Connections with Spirit

For nearly half my life I have either had a fascination for crystals or I have worked with them in some way. In my lifetime I have done many jobs. I have worked for Court Bailiffs; Estate Agent receptionist; Eon Productions (James bond film makers) and I’ve been an author. Yet the pull for holistic work was always much stronger and quite often I became discontented with my life.

Something was missing.

It is very unfortunate that Crystal Healing has been debunked as new age madness, all because science cannot prove why or how they work. Sometimes you need to leave the rational scientific mind behind, because it often holds you back from discovering something miraculous.

It can be ‘labelled’ as pseudoscience or a placebo as much as a person cares to say it, but the evidence that crystals do work on the body for healing, is marked over hundreds of years. At the end of the day, the human body is crystalline in nature, so it stands to reason the body will respond to crystals from the earth. Evidence shows us that if we cut open a gallstone, we can see it has a crystal structure and urine crystallises when dried out.

Ancient Egyptians were mining crystals for their beauty and therapeutic value long before even Tutankhamun was around. They believed that gemstones protect their health and spiritual wellbeing. Lapis lazuli was crushed and painted around the eyes to ward off eye infections. Malachite was thought to heal at a cellular level and is often found in artefacts. This civilisation recognised that gemstones had a deep spiritual value and worked on the mind, body and spirit.

In today’s modern world of science and technology, Crystal Therapists are either mocked or just ignored by most of the medical world. Yet we still persevere and push forward with these gifts of the earth, because ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Therefore, if we keep pushing something will eventually give. I have done many crystal courses over the years, but the best teacher for me was an elderly lady whom I shadowed for 20 years. Her crystal knowledge was passed down to her through her family, and this lady showed me a whole new world where crystal healing did amazing things.

When I moved to Kent 14 years ago I set up Connections with Spirit as a small part time interest. I offered crystal healing to the odd person who may have been interested. I began making gemstone jewellery, which I believe has a huge therapeutic value when worn, and I did spiritual readings off and on. But spirit had a plan for me. Now Connections with Spirit is a thriving holistic business with clinics in Tenterden and Ashford, Kent. I teach Accredited Crystal Healing Practitioners courses, along with many other courses, and it really makes me smile when I see the look on the new students faces when they first see for themselves how crystals interact and work on the body. Throughout my business work I am guided by spirit. When I wake up with a workshop idea, I apply it and it is always a success. Spirit have a way of bringing likeminded people together which cannot be ignored!

One breakthrough I have had this year is from a client’s back surgeon. For a few years we have been keeping her back stable with crystal healing as she does not want to have an operation on it. He said to her this year “I don’t know how your therapist does it, but tell her to keep up the good work.” What an accolade! I was so pleased. Of course, we must remember that any holistic work MUST run alongside conventional medicine. NEVER instead of it. We are not doctors and we rely on them to know how to treat a client.

When learning crystal healing I strongly suggest that you look for accredited courses which go into the science of the crystals as well as the healing. There are so many courses on offer now which are scarily inaccurate. Research your facilitator. See if they run a business and actually do crystal healing themselves. Chat to others who have been on the courses. Then you will find the right one for you. Enjoy the amazing journey!

Margaret West
Margaret West © 7 Nov 2017
Holistic Therapist/ Accredited course Facilitator