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June 9, 2000

Meditation Script (Connecting with Your Spirit Guide)

If you are new to meditation it is probably worth reviewing the ‘Before you begin’ section that accompanies the Simple Meditation script.

Meditation script.

I want you to relax and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in to the count of three and out to the count of three. As you breathe in you will feel more relaxed and, as you breath out, all of your problems, troubles and thoughts of the present day will disappear.

As you start to feel more relaxed you will notice yourself becoming lighter. Your feet will become lighter than air and slowly rise up from your body. Then your legs rise up from your body. Next your body starts to float upwards and with the gentle breeze. Your head rises into the air.

You look behind you to see the room slowly disappear and your Spirit Guide standing next to your physical body. Your guide moves toward you and takes your hand. As if by magic, you start to soar upwards in to a bright red mist that wraps itself around you. The red mist turns to a brilliant orange, that slowly fades into a lovely yellow. With each passing colour you feel more and more relaxed. Then a green mist comes upon you, spiraling around you. As you continue to float upwards the green is replaced by blue. The blue drifts away and purple appears. It feels so wonderful wrapped around you that you believe you could stay there forever. But slowly it drifts away to be replaced by a violet white, the last of the Chakra colours.

When this colour fades you find yourself standing on top of a mountain with the sun light striking the clouds to produce a myriad of beautiful colours. It is so peaceful and quiet on the mountain. You feel a desire to step off and, as you take your foot from the ground, you find yourself transformed into a bird, soaring through the clouds. You drift aimlessly through the air. You notice a group of people below. You are intrigued, so you swoop down. As you draw near the ground, you find your legs have returned. You are welcomed into the group and recognise a friend, I will leave you to chat for a while (leave about 1 minute).

It’s time to leave, so you say goodbye and your friend gives you a present. You thank them and turn to leave when your Guide asks you to walk with them for a while. They take you to a crystal pool and tell you to go for a swim. As you enter the pool you feel relaxed and all your cares and worries float away. After a while you feel refreshed and more aware of your surroundings. You notice that colours and objects look brighter and more alive. I will leave you for a moment. Spend some time enjoying your surroundings (approx. 2 minutes).

Your Guide appears and tells you it is time to leave. As you go to exit the pool you notice an object by your feet. You bend down to pick it up and ask your Guide where it came from. Your Guide replies it was left for you. Make a note of what it is. As you leave the pool a beautiful violet mist sweeps in around you. Then it slowly changes to purple. As you walk on, the purple turns to blue. Then, slowly to green. As you continue walking the mist turns yellow. Then to an orange and finally to a beautiful deep red. As this last colour disappears, you feel aware of your surroundings again. You can feel your feet on the floor and the chair firmly at your back. When you feel comfortable and ready slowly, open your eyes.

© Brian Lynn, 2000

May 16, 2000



Atlantis is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. To many, its very name evokes a mystical sense of familiarity and lost memories. It is said to be the lost Atlantic continent, the first home of civilisation, an earthly paradise, struck down by a natural catastrophe at the height of its power, and now lying deep under the ocean, with only the tops of its mountains protruding from the ocean floor.

To others, Atlantis is merely a legend, invented by Plato, the Greek philosopher, as a backdrop for two of his dialogues: Timaeus and Critias.

Another belief is that Atlantis was a true precursor of the early civilisations and not located in the Atlantic at all, but instead occupying some other location, like the Greek islands of Crete or Santorini, as opposed to the Azores, Madeira, or the Canary Islands.

I first became aware of Atlantis whilst attending a workshop on Spiritual Healing given by Michael Bradford. He came over to me, during a break, and told me that I had been in Atlantis, working with crystals, in a past life. Since then I have been researching Atlantis and have spoken to many people who are also curious and have had similar experiences.

The name Atlantis derives from atlas, the giant Greek God who is said to have supported the sky. In Greek, Atlantis means “Daughter of Atlas”.

According to Plato, Atlantis was a garden of Eden with an abundance of precious minerals and crystals, particularly orichalcium which was red in colour and considered more valuable than gold. This earthly paradise was a combination of mighty mountains, fertile plains, rivers, marshes and lakes with a thriving population and many species of animals, including elephants.Wood was plentiful for the carpenters. Herbs, flowers, and fruit grew and thrived, being used both as food and for medicinal purposes. The Atlanteans constructed temples, palaces, harbours and docks. They utilized the natural white, black and red stone that were quarried from underneath the centre of the island. Some of their buildings were simple, while others were very elaborate, coated and decorated with gold, brass, tin and the red orichalcium. They built a temple covered with gold and silver pinnacles dedicated to Poseidon, the God of sea, earthquakes and horses. Its ceiling was made of ivory whilst the walls and pillars were lined with orichalcium. There were many statues of gold including the main statue, from floor to ceiling, of Poseidon himself standing in a chariot with six winged horses.

Fountains of hot and cold springs were to be found amidst suitable trees and decorations and relaxing spas. These were used separately by the kings, public and even the horses and cattle! There were many lovely gardens and places of exercise including a horse racing course.

The large and busy harbour bustled with vessels and merchants from all parts of the world.

The surrounding mountains of great height and beauty were inhabited by the wealthy villagers. The meadows, rivers and lakes provided enough food for everyone. It really was the land of plenty!

The large rectangular plain played an important part in this civilization. Straight canals, a hundred feet in width, were cut into it to transport wood and the fruits of the earth down into the city from the mountains.

The inhabitants were divided into groups with leaders who were responsible for their own particular area. For many generations, the people obeyed the laws and possessed true and great spirits, practicing gentleness and wisdom. They lived a very divine life, enjoying their gold and possessions but not abusing them. They believed in friendship and led an almost “idyllic” existence in this land of “milk and honey”. Legend says there were many crystal healers, masseurs and therapists, working for the well-being of their fellowman.

A Hopi myth describes Atlantis as a land in which great cities were created and crafts flourished, but when the people became corrupt and warlike, a great flood destroyed their world. It is thought that eventually the Atlanteans did change their peaceful ways and became aggressive with each other. That is when disaster struck!

Where was Atlantis?

There are many different beliefs as to the actual location of Atlantis. A large percentage believe, as did Plato, that it is a sunken island under the Atlantic Ocean. Others believe it is located near the Greek islands of Crete or Thera (Santorini). A severe earthquake on 9th July 1956 disturbed the lower strata in a quarry on Thera and the ruins of what appeared to be an ancient civilization were found. Human bones, teeth and charred wood, together with pottery and other artistic relics were Carbon-14 dated by Professor Galanopoulous. The results pointed to this being the remains of Atlantis.

The Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands, along with smaller Atlantic islands, have also been suggested. The Azores, in common with Thera (perhaps even more so), have the look of sunken islands about them, with great black mountain peaks that rise directly from the ocean.

The Caribbean has also been suggested. In the 1920’s, an American psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would rise again in 1968 from the ocean floor near Bimini in the Bahamas. In fact, in 1968 an airline pilot sighted an emergent temple of great antiquity only a few miles away from the predicted site. Since then there have been many more sightings and scuba divers have discovered flights of steps cut into the steep sides of the continental shelf in the same area. Great circular interrupted patterns of monolithic stones have been photographed on the ocean bottom, suggesting a sort of American “Stonehenge”. Underwater pyramids, vertical walls and even a great arch have also been observed by scuba divers. Dr. Manson Valentine first discovered and explored the “Bimini Road” a sunken wall, foundation or dock, lying at a depth of about six fathoms, east of North Bimini.

It is very interesting that these ruins lie within the area known as “The Bermuda Triangle”, the area between Bermuda, Eastern Florida and east of Puerto Rico. This is where many aircraft, large ships and small boats have been known to disappear without trace. Reported aspects of their disappearances involve spinning compasses, instrument malfunction, radio and radar blackout and electronic drain.

One suggested explanation is that the Atlanteans possessed laser power through gigantic crystals, as was reported by Edgar Cayce through his psychic readings, several decades before lasers became an accepted part of modern technology.

However more recently South America has become the most favoured location. In Peru, enormous stone walls on mountain-tops were a mystery to the conquering Incas and Spaniards. An incredible old city, Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, was apparently built so long ago that prehistoric animals were depicted on the local pottery. Enormous buildings, built at an elevation of 13,500 feet, with walls ten feet thick and foundation stones of 200 tons, were constructed with such exactness and knowledge of physics and astronomy that many investigators are convinced that the builders could not have been of this earth.

Geological discoveries around Tiahuanaco include salt lines in the mountains, former cornfields under the frozen snow-line of the surrounding peaks, and sea shells along the shores of lake Titicaca which indicated that the city was possibly an ocean port, forced up to its present altitude some 15,000 years ago, during volcanic activity which accompanied the melting of glaciers.

In 1965, Dr. Robert Menzies took photos from the research ship, “Anton Bruun”, off the coast of Peru. Sonar recordings taken in this area indicated unusual shapes along the floor of the ocean, which otherwise seem to be a mud bottom. Photos taken at a depth of 6,000 feet show what were apparently massive upright pillars and walls, some of which seemed to have writing on them. The camera also took pictures of rocks laying scattered on their side, some in heaps as if they had toppled over, perhaps at the time that this mysterious city fell more than a mile under the sea.

With the advancement of technology, which at present is probing into outer galaxies, the time may come when they are able to turn their attention below the surface of the ocean, and discover the truth about Atlantis.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading this article, as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Perhaps you have your own theories on the whereabouts of Atlantis that you may like to share and discuss.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Eleanor Castleden

© EMC Publishing 2000

Eleanor utilises her interest in history and ancient cultures to great effect in her work as a Past Life Therapist. She also teaches Indian Head Massage and is a a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. You can contact Eleanor by e-mailing

April 9, 2000

Meditation Script (Simple)

Before you begin.

This is a simple meditation that anyone can try. Before a Spiritual Meditation protection should be asked for. This could be in many forms from the Lord’s Prayer to something of your own design (e.g. ‘I come in search of the righteous light, for within your light I know no harm can come to me.’). We do this as a precaution because while most spirits work with the highest intent there are a few that are obviously confused or too eager to communicate. The link they form with your aura can be too powerful and occasionally this can cause difficulties.

At the end of the meditation, we will close the Chakras (this forms an integral part of the meditation).

For greatest effect you should try to visualise the ‘Light of Love and Protection’ surrounding you as you are saying your prayer, some people will find this harder to do than others but it is worthwhile developing this ability. If you are struggling, try sitting with an object in front of you (a candle is good), then close your eyes. Now try to keep ‘seeing’ the object. Practicing this for 5 to 20 minutes a day is a good technique for improving visualisation in a very short space of time.

Meditation is a great release from the worries and troubles of modern life. It will give you clarity of mind and, quite often, answers to problems will surface with the help of Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides are like the narrator of a play, and will help wherever possible. You may not be able to see them but you will feel their presence.

It is advisable to eat after meditation and drink plenty of water to ‘ground’ yourself.

It is a good idea to record the meditation script on tape first, so you can play it back, listening and following the words in a totally relaxed state. When recording, speak slowly and clearly and try to keep an even tone. Make sure you leave a pause between sentences, so that when you are performing the meditation you give yourself the chance to visualise the scene transitions being described.

Set the scene with low lights /candles and soft music. Make sure you will not be disturbed – this is your time.

A simple meditation script.

Start to feel your body relaxing. It is a comfortable feeling. Your back supported by the chair. Your feet touching the floor. Your arms relaxed in your lap. Now focus your attention to your breathing notice how steady and relaxed it is. It is like a steady beat. First in, then out. As you breathe in, see a beautiful white energy filling your lungs. As you breathe out, see your troubles, worries and problems exit your body in a black cloud.

Breathe in the white, and out the black. Keeping that same steady beat.

Your legs are feeling lighter and a beautiful red mist engulfs you. The chair beneath you no longer seems so real. The mist is changing to orange. You feel as if you have butterflies in your stomach. The orange turns to yellow. You notice your chest where you were breathing in the white and out the black, it has changed to green. You feel the colour moving up, as it reaches your neck it changes to blue.

You are being drawn to a point at the centre of your forehead, which is a beautiful purple. It slowly disappears to be replaced by a violet/white light which covers you from top to bottom. You feel yourself standing and see yourself moving through a door that’s in front of you and find yourself in a corridor. You are moving through a second door and as you exit you feel the grass beneath your feet.

You see the vibrant greens, yellows and reds of the plants. You see a group of trees ahead of you and you start to walk towards them. You notice animals in the fields and in the trees. When you reach the trees you turn to look at the beautiful colours you have just walked through. I will leave you here for a while (when taping leave about a minutes pause). It is time for you to enter the woods. Watch the animals scurrying around you.

You continue walking until you notice a clearing. Here, there is a beautiful waterfall cascading in to a crystal pool. You stop and feel the water. It is warm, so you dive in and as you swim around all you cares drift away carried by the gentle waters. Aches and pains are fading away to nothing. I will leave you here for a while to swim in the beautiful warm waters (allow a two minute pause).

As you leave the pool and walk back through the woods to the door you feel a sense of relief. You feel invigorated, happy and at peace.

As you pass through the door and walk slowly along the corridor, a mist of violet/white envelopes you and slowly fades in to purple. This then changes to blue and a sense of healing comes over you. Then green, which changes to yellow. You’re amazed at the brightness even as it fades to reveal orange.

You are slowly becoming aware of your physical body. Your hands are in your lap and your feet are firmly on the floor. As you enter the red you find yourself back in your room with the chair solid and comfortable beneath you. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

© Brian Lynn, 2000

March 12, 2000

Indian Head Massage

The Origins of Indian Head Massage.

Originating in the East more than one thousand years ago, Indian Head Massage was originally developed as a grooming technique by women who used it to strengthen and improve the fullness of the hair. This was achieved by stimulating the pressure points on the scalp. It was particularly popular with women of fashion who wanted to enhance their fine appearance. The technique, in many senses, became part of everyday life and was practiced on young and old alike. It became a tradition that was handed down through the generations.

One thousand years on…

For such an ancient tradition it may at first seem surprising that this form of therapy is enjoying such a resurgence of interest, but an examination of its benefits quickly reveals why it is as relevant now as ever.

It still offers great benefits for the hair and scalp, apart from strengthening the hair and promoting growth, it is also said to help slow the greying process. But over the years the therapy has been extended to include not just the head but the face, neck, shoulders, back and arms. By focussing on the areas which tend to ‘hold’ stress and tension this gentle form of massage can now offer a far greater range of physical and mental benefits.

Indian Head Massage is believed to be effective in the treatment or relief of headaches and migraines, stress, eye strain, insomnia and aches/stiffness around the neck, shoulder and facial areas. It is also known to promote alertness and vitality in its subjects.

Massaging the back, shoulders, head and neck relaxes and soothes sore and tense muscles, reducing fatigue and greatly improving circulation. This type of massage is deeply relaxing and helps balance the bodies energy flow.

How is the therapy performed?

It is usually performed with soothing oils to help maximise the benefits and to aid the reduction of stress, most commonly used are:

  1. Almond Oil – whose beneficial properties include reducing aches, pains and stiffness, and generally promoting healthy hair.
  2. Coconut Oil – this is good for moisturising the skin and encouraging hair growth. It also balances the body.
  3. Mustard Oil – like almond oil it is useful for relieving aches, pains and stiffness. It can be used to reduce swelling and is also good for purifying the blood by opening the pores.
  4. Olive Oil – has very similar properties to mustard oil but without the pungent smell.
  5. Sesame Oil – this is probably the most commonly used oil. It can be used to relieve aches, pains and stiffness but is also said to benefit hair growth and reduce greying while promoting a natural shine.

In addition to the oils above, a blend of essential oils may also be applied to the scalp. The most popular of which are Lavender and Rosemary. Lavender is used for its calming relaxing effect, while Rosemary, which also helps relieve aches and stress, gives an uplifting feeling and sense of being energised.

One of the advantages of this treatment is that it can be performed while the subject is fully clothed and in a seated position.

© Brian Lynn, 2000

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