November 13, 2017

Do you suffer from FMS (Full moon syndrome)?

I was compelled to put this together today as this coming full moon is already making its presence felt. I have noticed many others being quite intensely emotionally affected by this energy and slipping somewhat into a learned response to the icky FMS (full moon syndrome) mode. (My own label for this moon phase)

I liken it a bit like pre menstrual syndrome except triggered by the influence of the impending full moon. We encounter full moon energy every 28 days and some cycles it affects us more than others. This full moon accompanied by the thin veils of Samhain is proving to be particularly potent.

This time of year is always a bit of a shift from the outward energies of spring and summer to the inward shift of autumn and winter. In autumn we begin to shed and let go what we don’t need. We begin preparation for what we do need, allowing our visions to be “conceived” in winter. With careful nurturing in winter they can grow and surface when the energies become our outward focus once more in spring.

This letting go process along with the more inwardly focussed energy can promote feelings similar to sadness. This is dependent on how we sense our energy lowering and what it brings to the surface for us. These feelings can be all be heightened when full moon energies challenge us.

Although this cycle is proving quite intense, full moon energies can be difficult at the best of times for some people. Its effects can be mild and unnoticeable to extreme. When extreme we can begin to feel there is something “wrong” with us. We can become exhausted and life feels like an emotional rollercoaster that we can’t seem to get off.

I have worked in the Mental Health sector and am acutely aware of the full moons affect on those already experiencing sensory or emotional overload.
Being an emotional empath and an Emotional Wellbeing consultant I work in the field of helping others to understand and make friends with their sensitive nature I see so many of us affected and struggling with this energy.

The moon affects the tides of the world with its magnetic pull. Our bodies are a high proportion of water (around 60%) so it is understandable that the moon influences our “waters” and “tides” too.

Emotions are technically energy in motion - like thoughts we have a constant stream of emotions flowing through us effortlessly every day. A bit like flicking through the TV channels or surfing the internet it is only the ones that we pause and interact with that have any conscious effect on us.
When we focus on a specific emotion, or more accurately focus on the thoughts that bring our awareness of that emotion. We are stopping the flow and stopping the energy in its tracks. This is when we begin to feel the physical effect of the emotion. Anxiety might produce a knot in the tummy, Sadness a feeling of heaviness in the heart area, I’m sure you get the picture. When we let the focus go, the tension and build up of energy is released no matter if it is physical, mental or emotional.

The full moon energy affects the flow of water (that links to emotions) on a greater or lesser degree depending on several factors. Its proximity to the earth and our state of emotional balance at the time are only two of those factors.

The moon pulls the energy within us like tides and it is this building of energy almost to breaking point that can leave us wondering what the heck hit us. That’s when FMS at its most intense.

We all react to the moon on a cellular level but we don’t have to allow the reaction to manifest on an emotional or physical level. We may well need to alter how or what we do around this time but with awareness we don’t need to become the victim of energetic circumstance.

When we bring awareness to the fore we bring a valuable tool to the table and one that allows us to discern just what is going on for us. It may well be that we don’t fully understand but the awareness that something has been triggered allows us to follow the trail. When we are aware that we have been triggered we can then choose more effectively how we respond to this trigger.

Without awareness we would probably have been propelled straight into a knee jerk reaction that was little if anything to do with what was actually presenting to us in the now. Often these knee jerk reactions were costly for us too. Over reaction tends not to be positive or well thought out. If they put us into defence mode it can cause all sorts of complications that aren’t so easily remedied.

With awareness we can check into what is happening and make sure that we don’t compromise our integrity, burn bridges or lose out on valuable opportunities.

Awareness brings the key that allows us to know which doors are best locked at this time and what is best postponed till a more energetically conducive time. This doesn’t mean we come to a standstill it means that we prioritise and accept that there are limitations and within the limitations we can be as productive as we need to be. Also holding fast to the truth that this will pass and we will soon be up and running at optimum speed in a few days is helpful.

My chosen area to support my healing is vibrational medicine and I work generally with Flower, Gem and other vibrational essences for support. The essence I like to work with at full moon is Selenite – I find it is gentle and illuminates from within so that I can stay clear on my core energy and take steps to rectify things if I feel I’m having a wobble. My cellular energy may be affected but my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can hold space for any necessary fluctuations and Selenite is a great essence to facilitate this partnership.

We are not broken, we don’t need fixing. We merely need awareness and the space to flow in harmony with the tides of the moon.

Wishing you a smooth and illuminated Full Moon.

© Sally Arthurs, 2017

About Sally
I work with sensitive and emotionally overwhelmed people, helping them to find ways to feel empowered, focussed and able to enjoy life even when challenged. I also have a keen interest in supporting parents of highly sensitive and autistic spectrum children. I understand the emotional overwhelm that can bring.

Taking vibrational essences are an integral part of my life and exploring what I need and what essences, can help me bring clarity to my life. They give me the choice of staying in control of how I feel and how I react. It is very empowering to be able to choose to go forward in a way that is positive and good for you. Be supported by Natures precious gifts ~ find out how Flower, Gem & Vibrational Essences can help you on your path to emotional wellbeing.