September 23, 2011

Eleven-Eleven Again

Whilst a few catch on straight away, as to why they’re repeatedly bombarded by the continuous appearance of 11:11, many have remained bewitched, bothered and bewildered by it all. Although I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I’m absolutely convinced that the nagging appearance of 11:11 that’s placed before “eleveners” in an infinite number of ways, is definitely a pre-programmed wake-up call. In other words, it looks like we’ve set the alarm for 11:11 ourselves before we incarnated this time around. The mere fact that these numbers are being constantly manipulated in order to seek our attention, should go a long way towards convincing many of you that other realities exist. In truth we are spiritual beings experiencing physical form, and it’s our spiritual consciousness that’s being continuously addressed. Whilst we’re held within this dense physical plain, we all struggle at times to try to remember who we really are, and for what life’s purpose we serve … for many though, simply being on the receiving end of an endless supply of 11:11 wake-up calls should act as a positive reminder.

With so many thousands worldwide now being subjected to all this, the question that needs answering now is “Why was this alarm set?” … And what’s so special about 11:11? Well believe it or not the symbolism of eleven in itself helps to provide some of the answers, as I’m about to reveal.

Eleven for aeons has been known as the number of enlightenment … in fact a gateway to enlightenment that’s often seen symbolically represented by twin pillars erected on either side of an entrance to ancient mystery temples (figure 1).

Eleven Eleven: The Temple Diagram

Figure 1. The Temple

Looking very much like the figure eleven, Freemasons regard the left hand pillar (Boaz) as representing strength, whilst the right hand pillar (Jachin) is set up to establish righteousness … so figuratively we find eleven possesses a dual characteristic, for strength plus established righteousness equals stability.

Beyond the gateway (see again figure 1), we find ourselves stepping onto the floor of a Templar church, a Gothic cathedral or a Masonic lodge that consists of alternative black and white tiles. Symbolically, all that stand upon the chequered pavement have intimate contact with the physical, for in being the ground floor it’s regarded as the level playing field, surrounded by all that’s black and white … negative/positive … active/passive … etc. Characteristically the black and white tiles fit together to form an integrated whole … a symbol of duality creating balance and because eleven symbolises duality, the colours it’s known to associate with are always black and white.

As mentioned in a previous article, eleven is a master number positioned at the beginning of a master sequence of numbers. Eleven and each alternate eleven in the series are considered “as above” numbers that are more spiritual in nature, whereas the rest are regarded as “so below” numbers, reflecting the physical plane (figure 2).

Eleven Eleven: Above And Below Diagram

Figure 2. Above And Below

Throughout our experience here though, we understand duality to be an alternation of extremes. This loses sight of its much higher truth in that duality is considered on higher planes as being purely an expression of eternal cycles created by rhythm and harmony.

As to why eleven as 11:11 should appear twice … well there are several reasons for that, one being obviously that by repeating itself eleven is emphasising its duality. Importantly eleven must never be thought of as having only one meaning, for eleven is black as well as white. This helps to explain why the ancients often feared eleven, because enlightenment meant change. This usually meant mass upheaval whilst the old order was being swept aside … a situation we’re encountering right now as the 11:11 experience, during our eleventh hour.

Our world is rapidly changing with many changes occurring in an infinite number of ways. Working within duality, eleven can often play a very negative role with one such example being the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centre. Eleven appeared everywhere … in the flight numbers, in the number of people on board etc etc, in fact in so many ways, that it simply couldn’t be put down to mere coincidence. Even the twin towers, which side by side looked like eleven, were hit twice! Once you distance yourself from all the emotion that surrounded those terrible events, it soon becomes clear that here was a global wakeup call – big time! Although the response, fuelled by media overkill, inevitably proved to be just as negative, let me assure you that when you learn to view such an event as having a dual outcome, you’ll also find its positive side. Worldwide it’s all helped to trigger the inevitable shift in consciousness that’s about to surface. Massive change is imminent, for these are the “end-times”. Much will predictably worsen until an inevitable cut-off point, long referred to as the transition into super-consciousness. Literally, we shall “lighten up” as we shift from the dense realities of the third dimension, into the “enlightened” consciousness of the fifth. Whilst continuously receiving their wakeup calls, “eleveners” are incarnating at this time in order to help others through this transition – it’s as simple as that!

It’s quite common for many exposed to elevens to question “Why me? – I’m just ordinary, why is this happening to me?” – Why shouldn’t it happen to you? … Can you think of a reason why you shouldn’t be on the receiving end? What’s important to realise here though, is that it’s just not you … for in truth we’re not just dealing with individual callings, but experiencing and witnessing something that’s truly remarkable … a worldwide spiritual awakening.

The symbolism of 11:11 was highly revered by the ancients. Priests and initiates into Mystery Schools learnt of an eleven that’s found within 11:11. (figure 3). Simply put, eleven is the number of enlightenment, and enlightenment comes from within … Working in harmony with the divine plan, our path through evolution eventually leads us to become enlightened beings. The lessons learnt throughout many lifetimes that are essential to our development, are obtained through the vibrational rhythm of numbers. “All is number” according to Pythagoras, and although we’re little aware of it, numbers are a major influence in our lives. Those now responding to the master numbers of 11 and 22, have reached the higher state of their evolution, which is often referred to as the “Christ consciousness within” (aka “The eleven within”). Interestingly, the number total of the name Jesus in numerology adds to 11 … and isn’t through Him that many found enlightenment?

Eleven Eleven: Eleven Within Diagram

Figure 3. Eleven Within

Trying to ignore the 11:11 experience really isn’t an option. There’s really nothing to fear by being singled out as an “elevener”, so why fight it? To be an elevener is to be a “light-worker” … an enlightener with a choice of many pathways upon many levels. You have literally triggered yourself into seeking your spiritual self – that’s what this is all about!

As for myself, I am a crop circle researcher who continuously works to pass on their valuable teachings. Crop circles are simply enlighteners that are heralding the changes throughout these end times. Often employing eleven and its derivatives in a multiple of ways within their geometry and form, crop circles are the language of the light from the light. Symbolism is a universal language and as such can be understood by anyone worldwide. With many formations being ancient symbols, they encode a mass of information ready for us to interpret … Make no mistake about it – they’re talking to us! To give you an example. Take a look at the design that appeared beside Windmill Hill near Avebury in Wiltshire, during the summer of ’99 (figure 4).

Eleven Eleven: Windmill Hill Crop Circle Diagram

Figure. 4 Windmill Hill 2000

Held within a circle, we find a 13 x 13 chequered floorlay that amazingly appears to project skyward! Whilst 11 is symbolised by the black and white tiles, the number 13 in numerological terms indicates transformation. So here we find, perfectly symbolised in the grain, the imminent dimensional shift! Within its 3-dimensional symbolism we’re also viewing the Great Pyramid as you would from above, for as you can see, the largest square indicates the missing capstone. The Great Pyramid is of such prophetic significance that clearly written numerically and symbolically within its geometric structure is the prophesised return of the Christ Consciousness.

With crop circles apparently mentioned in the Old Testament “as the signs we shall witness on the Earth below”, they are now well complemented by the other half of the prophesy which also foretold of “the signs we shall see written in the sky above”. I think you’ll agree that we have never at any moment in time seen so many planetary alignments and cosmic collaborations as we’re witnessing now. Amazingly, many of these events have thrown 11 and 11:11 into the equation. Passed unnoticed by many, they would have had the ancients down on their hands and knees in awe! Consider the events that took place during 1996 within the constellation Perseus, which I first found mentioned in Bonnie Gaunt’s intriguing book “The Stones and the Scarlet Thread”. †

Perseus was a warrior, and he’s clearly viewed in the constellation as wielding a sword and lauding it victoriously above, whilst clutching the severed head of his enemy in his other hand below. Symbolising the light overpowering the dark, one of the brightest stars Algol is found within the severed head. Positioned precisely over the star on April 11th 1996 was the comet Hyakutake, but can you believe that exactly a year later, on April 11th 1997, comet Hale-Bop was also placed precisely over Algol! But that’s not all, for the paths taken by the comets were at right angles to each other, and is so doing, formed a perfect cross on the forehead of the severed head! Could it be that here we had witnessed the fulfilment of an age-old prophecy within this sign, that foretold of the forgiveness of sins upon the imminent return of the Christ Consciousness? Obviously this particular sign wasn’t completed until the second event was realised. Knowing that the “Guy from Galilee” worked with 11, did the second phase that completed the sign on the 11th indicate the Second Coming? … Eleven twice? Look also at the date when the sign was completed – the 11th of the 4th month 1997. Adding fadically that’s 11 + 4 = 15 plus 1997 = 2012 – doesn’t that ring a few bells?

How can anyone put all this down to coincidence? I’m absolutely convinced that we’re witnessing major fulfilment of end time prophecies that have long been prophesised by the ancients worldwide. All that it takes to cure humanity’s ills is a shift in consciousness and that’s what’s meant by enlightenment. Everything foretold is now perfectly in place, and that’s including you and me!

Graham Tucker
(Article and diagrams © 2002)

End Notes:

† “The Stones and the Scarlet Thread” by Bonnie Gaunt confirms the authenticity of the Bible’s Number Code (Gematria). Published by Adventures Unlimited Press – ISBN 0-932813-87-9