June 26, 2003

Crystals – Cleansing Crystals

It is important that you cleanse your crystals as they can pick up and absorb negative energies. This may be because they have been handled by lots of different people, some of which may have been ill. They may have been misused or mistreated. They could also have come from a negative environment. So we always suggest that you cleanse your crystals once they initially come into your possession.

When else should I cleanse my crystals?

  • Before using your crystal and after you have used it (especially if you have meditated with it or used it as an Agony Aunt!)
  • When you wonder if it needs cleansing
  • When it looks or feels dirty or sticky
  • If others have handled it and you feel it has picked up some unwanted energy
  • If you have gone through a major change

How do I cleanse them?
There are loads of ways in which you can cleanse your crystals. Some crystals will prefer certain methods to others. The most important thing is to find a method you’re comfortable with and that the intention of what you are doing is to cleanse the crystal. The most obvious way to cleanse a crystal is to physically wash it either in a stream or under the tap or by placing it in a container of water. However, some crystals really don’t like this method, like malachite, due to its copper content, will go dull. Calcite will dissolve as it so soft and some are even toxic when placed in water. So here are a few other safe methods of cleansing your crystals:-

  • Breathing positive energy into your crystal
  • Holding it in the smoke of an incense stick
  • Placing it on a bed/cluster of another crystal, which has been dedicated for the purpose of cleansing (eg. Amethyst or Clear Quartz)
  • Place it in a bowl of pot pourri
  • Putting sound through it, ie bells, voice, singing bowls, drums, tuning forks etc..
  • Placing it on a coloured silk that you feel is a cleansing colour
  • Holding it over the light of a candle flame (not so close that you burn yourself)
  • Channelling light or colour into it
  • Placing it in a pattern of other crystals (in a pyramid is also good)
  • Burying it in the ground or a plant pot (don’t be surprised if you can’t find it again!)
  • Placing on the windowsill in the moonlight. Lots of crystals like the sunlight as well, but be careful not to leave too long as they may go dull. Also take care with clear quartz as you don’t want to start a fire!
  • Wafting air over it with a feather
  • Placing it in a bowl of brown rice (and throw the rice away afterwards)
  • Putting the crystal among some herbs, flowers or plants.

Again, as with choosing crystals, a very good rule to follow as far as cleansing is concerned is to use your intuition. Do what feels right for you and what you feel your crystal will be happy with and if in doubt about one method, don’t do it, and try something else. At the end of the day if you love your crystals and are working with them with the right intent, you won’t go far wrong. Enjoy them!

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