overcome the Thamasic ( bestial ) ego.

” Ma Karma Phala Heturbhoo ” – (“Dont expect any reward”) This commandment is given to protect us from the Rajasic ( wordly ) ego, which always expects rewards for work done.

“Ubhe Sukruta Dushkrute ” ( “Be beyond good and evil ” ) This commandment is given to us to overcome the Satwic Ego, for one should not hang on to Punya ( divine merit ).

In other words, during the process of Yoga we will be assailed by all sorts of negative thoughts. Our aim is to identify with the Source of all thought, the Self. We will find, as we progress on the path of yoga, that these negative thoughts leave us slowly and steadily. Conquering our negative aspect is not easy. The negative elements in man are the true villains. Alone, powerful, cruel are the dark and dreadful forces that profit from the reign of Night and Ignorance and they dont want any change in the body. We have to annihilate them one by one.

In tragic life, God wot
No villains need be, passions spin the plot
We are betrayed by what is false within !

The entire Vedic wisdom is contained in one word ” Transcend “. Transcend both pain & sorrow, transcend the triune attributes of Nature. Transcend negativity !

More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from We are always confronted by the negative qualities. Perfection has to be worked out, harmony has to be established. Ignorance, limitation, sorrow, – these are the negative qulities as pitted against Knowledge, Infintiy & Bliss. These negative qualities are merely the first terms of the formula – unintelligible, till we have worked out the wider terms and reintepreted the formulary. They are merely the initial discords of the Musician’s harmony. To rise from the Negative to the Positive, from Ignorace to Divine Knowledge, from limitation to the Illimitable, from sorrow to Bliss Infinite, from Matter to revealed Spirit, is Yoga. To achieve this end for ourselves and for our brethren is the aim of our Yogic practice. – ( Aurobindo)

Wise men like Ramana Maharshi advises us to annihilate the Mind. For it is that which gives you pleasure that gives you pain. The root cause of all bondage and all sorrow is Mind ! Annihilate the mind by thinking on its real nature. The true Source of the Mind is the “I”, the primal Thought. Because of the Primal Thought, the mind exists! He advises us to enquire into the nature of the Self. The thought ” Who am I ” will lead us to the annihilation of the mind. This thought ” Who am I ” is like the the burning log which will burn all other logs!

I am pure Being, by whom all things be !

The Negative Method in the Upanishads

In the Upanishads Reality is defined by a series of negatives because the Negative is less limiting than the Positive.

This is known as the Neti ( “Not this ” ) method. We deny the Finite in order to affirm the Infinite.

We say this is my shirt. That means that I am not the shirt. Similarly we declare my hands, my legs etc which means I am not the hands or legs. Then who am I ? The body is mine, therefore ” I ” am not the body. Then who is this “I” ? We therefore apply Intuitive Logic and deny everything. All these are mine, but I am not they. A state will come, during this process of denial, that I cannot deny one thing. What is this thing which I cannot deny? That which I cannot deny is “I”, the Self, the Consciousness !

The finite is negated to affirm the Infinite.

The Superconscient as the Base

The Superconscious Mind and not the subconscious is the base of all Life.

Let us analyse why the Superconscient is considered as the foundation.

Deep within the five sheaths which compose our being – the material, the the vital,the mental, the gnostic & the blissful – is the Absoulte Self , the divine component in us which Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven ( ” The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and whomsover shall know himself shall find it ” ).

The dreadful forces or ” hostile forces” as they are known – lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth & covetousness – lie in the dark caverns of the Subconscious mind. Wisdom declares that they are our inner enemies.

Man houses dangerous forces in his house
The Titan, the Fury and the Djinn
Lay in the subsconscient’s cavern pit
And the Beast moved in his antre den

The Enemy means who ? Our inner enemies which lie in the Subconscient!

Socrates is poisoned. Jesus crucified. Bruno burnt alive. This phenomenon is known in Yogic Psychology as the downward pull of the mind, when the dark forces that lie in the subconscient triumph ( in the collective subsconscient ). The reverse phenomenon, the upward pull of the mind is that which pulls us from death to immortality and realises in this body of earth the luminous Kingdom of Heaven ( Self-Actualisation ).

The four faculties of the Intuitive Reason – Revealation, Inspiration, Intuition and Illumination are all the properties of the Superconscious Mind and can be experienced if we make ourselves pure and make our mind still (” Be still and know that I am God ” – Bible ).

The aim of Yoga is pull ourselves out of the darkness of the subconscient into the Light of the Superconscient and to receive the intuitions and the revealations of the Self and ultimately lead us to Self_Actualisation. The aim of Nature is to effect Super-Nature. The aim of Yoga is Self, is Self-Actualisation.

The great battle between good and evil which was depicted by the poets ( Iliad, Odyssey, Ramayana,Mahabharata etc ) is actually the great war happening in the human bosom between the conflicting forces of good and evil, ever locked in eternal combat. Utlimately the positive elements – Truth, Dharma, Peace, Love & the Discriminative Intellect will win over the negative elements in us and we will be transmuted into the Divine Man. This is the ultimate formula of Wisdom – the divine transmutation of Man!

Yoga as Divine Alchemy

Alchemy is the science of transmuting baser metals into gold. Yoga is divine alchemy as it transmutes base metals ( our human nature ) into gold ( divine nature ).

Scientifically, Alchemy is possible. By proton bombardment, the atomic number of any element can be increased to form another element. So, theoretically, any element can be converted into Aurum ( gold ).

Alchemy is symbolic and no physical transmutation is meant here. Divine Alchemy is the ultimate formula wherein we are transmuted into the Divine Being-Knowledge-Bliss!

This is what the ancient Yogis meant by Transmutation, Transformation & Transfiguration !

© G.Kumar
Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association ( ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his Free ezine, the Z Files, click here. He is contactable at Address of his physical shop is Zodiac Computers, 3/528 Tkss Bldgs, East Nada, Guruvayur Kerala, India 680101. Office Phone +91 0487-552851. Home Phone +91 0487-422060. He has compiled Free Ebooks on AstroNumerology, Vedic Astrology & Pranic Therapy.

June 23, 2011

Fourfold Yoga – Part III

Union via Psychic Control ( Raja Yoga )

Union via Psychic Control is known as Raja Yoga. Raja means King and this Yoga is defined as the Regal Yoga or the king of all the yogas.

Raja Yoga has eight limbs called Ashtanga Yoga.

The Eightfold Raja Yoga

  • Yama – Observance of Right Conduct ( Non-violence, Truth, Non- covetousness, continence, not receiving donations )
  • Niyama – Meditation, Self-Study, contentment, purity internal & external, & reverence for the Lord
  • Asanas – Physical exercises that relax and tone up our muscles
  • Pranayama – Breath control exercises that slows our breathing and regulates the flow of Prana
  • Pratyahara – Withdrawal from the outer world or disconnecting the mind from the sensory world.
  • Dharana Concentration
  • Dhyana – Meditation
  • Samadhi – Achievement of Cosmic Consiousness.

Without control of the mind, nothing spiritual can be achieved. Mind binds, mind liberates.Mind is the cause of all bondage.

Controlling mind is the most difficult thing in the world. You may be able to control everything but never the mind.

Mind is subtle matter,according to Indian Philosophy. ( Indian Philsophy is a humiliating term given to the twelve positive sciences in the Vedas ).

There are many definitions of mind. One definition is that Mind is finer matter in vibration. Another definition is that Mind is a steady stream of thoughts. We can say that, like a river flowing, continous thought flow is Mind.

Mind has been compared to a monkey. It jumps from one thing to another. Controlling this monkey is very difficult due to its jumping nature.

Once upon a time, there was a monkey ( Mind ). Someone gave it alcohol and it became intoxicated. Later a scorpion called Avarice bit him. Later,it was bitten by the sting of Jealousy.Then all of a sudden an evil spirit by the name of Pride possessed him. Just imagine how difficut it is to control such a mind!

The Unified Vital Energy , the Cosmic Prana

“The Unified Field is the only Reality ” said Einstein. “This Unified Field is the Brahman of the Vedists and the Tao of the Chinese ” averrs Dr Fritjof Capra in his book ” The Tao of Physics “.

All the four basic forces in the Universe – weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, electricity & magnetism – are but different manifestations of that Unified Power which the Vedists call Prana.

As per Raja Yoga, there are only two powerful forces in the Universe- Akasha ( Ether-principle ) and the Cosmic Energy, Prana.

All that we see around us, taste, touch and feel is simply one of the many manifestation of this Akasha. This all pervasive energy manifests as the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth etc. The other elements – Vayu ( air ), Agni ( Fire ), Apa ( water ) & Prithvi ( earth ) are only its grosser manifestations.

Our bodies belong to the Ocean of gross matter & our minds belong to the Ocean of subtle matter ( mind ). So long as Prana is active, there is life; when Prana goes to sleep, as it were, life ceases to be.

Self- purification, the process of Raja Yoga.

If we can find a method of returning gross matter to its origin, we will be amazed to observe that it vanishes leaving only subtle matter behind. and if we can still return this subtle matter to its Cause, we shall observe that it disappears, leaving only the Self behind.

This method of Self-purification is what is called the “returning process”. My body will vanish when it becomes pure. Vanish ? Not literally but figuratively which means I will live as if my body were not there. My body wont assert its demands and I wont feel its weight.

This “returning process”, if applied to the mind ( The word Religion is derived from the Latin Relegaire – ” to go back” ) can make it invisible: it wont boss me, drag me hither and thither and I wont feel trapped in it. This process of self- purification will reveal to us ” finer and finer dimensions of our being “, until we reach the finest ” The Self or the Divine “, or the Ocean of Consciousness.

I am the Silence which is more than sound!
If therewithin Thou lose thee, Thou art found!
The Nameless shoreless Ocean which is “I”
Thou cannot breathe, but in its bosom drowned! (Tennyson)

More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from

Look at the Oceans of Matter, Mind & Consciousness

As waves what we should do is to look at the Ocean of the Triune Being- Matter, Mind and Consciousness. We, as waves, belong to the Ocean.

The Absolute is like an infinite Ocean. In order to merge in the Absolute we can meditate like this

Above, it is full of me; below, it is full of me; in the middle it is full of me. I am in all beings, and all beings are in me. Om Tat Sat, I am It. I am existence above mind. I am the One Spirit of the Universe. I am neither pleasure nor pain.

The body eats,drinks and so on. I am not the body. I am not the mind…. I am Consciousness, Knowledge. Bliss.

I am the essence and the nectar of Knowledge. Through Eternity, I change not. I am calm, resplendent and unchanging.

I am That, whereof Being is the likeness
Mine, the Amrit is;
And immortality is Mine
And Mine perfect felicity ! ( The Song Celestial )

The Invisible Channels ( Nadis )

Raja Yoga postulates that the human body has invisible channels called Nadis. The major left Nadi is called the Ida and the major right Nadi, the Pingala. The Sepentine coiled Energy called Kundalini, lies coiled in the base Root Chakra ( Muladhara ). Through another invisible channel called the Sushumna, the Kundalini, the Serpent Power, rises in its ascent towards the Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara ). By Pranayama, this mighty corresponding microcosmic power of the Cosmic Shakthi, which is latent in all beings, can be evoked.

A Power to call Eternity into Time And make the body’s joy as vivid as the soul’s ( Aurobindo )

It is this Power-aspect of the Consciousness which India has represented as the Divine Mother – Prakriti in Sankhya, Maya in Vedanta & Shakti in Tantra.


Many think Pranayama is the control of breath. This is far from true. Pranayama means to know & control the Vital energy or Prana.

Control of this mighty energy gives us infinite power. If a man can know & control Prana, where power is there not in him ?

He can control everything from microcosm to macrocosm, the whole universe comes under his control.

The ancient Seers sought Truth within themselves and asked the perennial question ” What is it, when known, everything is known ? “

Since it is impossible to study all sciences in a lifetime ( each science being an infinite ocean) , the ancient Seers were after the mighty Secret, some special knowledge of Substance, which when known, everything is known!

All principles have a Unitary principle as the base. If that is comprehended, then everything is comprehended. All powers are but manifestations of that Cosmic Energy, Prana. He who has controlled Prana has controlled all the minds in the universe; all the bodies of the Universe: for Prana is the base of all Manifestation !

How to control Prana is the aim of Pranayama.

The sum total energy in the Universe is an absolute constant: Universal Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; hence it is indestructible. It has two aspects, unmanifest and manifest. This power is Prana & its control is Pranayama.

The main aim or Pranayama is to arouse the Kundalini. In ordinary mortals the base of the Sushumna will not be open. To open it is the function of Pranayama.

In Sanskrit, Kundalini means the coiled Energy. The base of all mental impulses is the Root Chakra and the Consciousness – Force power is this coiled energy. When we concentrate deeply or meditate intensely, we find that this place of the Root Chakra is heated up. When we do Raja Yoga, we experience a subtle warmth. This coiled Serpentine energy rises via the Sushumna and when it hits the different Chakras, it creates tremendous reactions.

Practice of Pranayama – The Three techniques

First technique

We have to breathe in deeply ( as deeply as possible ) through both the nostrils and then breathe out slowly. We have to do this initially to prepare ourselves for the practice of Pranayama. Here the time taken for exhalation and inhalation should be equal. Normally instead of counting one, two, three, in the Orient, mantras are chanted. Om is the usual mantra chanted.

Second Technique

Inhalation is known as Pooraka
Retention is known as Kumbhaka
Exhalation is known as Rechaka

First inhale, then retain breath & then exhale.

If inhalation is 4 seconds, retention of breath should be 16 seconds and exhalation 8 seconds. During this process, one should meditate upon the triangular Root Chakra ( Muladhara ). Mind should concentrate on this Chakra.

Third Technique

In this technique, first do Pooraka ( inhalation ). Then immediately do Rechaka ( exhalation ). Then do Retention ( Kumbhaka )

If you do the first technique, your voice will become beautiful. Your face will appear peaceful. The more you practise this technique, the more peace you will get.

Once the Golden Serpent rises, your thinking will change.Your perceptions will change. Then you need not rely on books. Then your mind will become your book. This wonderful phenomenon called the mind is a repository of endless knowledge. Once the Kundalini via the Sushumna rises, we reach a transcendental plane. The main aim of the Yogi is to open the Sushumna. On the path of the Sushmna are the Chakras, dynamoes of cosmic energy in man.

She sports as Universal Power in the Macrocosm; and in the microcosm as the coiled Serpent Power!

Infinite Power of the Absolute art Thou!
The Cause of the Universe as Maya
The entire Creation is Thy Play
Thy blessing is Bliss Absolute !

The essence of all sciences art Thou
All women Thy manifestations !
The visible Universe Thou art
And the dormant Serpentine Power !

The Scientific basis for observing continence

Semen and the mind are interrelated. That is why Continence has been prescribed for controlling the mind. Dhanwantri, the Father of Ayurveda told his disciples that the panacea for all ills is Brahmacharya ( Continence).

The basic principle of Raja Yoga is that seminal energy has properties of Vidyut ( electricity ) Ojas (light) & Tapas ( heat ). This energy when preserved is converted to spiritual energy and stored in the brain. This process is called sublimation. Havelock Ellis, in his Psychology of Sex, opines that the sublimation of the seminal energy can give skills, artistic and scientific. He only proved what Raja Yoga proclaimed thousand of years ago.

This seminal energy ( Urdhwa Retas ) is stored by the Raja Yogi in the body by observing Brahmacharya. Raja Yoga advocates the preservation of the seminal energy for 12 years for the yogic faculties to blossom. Once sublimated, this energy goes by the name of Ojas ( Effulgence ) and is stored in the brain!

© G.Kumar
Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association ( ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his Free ezine, the Z Files, click here. He is contactable at Address of his physical shop is Zodiac Computers, 3/528 Tkss Bldgs, East Nada, Guruvayur Kerala, India 680101. Office Phone +91 0487-552851. Home Phone +91 0487-422060. He has compiled Free Ebooks on AstroNumerology, Vedic Astrology & Pranic Therapy.

June 22, 2011

Fourfold Yoga – Part IV

Union via Universal Love ( Bhakthi Yoga )

The noblest Union is Union via Love. Love is an outpouring of the heart and Love is Love’s reward.

Love is a glory from Eternity’s spheres He is still the Godhead that can make all change

Love should never cease to be upon the earth
Love is the bright link betwixt earth and heaven
Love is the far Transcendent’s angel here
Love is man’s lien on the Absolute ( Aurobindo )

All other yogas are difficult to practice. Raja Yoga ( Union via psychic control ) is difficult because we have to keep up Brahmacharya ( continence ), Jnana Yoga is difficult because of the philosophic subtlety of the concepts & Karma Yoga is difficult because its end is far, far away. On the other hand Bhakti Yoga or Union via Love is simple to practise because there are no restrictions in this noblest and blest Union via Love.

Having a Tutelary Deity is the first step. This Deity should be worshipped in thought, word and deed.

” By giving thyself up in heart and soul to Me, thou shalt overcome all difficulties by My Grace ” says He in the Geetha.

Only Universal Love can redeem the world. The salvation of the world is in love and through love.

“Take away Love and the whole world becomes a tomb” said Byron

Man is endowed with many positive qualities. Truth, Ethics, Peace, the Discriminative intellect & Love are the major five positive qualities in man. Of these, Love is the greatest positive quality.

If we incorporate love, we can see that our lives become peaceful & spiritually resplendent. We are asked to incorporate this supreme quality, which is a prerequisite for Liberation or Self-Realisation.

Freud identified Thanatos ( Death Instinct ) as the destructive element in Man. Contray to Thanatos is Eros or the Life Instinct. It is true that Thanatos ( Death Instinct ) or the Vedantic Thamas is the villain of the piece as far as this sin-sick world is concerned. The Mr Hyde in man is very powerful. In Man there is an eternal fight going on between Conscience and Expedience. between Eros and Thanatos! We have not yet defined the Life instinct. This anti-Thanatos principle is Love !

So the preserving quality is Love. Love alone is the Saviour, Love alone is the Redeemer. He who embraces Love is blessed and he alone can save the world.

His light and life is given to balance here
The dark account of mortal ignorance!

It is this quality which is highly favoured by Heaven !

Love rules the court, the camp and the grove,
All men below and saints above
For Love is Heaven and Heaven is Love !

As one Great One said

Love all beings
That is enough !

Or Alexander Pope

He prayeth best who loveth best
Both bird and man and beast

When it comes to Jnana & Bhakti Yogas, it is said that He, before whom even the Vedas remain mute, prefers Union via Love to Union via Wisdom.

It is like the wife and lady love. Jnana Yoga is the wife and Bhakthi Yoga is the lady love.

Jnana Yoga is like the wife. It asks ” Why didnt you actualise the Self ?”

Bhakti Yoga is like the lady love. It asks ” No problem ; there is still time for you to actualise”

More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from

In the Divina Commedia, Beatrice criticises Dante for following Philosophy and not Religion. Under Beatrice’s compulsion Dante changes over to Bhakti Yoga, away from Being and Becoming !

I wake amaze and in the windows blaze
The forms of saints & holy men who died
Hereafter martyred and hereafter crucified
And the Great Rose upon its leaves displays
Love’s triumph and the angelic roundelays
With splendour upon splendour multiplied
And Beatrice again at Dante’s side!
No more rebuking but smiling her words of praise ( Longfellow )

The strict restrictions in other Yogas make it difficult to practise them. On the other hand, there are no restrictions in Bhakthi Yoga. The process of spiritual evolution is automatic and all blocks will be removed by Divine Grace.

In the Geetha, He hath declared that Bhakthi is the greatest of all yogas. The bliss that accrues from sheer devotion is ineffable !

The basic dictums of Bhakthi Yoga are simple. They are

Love All
Serve All
Help Ever
Hurt Never
Hate None
Nurture All
Educate All

If we can do this spontaneously, we have reached Universal Love.

“I shall deliver thee from all sin and evil” says He in the Geetha. The debit in our Karmic balance sheet will be exhausted & we become eligible for Self-Actualisation.

As Robert Bach said ” At the end of our terrestrial journey, one question will be asked. How much did we love and what is the quality of our love ? “

Love your neighbour because he is like you; and love your enemy because enmity is a misunderstanding.

Start the day with Love
End the day with Love
Spend the day with Love
Fill the day with Love
That is the way to the Divine ( Sai )

The simple wisdom which is Love can redeem us & this world!

Economists say that Money makes the world go around. While this statement is true superficially, when we go deeply, we find that some other emotion makes the world go around. It is Love that makes the world go around!

When we ask one thing, God gives that one thing but when we ask nothing, He gives everything, He gives Himself & also the spontaneous boons of His love! Our prayer should be like the prayer of the poet who prayed ” I desire nothing from Thee, I desire only Thee ! “.

The Fourfold Dharma & the Fifth Dharma

The Law asks us to practice the Fourfold Dharma

They are

  1. Brahmacharya – During pre-marriage days one should steadfastly follow Dharma
  2. Garhastya – Once married, should do both duties – worldly & divine
  3. Vanaprastha – Once responsibilities are over, one should seek the Divine
  4. Sanyasa – To walk in the Self; to embrace none but Him.

There is a fifth Dharma. It is called Prajna Dharma, the Highest Wisdom is Love!

The Four Purusharthas ( objectives ) & the Fifth Purushartha

There are four purusharthas. They are Artha ( Wealth ), Dharma ( Ethics & Morality), Kama ( Desires ) & Moksha ( Self-Realisation ).

There is a fifth Purushartha. It is Prema, Love !

Premam Brahma – Love is He ! The highest knowledge is Love !

The equation of Jnana Yoga – Prajnanam Anandam Brahma (The Self is Consciousness & Bliss ) is replaced by the more powerful equation of Bhakthi Yoga – Premam Anandam Brahma ( Self is Love and Bliss ) ! Love alone can confer Bliss!

Love is a manna sent from Heaven, a spark of the Immortal Fire, sent by the Lord to elevate our low desire!

The heart is 60 times more powerful than the brain. There is only one language and it is the language of the heart!

” Only via Love can anybody reach me ” says Lord Krishna in the Gita. Same statement is attributed to Jesus ” No one cometh to the Father, but via Me “. All these smack of the high importance the Yogis have given to this supreme quality, Bhakthi or Universal Love !

All wisdom is contained in Love and love alone can heal this sin-sick world, as love is divine medicine!

It is said that the Lord is playing hide and seek! Himself the play, Himself the player, Himself the playground!

The Universal Governor of life lies in us
He is playing hide and seek with his own force
Eternal, He assents to Fate and chance
Immortal, He dallies with mortality
Divine, he wears the form of animal and man
He whose transcendence rules the pregnant vasts
Prescient lay in our subliminal depths
A luminous individual power, alone – ( Aurobindo )

And His mantra is LOVE !
© G.Kumar

Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association ( ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his Free ezine, the Z Files, click here. He is contactable at Address of his physical shop is Zodiac Computers, 3/528 Tkss Bldgs, East Nada, Guruvayur Kerala, India 680101. Office Phone +91 0487-552851. Home Phone +91 0487-422060. He has compiled Free Ebooks on AstroNumerology, Vedic Astrology & Pranic Therapy.

June 21, 2011

Fourfold Yoga – Part V

Union via Action ( Karma Yoga )

While acknowledging the fact the the One Universal Substance which compose the differentiated parts of the Universe is all this , one should indulge in selfless service and love for Him.

Man has two duties – duty unto Caesar means we have to do our wordly duties & duty unto Self or God means we have to do selfless service to our brethren so that we fulfill the divine humanity in ourselves.

There is a poetic verse which says that trees exist for altruism, that rivers exist for altruism, that cows exist for altruism and hence this body is for Altruism or selfless service.

The basis of all service is Love. When we love, we serve. Service is divine and service is one of the means to exhaust one’s own Karma .

Karma is defined as action and all actions have reactions. The grand Law of Causation, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Retribution is called philosophically as the Law of Karma. What ye sow, ye reap is the quintessence of this Divine Law.

So we as composite creatures have done both good and evil and good & evil karmas haunt us. But in order to attain to Self_Actualisation, we should exhaust our karma. As far as karma is concerned there will be backlog and it will be difficult to exhaust karma all of a sudden. But absolute surrender to the Divine is the only remedy and while we tread the Path Celestial, all karmas get burnt up.

In Silence, we have to climb from our own earths to our own heavens, rendering to the Caesar of the outer world the things which are lawfully his, and at the same time fulfilling the Law of Wisdom which will set us up and distinguish us from the ranks of other men.

It is true that many adversities and opposition we may have to confront. But these are merely parts of the process and tests of fidelity. Some people on this Path Eternal complain that they and their friends also are visited by misfortune. But we have to understand that they are wages and Initiation is a process of intensive culture and accelerated evolution. It is our Karma exhausting itself.

We have to understand that the Divine Will is leading us, through every circumstance, towards the Final Realisation. This faith will give us equanimity.

More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from

We are given the commandment ” Dont bother about the result while doing work” There is a subtle wisdom behind this. Our Rajasic ( human) ego has a basic defect. It want to be compensated for the work done. But Self-Realisation appears somewhat elusive and distant a Goal.It is not possible to get Realisation within one or two years. Hence our Rajasic ego always demands some compensation for the altruistic work done. It feels hurt if it its work is not paid. In order to overcome the agitations of our worldly ego, we are given the supreme commandment to ignore compensation for work done by us.

So our task is to work selflessly for humankind. Selfless service helps in erasing the ego. We have to redeem this earth of ours which appears to be sunk in evil and sin. Only by Universal friendship and Universal brother- hood can this world be redeemed ! Love alone is the Redeemer !

Man, by definition, is a composite creature. We have a positive as well as a negative aspect, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. The positive aspect of Man is called Punya Purusha and the negative aspect as Papa Purusha. While doing selfless service, we have to imagine that the Papa Purusha ( Evil Man ) in us is getting destroyed and that the Punya Purusha ( Noble Man ) is in the ascendancy in us. Once the Negative Aspect ( Papa Pur- usha ) is destroyed in us and the Punya Purusha ( Noble Man ) is affirmed, we have reached the Ultimate Goal !

By serving man we serve God, the highest principle in us. Forgetting the ego, we have to do selfless service to attain the Ulimate Bliss. Forget the ego; let it melt and merge with all its layers of Consciousness !

While business people say that it is Action alone which can convert dreams into dollars, we have to understand that their aim is wealth and they are following similar principles; but here our aim is Self Actualisation and it is Action alone which converts our heavenly dreams into Self- Realisation !

© G.Kumar
Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association ( ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his Free ezine, the Z Files, click here. He is contactable at Address of his physical shop is Zodiac Computers, 3/528 Tkss Bldgs, East Nada, Guruvayur Kerala, India 680101. Office Phone +91 0487-552851. Home Phone +91 0487-422060. He has compiled Free Ebooks on AstroNumerology, Vedic Astrology & Pranic Therapy.

June 20, 2011

Fourfold Yoga – Part VI

Yoga Therapy

“Excellence in action is Yoga ” declares the Song Celestial ( Geetha ), an authentic treatise on Yoga & the quintessence of the Upanishads. Yoga, as the science of Holistic living, is a way of life. Yoga does not mean physical exercises even though such exercises have been prescribed for improving the skill of our body. Yoga comprises techniques that transform our intellect, mind and emotions & provides a comprehensive philosophy for Integral Life.

In order to live an integral life, we must develop skill in life. Aurobindo defined Yoga as the Art of Conscious Self Finding. The first & fundamental thing we should do if we are to expand the limits of our Consciousness, is to gain mastery of the mind. This is not easy.

The incidence of most of the physical diseases that have plagued humanity for centuries have been reduced by glorious advances in medical sciences. The eradication of most infectious diseases and the control of many metabolic disorders have been effectuated by better drugs and surgical techniques. Soon, even routine genetic interventions may be possible. But new and ever more common causes of illhealth haunt us today. They are psychosomatic ailments & chronic stress. Allopathy is less than effective when dealing with these complaints.

The cause of these are found to be attitudes & lifestyle and not physiological anomalies. Allopathy by concentrating on a physical and mechanistic approach to healing, can do little to relieve conditions such as these. The frenetic pace of modern life exposes many people to continous high mental tension & unrelieved stress. And if we are largely sedentary in our habits & overindulge in health damaging substances & foods, as we are fond of doing, our well- being & fitness will be furthur compromised. Eventually stress may manifest itself in the form of physical disease or mental breakdown. Allopathy is symptomatic, and has countered with symptom- suppressing treatments, instead of tackling the root cause of the problem. Lack of disease has been regarded as health, rather than as a dynamic growth process in which we feel truly well on physical, mental level and spiritual levels.

The Evolution of Medicine & the Three Eras of Medicine

Allopathic Medicine or ” Physical Medicine” belongs to the first era. It is Cartesian and creates a dichotomy between mind & body. Treating a disease is like fixing a part of the machine.

The second era of medicine refers to ‘Mind-Body medicine.” It became popular in the 1960s with the advent of Meditation, imagery, hypnosis & bio-feedback. Mind and body are interconnected by messenger molecules and these molecules are invoked to accomplish the healing process.

The third era of Medicine refers to ” Transpersonal Medicine “. It became popular in 1990s with the advent of group support and spirituality to heal.

Yoga therapy supplements the second and the third eras of medicine.

Yoga therapy complements medical technology with a holistic system of health care that addresses the triune problems – physical, mental & spiritual. The author of Yoga Sutras, Patanjal, defined it as the Science of the Mind. Mind is the root cause of bondage and in order to redeem us from the thraldom of the mind, we have to annilhilate the mind. Extirpation of thought waves is Yoga. And it is through teaching us to control our mind, our desires, and our reactions to stress, that yoga can fundamentally help us. It is based on the tripod of Life – Body, Mind & Self & the three levels of Being- Doing, Thinking & pure Being.

Mastery of the mind involves 2 aspects;

  1. Concentration – The ability to concentrate our attention on any given subject or object
  2. Meditation – The ability to quieten our mind at will.

Though the first has been mastered partially by most people, the second is very difficult. It is difficult indeed to lapse into a state of inner peace, let alone at will. As an intellectual, skillful means for quietening the mind, Yoga is unparalleled. A still mind is pure Spirit.

All aspects of the Fourfold Yoga work toward this in some way and if we practice this master Science, we reach closer to our goal. Yoga generates that inner mental peace perpetually, in all our actions, and thereby we achieve physical and mental health. This calmness in action is the secret to attaining the skill , according to Yoga Philosophy. This is known as the strength of Superconscient stillness !

Stillness itself is inertia
Action itself is discord When stillness and action equalise
Then is the Highest Cosmic Union ( Yoga )

Lo! steadfast a lamp burns sheltered from the wind
Such is the likeness of the Yogi’s mind
Freed from sense storms and burning bright to Heaven
When mind broods placid, soothed with holy wont
When Self contemplates Self and in itself
Hath comfort ! ( The Song Celestial )

Health & Yoga Therapy

The World Health Organisation defines health as a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being & not merely an absence of disease and infirmity. WHO also suggests a fourth dimension – spiritual well-being. It is clear from this definition that health should be conceived as a continous function indicating the state of well-being and not a lack of ill health.

The approach of Yoga Therapy is based on the holistic concept of human being; the five ” sheaths ” of existence of which the physical sheath ( Annamaya Kosha ) is only the first. The second is the Vital Sheath ( Pranamaya Kosha ), that is made up of the Vital Energy called Prana which flows through invisible channels called Nadis. The third is the Mental Sheath ( Manomaya Kosha ) The fourth is the Intellectual Sheath ( Vijnanamaya Kosha ) and the final sheath is the Bliss Sheath ( Ananda Maya Kosha ). The Bliss Sheath is found to consist of the positive energy associated with the Divine Self. It is from this sheath that the inner peace characteristic of true Bliss emanates.

More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from

Disease is defined as any imbalance in any of the three lower sheaths of existence. Ego Consciousness, which is centered around the Self, predominates in the physical, vital & mind sheaths. Harmony in these sheaths can be easily disturbed as the ego is up in arms against the world most of the time. The fourth & the fifth sheaths are permeated by a larger, Cosmic Consciousness and cannot be disturbed as they are closer to the Self. When we are truly healthy, the positive energy in the higher sheath percolates freely through the lower ones and brings total harmony & balance to all our faculties. But the imbalances in the lower sheaths block the free movement of Bliss despite the harmony of the higher sheaths being constant.

A great treatise on Yoga, the Yoga Vasishta, declares that there are two types of physical illness, & each requires a different approach. The first are the illnesses with a strong physical element, such as contagious diseases & accidental injuries. These are most effectively dealt with by conventional medicine, though Yoga can play a substantial supportive role. Yoga is prophylactic & also helps prevent the occurrence of such ailments by improving our general health & making us less accident-prone.

The other types of illness arises through disturbances in the mind sheath and includes all the psychosomatic & degenerative ailments. In these disorders, psychological factors play a much greater role, & conventional treatment alone cannot effectuate healing. According to Yogic Psychology, such ailments are thought to be caused by mental diseases called Adhis. ( Adhi creates Vyadhi , disease ). These arise when excessively strong feelings of like or dislike ( Raga & Dvesha ) becomes amplified & established acting to distort personality & to obstruct the flow of positive energy to the lower sheaths. This causes imbalances that result in physical ailments and also makes us feel restless &discontented

The positive energy from the bliss sheath is responsible for our natural state which is Peace . While the flow of this energy is interrupted by Adhis ( mental blocks), our sense of well-being is diminished, & in our attempt to regain it, we may be furthur aggravating the problem by behaving inappropriately.

We may eat the wrong type of foods, lapse into negative states of mind, drive ourselves too hard, overwork ourselves, live in unhealthy surroundings and add more tension and stress. These methods, however will give only momentary relief & may be actually damaging to our health.

Y T provides that all-important element that conventional therapies lack while dealing with psychosomatic illnesses, as it acts directly on the mental imbalances that underlie them. While Meditation & emotion- culturing makes us conscious of the fact that thoughts and emotions are tyrants, Happiness-analysis teaches how to look within ourselves to find beatific peace and contentment. This effectively complements allopathic techniques which improve the situation physically but are unable to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

The root Cause of all Disease – Bhoga or Sensory enjoyments

Bhoga ( enjoyments of the senses ) is Roga ( Disease). It can only be cured by Yoga ( Divine Alchemy ).

All food that is tasty is detrimental to the body, declares Prakriti Therapy The food which cometh from Nature, fruits and vegetables, are alkaline by nature. Maximum health is in an alkaline body. We can only be healthy if we keep a 80%- 20% ratio. ( 80% alkalinity & 20% acidity). This means we have to eat more natural foods & less processed foods ( which are more or less acidic ). Truly speaking, processed foods,even though they taste well, are robbers as they rob us of our natural, vibrant health.

Happiness Analysis for Lifestyle Change

Happiness Analysis is a technique for analysing the cause of happiness, what constitutes Bliss, the inner beatific peace that characterises the fifth level of Being. It basically embodies the realization that happiness comes from within and is not dependent on material possessions or physical enjoyment.

When we achieve desires, we are happy temporarily because of the satisfaction involved and happiness is often associated with jubilation and excitement. But such feelings of euphoria are often followed by negative feelings such as tiredness & disillusionment. The Beatific Peace, which is the aim of Yoga, involves no great effort and engenders no fatigue. The authoritatie texts of Yoga postulate that the Ultimate State of Bliss is a state of eternal silence, wherein we are not troubled by tormenting thoughts & fears and where we are freed from all sorrows.

Though Yoga practices lay the foundation needed for us to achieve this, we must also make determined efforts to sustain a state of perfect happiness by analysing our feelings of pleasure. The basic hypothesis of Yoga is that actions bring pleasure when they briefly evoke the inner silence that defines true happiness. When our desire is fulfilled or when a goal is won, at the very instance of success our thoughts vanish & our mind dips momentarily into the Bliss sheath. Actually what we do is to open up temporary channels to the higher sheath, hence evoking positive sensations. This is merely a temporary feeling and cannot be perpetuated.

Can we generate that moment from within and free ourselves from dependency on external aids? Yes, we can, if we try enough. Practice makes one perfect and at first we may not be able to maintain inner peace for long, but gradually we will become less vulnerable to negative influences. The likes & dislikes ( Raga & Dvesha ) that can lead to mental diseases ( Adhis ) will become less important and our growing awareness of Cosmic Consciousness will give meaning & coherence to every aspect of our life.

The Basis Of Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is fundamentally different from allopathic practice in its approach to health care. Instead of trying to reduce the cause of disease to a single factor and to correct it using a specific cure, Yoga aims to treat illness by improving health on all the five levels of Being – physical, vital, mental, intellectual & spiritual – simultaneously & restoring inner harmony.

Ill-health occurs when the total balance of perfect health is disturbed. And although the original disrupting influence may only affect one level at first, viz the physical level, the disturbance soon spreads to the other four levels. All the five sheaths of existence interact, thus something that primarily affects the mind can soon spread to the body & the subtler sheaths. A bad day at work may make us irritable & it also increases stress reaction, makes our muscles tense and often depletes our energy level leading to chronic fatigue.

While emotion culturing generates equanimity, Relaxation & Meditation can calm our mind. Positive action produces harmony, just as as negative influences spread disruption. The different types of yoga practice augment each other & are more effective when done together. All wisdom is given in the one word ” Relax”.

Physical relaxation can be effectuated when we do the prescribed Asanas & stretch our muscles as muscular tension is released.

Mental relaxation is effected when we relax our mind during Meditation and release suppressed emotions.

This is the essence of Yoga Therapy, both prophylactic & therapeutic. Daily practice of a complete Yoga session can restore our natural balance and harmony, bringing positive good health to the three levels of Being – physical, mental and spiritual.

The Therapeutic Potential of Yoga

Yoga, holistic science and integral life, has become popular because it promotes positive health and is also useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Its therapeutic potential has largely been investigated for stress-related pyshco-somatic ailments. But with the recent interest in ” Psycho-neuro- immunology” ( the effect of psyche on the immune system ), there is also a possibility that Yoga therapy can modify the course of infectious diseases.

One of the stress conditions which can definitely be controlled through yoga therapy is bronchial asthma. Beneficial effects of specific yoga practices, such as pranayamas, or kriyas can alleviate asthma. Patients with type II daibetes mellitus were also shown to improve significantly following yoga practice. Systematic studies on the effects of Yoga therapy for essential hypertension has shown that Y T compares favourably with bio-feedback. A study conducted in the UK on patients with rheumatoid arthritis demonstrated that Y T reduced symptoms and need for medicine.

Scientific studies also show that if pathological Angst ( anxiety ) patients practice Yogic techniques such as Pranayamas ( which means the control of the Vital Force, Prana ), they show significant improvement.

Yoga therapy has also been used in the rehabilitation of the mentally handicapped. Ten months of yoga practice significantly improved the IQ, eye-hand coordination and social adaptation of 45 children with varying degress of mental retardation.

Psycho-neuro-immunology has given rise to interest in the idea that Y T can be used for the management of infectious diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis.Studies indicate two months of Y T along with short term chemotherapy caused tremendous change for the better. This beneficial effect of Yoga on the immune system has delighted the alternate medical community. Holistic health practiti- oners how talk about the the effect of Y T in cancer and even in AIDS patients. It has been shown that the practice of Yoga reduces the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy in patients with cancer of the uterine cervix. It is also interesting to study scientifically investigated reports on cancer regression following meditation. It is encouraging to note that there has been a scientific study which showed that AIDS patients benefited ( clinically, psychologically, immunologically ) from Y T.

Ayurveda, Tai Chi, Y T, Kai-Igaku, Pranic Healing, Reflexology, Reiki, Acupuncture are all included amongst the 70 systems of Alternative Medicine which are prevalent today. All these come under Holistic Medicine which highlights the greatness of the Whole more than the parts. ( ” The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts ” )

A good site where you can get quality information about Holistic Medicine is

Yogic Diet & Prevention of Cancer

Modern reasearch shows that diets such as smoked fish/ meat or other foods known to contain carcinogenic chemicals should be avoided at all costs. Because of the Western fast food type diet, colon cancer in men, promoted by high meat ( beef ) and fat consumption is on the increase in the West. There is no doubt that a high fibre, low-fat diet reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Many compounds which are potent carcinogens are contained in cigarette smoking as well as smoked or barbecued meat or fish products. They include benzenes ( in the tar component of cigarette smoke), heterocyclic amines & polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ( in smoked / barbecued meat or fish ). That explains why lung cancer is on the rise in the Western male population during the last century. Colon cancer has reached endemic proportions in the West ( because of higher consumption of barbequed meat and beef fat ) & stomach cancer occurs at an alarming rate in Japan because of the Japanese habit of consuming fish.

Claims which need furthur research

While spices such as ( black or green) or spices such as fresh ginger, garlic & turmeric have been reported to reduce the risk of colon cancer, onion is claimed to lower the risk of stomach cancer. Soyabean products reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Skin cancer is reduced, it is claimed, by topical application of some constituents of ginger oil and ginger extract. It is true that more research is needed on natural compounds. One breakthorough is the discovery of taxol, a plant product which is of tremendous benefit in certain cancers. There are many such waiting for their discovery, particularly from indigenous plants in India, with proper scientific research tools & testing.

Hygiea’s Commandment that “Thou shalt eat unprocessed, living natural food ” merits consideration here. Naturopathy asks us to consume 100 grams fruits & 300 grams vegetables ( organically grown ) daily. Yoga with its emphasis on a naturopathic diet of fruits & vegetables can show us the path to perfect health & Wisdom. Naturopathy is a branch of Ayurveda, the Science of Life, which is allied to Yoga.

More info about Ayurveda can be had from

The Healing Centre in us

Yogic philosophy averrs that true healing comes from within, the Self, the divine component in man.

His great transparent mirror, Self !

Within each of us is the source of Life and health, the Divine Centre. We have to learn to turn to that source and return to it again and again. When we breathe it in, the freshness engages us. Yoga frees us from the thraldom of both mind and matter & we become more whole.
© G.Kumar
Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association ( ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his Free ezine, the Z Files, click here. He is contactable at Address of his physical shop is Zodiac Computers, 3/528 Tkss Bldgs, East Nada, Guruvayur Kerala, India 680101. Office Phone +91 0487-552851. Home Phone +91 0487-422060. He has compiled Free Ebooks on AstroNumerology, Vedic Astrology & Pranic Therapy.

March 26, 2011

Mediums, Clairvoyants and Psychics

There seems to be, and apparently always has been, much confusion over the definitions between psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. It has been brought to my attention many times over recently, no less by appearing on the Kilroy show, that many people don’t know the difference between all of these ‘names’ that those of us that work with spirit and energy are blessed with.

I have been following my spiritual path solidly since 1997 and am very fortunate that I’ve been able to enhance many of my senses and gain much knowledge along the way. Technically I could call myself any of these ‘names’ mentioned above, as I’m also very fortunate to have been able to develop all these natural gifts of awareness, which warrant each of these titles.

To help give just a brief run down before my more lengthy explanations here is a quick resume of what the dictionary had to say about each of these:

  • Psychic – pertaining to mental forces, telepathy, extra sensory perception
  • Medium – contacting and being able to communicate with spirits of the dead
  • Clairvoyance – the ability to see things beyond our normal senses

The thing is that also if you look in a thesaurus you will see each of these words in each of the other words categories i.e. psychic will be found under clairvoyant and medium. Medium will be found under psychic and clairvoyant and so on…

So it all seems to be rather confusing and not surprising that many people don’t know who or what they are letting themselves in for when visiting one of these people, or if they were to go to an evening of clairvoyance, would they get clairvoyance or would they get mediumship, or indeed both or neither?

Well, I hope that the following explanations, that have come with the help of my guides via my clairaudient ability, which has not yet been mentioned, will help you become much clearer on who and what a psychic, medium or clairvoyant is and does. This of course is my interpretation and understanding of all of these and anyone wanting to mail me with further information or opinions I would be more than happy to read them, as I am always keen to learn more!

Let’s start with explaining about a psychic. Someone that calls himself or herself a psychic may well be labelling themselves as such because it is stereotypically recognised as someone that can ‘read you’ and most likely be able to tell you about, your past, present, future and many other things that the psychic could not possibly have known about you before having your reading. This essentially is correct, but how they do this in the true sense of the word, is that as a psychic they will have like a ‘mental connection’ with you and they will also read your energy field, so they will be very sensitive and be able to pick up on your thoughts and energy most of all. People will tell you that you are psychic if you know who it is when the phone rings, for example. They may well have some or all of the other abilities that will be mentioned as follows, but not necessarily so.

We then get to what I call the ‘Clairs’. We have at least three ‘clair’ abilities (please tell me if you know of any more!) and they are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Interesting here though, that the dictionary only recognises sentience and not clairsentience.

Now, clairvoyance actually translates to ‘clear seeing’. It means that the person that is working with their clairvoyant ability will be able to see images of people, places or things in their minds eye, they are able to describe these to you during a reading or when giving a message. This does not mean that they are fortunetellers or seers of the future, although that doesn’t mean that you won’t get some information about the future, but clairvoyance is by definition simply clear seeing, and not seeing the future.

A good clairvoyant will, and indeed should, validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening in the present. If they don’t, how will you know or believe if what they are saying about the future holds any weight?

As a footnote to the ‘fortune telling’ side of things, from my own experience, I tend not to give too much future information, as I believe it is subject to change, even though things are generally mapped out for us, we still have free will and the ability to ‘change our fate’. For example, if I were to tell someone I can see they are going to meet a man abroad in two months time, it means that I can see that happening subject to the way they are leading their life at the present time. If they then go out and plan a holiday unexpectedly to try and make that happen, the chances are they won’t meet the person I saw for them because they have ‘changed their own fate’, by arranging a holiday. It may have been that they would have met them via a business trip abroad that they now won’t be on, because they are away from work, on holiday!! I hope you get my meaning?

Now as well as clairvoyance, there is also something called clairaudience. Clairaudience is essentially ‘clear hearing’. This means that we will hear information from Spirit. This might be ones own Spirit Guides or if working as a medium giving messages it will be the Spirit of the loved one that is no longer here, giving that information. Personally I don’t hear it on a physical level, I hear it as a voice in my head as if I were talking to myself silently. Now, as with any of these abilities the non-believers would argue that we’re making it all up as we go along. It is our imagination. Well, all I can say is that I most definitely know when it’s spirit and not me (after years of practice and trusting), because the words come so fast I wouldn’t have time to think it for myself even if I tried. I usually find myself working with this ability, especially when working as a medium, when Spirit are giving me specifics, like names, dates and places etc.

There is also another ability that many of us work with and that is Clairsentience. This is where we feel things, or sense things, as the word suggests, it is ‘clear sensing’. I usually get this, again when working as a medium, when someone has passed with a certain illness or condition. For a split second I will feel a sensation that they would have felt before they passed on or perhaps the sensation of a condition they would have suffered with during their life, so that I can describe this to the person I am giving a message to. This helps to validate which particular person is coming through from Spirit for them.

It also might come into play from a psychic perspective as you may well feel something about the person you are reading directly. For example you might physically feel a quick pain in your arm if they have injured it recently. However, it might not be something physical that you feel, it can also be defined as an inner knowing, so just a feeling you get about something, like a gut feeling. You may just energetically feel or just know somehow that the person you are reading has a bad arm.

Now I have mentioned a couple of times about working as a medium and we still have this to explain. Mediums and mediumship are slightly trickier to define, or very simple, depending on whether you want the easy version or the more complex one!

The simple version is that a medium is someone that ‘talks to dead people’!
(Now the boy in the film Sixth Sense would be a clairvoyant/medium, because to quote him ” I see dead people!”)

The harder version is that a medium by another definition is the ‘channel’ by which information from spirit passes through or indeed is the channel through which any energy passes. By this definition all of us indeed are mediums (as opposed to smalls or larges…sorry, couldn’t resist getting that in somewhere!). This is because we all channel energy to some degree or another. If we draw, we are a medium (as is the pencil) through which energy flows to create the picture on the page. If we sing, we are a medium (as is the voice) through which energy flows to create a song. If we are healers (another topic entirely) we are mediums through which the energy flows to our clients and so on…

This then means by its very nature that anyone working with Spirit or energy on any level could be called a medium. A medium in this sense is then being defined as a ‘channel’.

So someone that calls themselves a clairvoyant/medium, by rights, should be able to describe your loved ones from the spirit world and also to describe visually things around your home or family for example. It has been brought to my attention that there are a few ‘clairvoyant/mediums’ out there, that aren’t in fact either of these! They may ‘read’ people, but they may be reading via their psychic or sentient ability and not actually ‘seeing’ anything at all, or indeed they may not be able to talk with your loved ones in spirit either. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good readers, it just means they might not be offering you the sort of reading you were really after. Never be afraid to ask your ‘reader’ how they work, they should always be more than happy to explain it to you. This way, you know what sort of reading you can expect.

Also it can be confusing when you see an evening of clairvoyance or an evening of mediumship advertised, to know what exactly it is you will be going to. Generally speaking at either of these you will have a medium that will be bringing messages through from loved ones in spirit, but as you can see by definition there is room for confusion, so if in doubt check with the organisers as they will be able to tell you exactly what to expect from the evening.

So, hopefully, this has helped explain a little about the differences between clairvoyants, clairsentients, clairaudients, mediums and psychics.
The likes of James Van Praagh, John Edward, Derek Acorah, Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell work with all of these abilities in some way or another and anyone that has been practising for some time will also be able to tune in to Spirit and energy on all these levels. The whole thing, in my opinion, about working with Spirit and energy is to be as clear a channel as you can possibly be and only ever be using these abilities for the highest good of all concerned and only ever with the persons permission.

Enjoy walking your spiritual path and please by all means email if you would like further information or if you have anything you would like to add to this.

Love light and Understanding

© S.L.Barnett, 2003

June 24, 2010

Walking the Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway

It was 3013 years ago that a doorway was beginning to open up for all humans. This doorway would be our entrance into and onto the Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway. It would be the start of when we would begin to fully remember who we are, and to discover our origin in the universal consciousness of the infinite mind. It would be our returning to the original home that we came from, to be here on earth. This would be the place that we would begin to understand the role that we played here in the overall universal blueprint and the purpose of the infinite universe.

We have been coming back from spirit to the human plain, lifetime after lifetime, to bring the infinite energy of the universe in; providing the space and the energy for it to grow. We would finally begin to awaken to the truth that we, on the finite plane, have never been separated from the infinite plain of spirit. We would finally learn that the energy of the divine spirit is and always has been within us. It is and always has been in our body. It is in, and is, our consciousness. It exists all around us. This pathway of Ascension-Enlightenment is a new relationship that is developing between the human and the spirit within. We are opening up to the paths of our own origin that is within us. The separation, veil that has kept us from this knowledge is thinning, and we are seeing into other dimensionalities of the infinite worlds. We are learning to walk and to bring together the two worlds of the finite (human), and the infinite (spirit) simultaneously as one.

We are discovering new sensations, new feelings, and a sense of restlessness as we become accustomed to this merging effect. In 1987/88 this merging effect would be called the harmonic convergence. This is the convergence of the harmony, rhythm and frequency of love and light of the spirit with the human. We are becoming what Walt Whitman would call the ‘body electric’, Tobias would call the Divine Human, and Archangel Michael would call ‘the Golden Angel’.

We are now merging with our grander part, our true self; what we would call our higher self.

We are all in, and going through, a tremendous period of transitions, transmutations and transformations. We are moving into potentials that we have never known existed. We are moving to new levels of multi-consciousness. We are raising our frequencies, vibrations and densities to the level of the light and love of the Spirit Divine.

As Robert Frost would say:

“Two roads diverge in a wood,
And I…
I took the one
Less travelled by
And that has made all the difference.”

William Wordsworth would also state that,

“Our birth is but a sleep, a forgetting.
This process of Divine Transformation
Is part of our Divine Awakening?
Awakening to the still Divine Point,
In each of us.
This still Divine Point that is untouched
By time and space.
This is our Divine Point of Entrance
Into our, Timelessness of Eternity.”

This Ascension-Enlightenment pathway is to now allow for us to awaken To, and make the choice with our Free Will of the Human, to enter into Our Divine Will of the Spirit. We can now merge these two wills back to Their Eternal Universal Consciousness of the One Infinite Supreme Spiritual Mind with its Infinite Supreme Love that gave birth to all that is and has ever been.

We must now realize as Buckminster Fuller has said: 99.9999% of what affects our reality will be undetectable by our five senses. We must learn to think for ourselves, rather than to follow blindly what has Been taught.

It was Thomas Troward in the late 18th century who realized that we were In the final stages of the Ascension Process. He knew that the Universal Consciousness of the Infinite Supreme Spirit was ready to give birth to the next level of its evolutionary process. Thomas knew. that in the next 100 years, the Earth and the Universe as we know it would go through a revolutionary change, the likes that we have never witnessed before. We were going from the Ascension Phase into the final phase of Enlightenment.

Dr. Rod Johnson
© 2003

To learn more about this Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway and how To prepare for the Final Phase visit the Heart’s Riches

August 25, 2006

Scrying – The Art of Scrying

SCRYING is an ancient art that has been used by mystics and clairvoyants through the ages to develop psychic ability.

Archaeological evidence indicate that people inhabited ancient Egypt much earlier than has previously been suggested and by the 4th Century BC one of the goddesses in Egypt, HATHOR, the Egyptian Sky Goddess of Joy and Love was believed by priests and priestesses to carry a shield that could “reflect back all things in their true light”.

From this shield she was said to fashion the first magic mirror to “see” or “scry”.

Around 2,000 BC, both Greece and early Britain practised forms of scrying, and in ancient China the art of reading tealeaves was practised as a form of scrying. Even Nostradamus was believed to have employed a small bowl of water as a scrying aid, and a crystal ball was used by Dr John DEE, consultant to Elizabeth I. This is still on display in the British Museum in London.

During the time of King Arthur the art of scrying was actively practised as a part of the ” Old Ways”, and most women carried some form of moon scrying cards with them as guidance to help them make daily decisions. The use of divination formed a natural part of their daily life. It was not seen as something “separate”, but a practical way of dealing with the demands of life and as necessary as we would today regard a filofax or laptop to give us information!


By gazing into a reflective object such as water or a mirror, a person is able to go into a light hypnotic trance state that allows them to see information that arrives in the form of pictures, symbols, letters, impressions, or sensations. All this information comes from the person making a free association with images they may notice when looking into the reflective object, however trivial or irrelevant they may seem to the conscious mind. By focusing on these so-called trivial images, a connection is formed with the subconscious mind and the images can then deepen to reveal more complete information and in some instances even allow the person to see an “inner movie”.

Today we know the process is linked to helping a person to tap into the super sensory powers of their subconscious mind where there is no time or space, and so makes it possible to tap into future, past and present times and for it to be used for purposes of guidance and future divination.


Traditional scrying is done with blank objects like water or mirrors, but in fact it is equally possible to do scrying with reflective cards. Scrying into a blank image is sometimes more difficult as the subconscious mind needs a “hook” to start the process of connection, and it is easier to scry a reflective object such as a scrying card that already has images that can act as “hooks”.


You need to “attune to” or “scry” a specific card that you draw after you have asked a question. This means that by looking at a card you have drawn from a pack of scrying cards and studying it as if you are looking at a mirror, you will form a connection with the card, and the more you allow yourself to respond to the images that you are drawn to notice – even though they may seem trivial or irrelevant- you will be drawn into a slight trance and realise that what you are seeing is starting to change. Different images may start to appear on the card, or the way you may feel about that, or it may start to remind you of something else and the more you concentrate on what is changing, the stronger the connection will become. Think of yourself going “into” the card like you are going into a tunnel. Then all that you need to do is be patient and give it time to unfold.

Once there is a deeper connection with the card, you will be able to tap into your own subconscious guidance and your inner intuition. You will discover a deeper “seeing” or “knowing” inside. The images and thoughts that may come up may not be logical or make sense immediately, but your gut feel will, if you trust it and allow it to work, help you to understand the situation more clearly as time goes on. What you will need to do is to apply the images, feelings and thoughts that you may receive to the question you have and want guidance about.

You will also be guided as events around the question or issue you have asked about begin to unfold. Most often you will receive some form of guidance or understanding within around 48 hours of doing the scrying as the subconscious mind can be triggered quite quickly.


Even though you may feel hesitant to trust your “gut” feel or intuition, as you start to use scrying, your confidence will grow and you will be able to rely on it more and more. Over a period of time you will notice a big positive change in your life and you will have found a tool you can use for life!


Scrying is a unique and magical tool as it can also help you to connect to your own and unique imagination.

Everyone uses some form of imagination although it is often dismissed as naive or childish. Every new invention or scientific discovery comes from some form of imagination. It can only become real if it can be imagined by someone – nothing can exist unless someone has had the imagination to think about it!

Professional sportsmen and women are also very aware of this power of the imagination. By “imagining” themselves to be top performers, they are able to improve their performances and break through existing limitations and records. This is because our brain does not distinguish between what is imagined and what actually happens, and so using the imagination can be a very powerful tool.

The imagination always brings up powerful feelings and emotions and these emotions can be used as a tool for positive change. By allowing ourselves to feel, we can imagine a new picture to unfold with more positive feelings. And so scrying can also be used to create positive change in one’s life. By looking at a scrying card, the person can start to imagine something different to what they are seeing and feeling and so start to create a positive change – doing this during the process of scrying it can set into motion powerful changes in the subconscious. This is a magical process used by psychics and clairvoyants such as Nostradamus who saw very negative futures and wanted them to change.

Try it and see what happens!

© Elizabeth Bardin 2006