September 15, 2011

Eleven-Eleven: The End Times

The 11:11 phenomenon that’s intrinsically linked to digital clock displays is very much about time. We’re living through a long awaited period of transition, that’s known as “The End Times” and as our reality moves towards its omega point, most people will agree that time nowadays appears to be speeding up – which it is! Time is literally collapsing, and as incredible as that may seem to some of you, the term “End Times” means quite simply the end of time.

Haven’t you noticed how time appears to pass quicker each year? We are now entering a higher dimensional aspect of our planet, and whilst you would never see this in the hands of a clock moving any faster – you can readily sense “Cosmic Time” speeding up. many have talked about these changes in different ways, with some even declaring that the 24 hour day now only equates to 16 hours … now didn’t you just know that!

Time certainly feels different now, for our world is restructuring herself. The energy of ascension is really moving fast, and with it the structure of our own bodies is altering. It’s simply has to be said that the long held prophesies of a reality change will occur because the many elements, such as the speeding up or quickening of the Earth’s pulse already exist …

Everything within creation is a vibrating energy. Whenever the speed of vibration increases, energy becomes less dense and heat is created. So look at what’s been happening to the temperature of the planet over the last few decades … we now have global warming. In all probability, this has more to do with the quickening frequency of the planetary energy field than anything else.

Through an 11:11 triggered response, information easily becomes a commodity that’s almost as important as food. As soon as you start to grow in awareness, you intuitively sense that primarily you’re a spiritual being … and along with that realisation, suddenly the fact that you pre-programmed yourself with a 11:11 reminder before you arrived here, doesn’t appear to be so far fetched!

Crop circles are also a trigger … often employing eleven in their measure, these profound wake-up calls are literally a physical manifestation of spiritual consciousness. They profoundly announce with elegant and intricate beauty, “the paradigm shift is upon you”! Acting as heralds, they’ve long been working in our recycled fields to achieve the forthcoming harvest. Each and every transmission carries a message and what has to be understood is that these cosmic imprints have an incredible power to transform. One important messenger arrived in oil seed rape at West Kennet Wiltshire early in ’98. It became known as “The Beltane Wheel”. (figure 1)

End Times

Figure 1.

Consisting of 33 tongues of flame, this ancient symbology embodies “Blazing Fire of Bales” or “Bale Fire” that referenced the old Celtic festival of Beltane. Beginning on May 1st of each year, the Beltane Festival was celebrated right throughout the month. The first half of the Celtic year though began in November and was known as “Entering the Dark” … wintertime, with its short-lived days. The second half of the year began in May at Beltane, and was known as “Entering the Light”. At Beltane, fires were prepared on hilltops using sacred wood. They were lit just before dawn, and symbolically were a celebration of leaving the dark and entering the light.

The Beltane Wheel was found lying opposite Silbury Hill, early on the morning of the 4th May. This was a fascinating formation, and one you couldn’t fail to notice with its yellow flower heads as flames. It appeared in a field that’s been overlooked by the West Kennet Longbarrow, for the past 5700 years or so. Often attracting formations within its environs, the Kennet Longbarrow is the largest barrow in England, and the ground plan of its chambers resembles a pregnant squatting goddess. The principle function of the barrow was to provide a womb, in which the dead could be reborn. With its message of entering the light, the Beltane Wheel perfectly echoed rebirth. Being springtime, there’s evidence of renewal everywhere, for suddenly meadows become alive with flora celebrating new life.

The construction of the Beltane Wheel is quite complex. Although it appears to have no circular components (that’s to say beyond its structure as a ring) it’s in fact made up of many overlapping rings.

33 is a sacred number, for it evokes “The Christ Consciousness” … eternally giving light, the 33 flames of the Beltane Wheel represents Christ’s earthly years. 33 is derived from 3 and 11, and simply by employing these numbers we find that we can easily unlock what’s encoded here.

End Times 2

Figure 2.

First of all, if we slice the inner circle pizza fashion into three we can then go on to divide the lower segment into eleven pieces. (figure 2) Next by drawing a triangle we can instantly produce another three triangles that create a three dimensional effect. (figure 3) What we’ve actually created here though is a pyramid, which in being a temple of enlightenment, symbolically pours out “the light” of enlightenment, as we enter along our chosen pathway towards a new reality.

End Times 3

Figure 3.

At this very moment in time, the Earth is slowly entering and journeying through a band of light particles known as photons – collectively “The Photon Belt”. With our entry into this belt, we are literally entering “The Light”. (figure 4) For many thousands of years man’s consciousness has been in the dark and now we are reawakening into the light … the very message of Beltane, and that which we find encoded in the Beltane Wheel.

End Times 4

Figure 4.

As the veil that separates us from higher realms becomes thinner, we are able to absorb more spiritual energy. As this energy is consumed, negativity becomes a waste product. Eleveners along with many others that are soaking up this light, should be aware that as the veil lifts the light will intensify, with the result that the dark will literally become darker. Right now the so-called dark and negative are in panic… it’s all around us I’m afraid. All of this though is nothing to be fearful about, for in the forthcoming new age of enlightenment we’re heading far beyond a fear-based reality.

Before you incarnated here, you were subjected to a process that laid out the contract governing this lifetime. In it you established the way you wished to imprint yourself upon this physical reality. Through the 11:11 experience you’ve literally been triggered into remembering this connection. This trigger is an amazing integration of spirit with physicality, which briefly allows you to glimpse the full sense of your being.

11:11 is a vibration that’s awakening a network. 11:11 is a vibration that switches on the grid consciousness and selects those for whom are pre-destined to follow this path, for there are many in service as well as in lesson. With 11:11 appearing so frequently, it’s never long before you find yourself mentioning it to others. In so doing you’ll often find that those you’ve mentioned it to, get back to you at a later date and can’t wait to tell you that they’re now having the same experience. Well folks, you’ve awakened them! … for there’s a multiplying factor here that’s now being recognised as a part of all this.

People from all walks of life experience this phenomenon, right across the board. Pre-encoded with their own personal life mission, eleveners are awakening as the Christ Consciousness. Christianity and Islam both teach that Christ will return at the end of days, and whilst that’s still possible in the flesh, it’s far more likely that the Second Coming should be regarded as a collective consciousness shift en-masse.

Before “The Guy from Galilee” began His ministry, it was the Baptist who foretold of His coming. John immersed Christ symbolically into the waters of enlightenment, for he was the Water Bearer who was pre-destined to announce the physical coming. It’s now Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac that spiritually pours out the waters of enlightenment that’s announcing the Second Coming. At long last “The Christ Consciousness” is being announced, as we ourselves become baptised as we become fully immersed in the Light. This is the long-awaited transition into Superconsciousness that’ll reawaken our spiritual faculties … finally it seems, we shall see ourselves for what we really are – spiritual beings!

Graham Tucker
(Article and diagrams © 2003)