September 28, 2011


It seemed to occur all the time, no matter where I was, or what I was doing … I would look up at the clock, the VCR, the microwave or anything that had a digital readout, and there it was – 11:11. Without ever knowingly looking out for this number, how could this be happening?

The importance of eleven is never in doubt, for it’s considered a master number poised right at the beginning of a master sequence of numbers, which runs from 11 to 77. To the ancients, eleven was highly revered as a number of enlightenment, a gateway to accessing, or contact with, higher dimensions.

Rather fancifully, eleven can be drawn as two columns and with the addition of a triangle, (that symbolises the Trinity and acts as a roof), we find we can diagrammatically construct a temple – a place of enlightenment (fig. 1). (Amazingly this is achieved by using eleven lines!)

Eleven-Eleven: Temple Diagram

On a personal level the number eleven has featured in my life in quite an extraordinary way since the early eighties. During that era I purchased a digital clock and it seemed quite amusing at the time that I would frequently return from an evening out, glance at the clock and find it invariably reading 11:11. Another time I would be slouched in my armchair thinking “I should be getting to bed soon” whilst at the same time looking at the clock which 10 times out of 11 said 11:11! All this kept repeatedly happening many times and I kept on dismissing it as pure coincidence. Becoming the butt of many a joke if I was to mention it, I found myself laughing about it all anyway!

Dinner was in the microwave “How much longer?” … 11:11, 11:10 11:09 …

“My 11 o’clock client’s late, what’s the time? … er it’s just gone 10 past 11.”

Another odd thing, sometimes I would find myself looking at 11:11 as if hypnotised. 11:11 remaining there for what seemed longer than it should. Was I going mad? For this all seemed so stupid! Sometimes a month or two would go by and the 11:11 thing wouldn’t happen … It would simply go away, only to make a swift return when least expected, with 11:11 appearing in as many guises as possible.

One day on my way to work, my watch stopped for no apparent reason. It stopped at 11 minutes past 8, with the second hand frozen at the 11th digit. Anyway I shook it a bit, adjusted the time and it seemed OK. That was until a few days later when it stopped again at 5 (read 11) to 2, with the second hand stuck on the 11th minute digit again. (And all this happened whilst I’m at a checkout paying for groceries totalling £8.89, with a £20 note and receiving £11.11 in change!)

Anyway, I’ve no wish to keep labouring this too much for I’m sure you have got the gist of all this by now. There have been a couple of times though, that as far as I’m concerned, I’ll always remember for the involvement of 11:11.

One such occasion was at the recent solar eclipse, which took place on the 11th August ’99 at 11 minutes past 11. It’s important to remember though that this was Cornwall timing for totality, and I was in Wiltshire at the time. Along with my wife and a few friends we attended a gathering at Adam’s Grave, overlooking East Field (a famous location, known to ‘croppies’, that’s received some amazing crop formations over the years).

Somehow all that morning, prior to that event, I felt strangely apprehensive. Maybe all this eleven stuff was finally getting to me, after all here I was on the 11th in ’99, born in ’44 and now aged 55, waiting for an eclipse that was about to start at 11 minutes past 11! As we stood there, there were so many clouds around that we only caught fleeting glimpses of what was occurring now and again. But then amazingly, we had a 30 second window at exactly 11:11. My anxiety turned to elation, for it was almost as if it was just for me. After that moment the sun never reappeared and I can remember jokingly thinking at the time that if someone was really trying to tell me something, this was it, big time!

By this time though, I was already beginning to draw conclusions that somehow I was being personally addressed, rather than merely being subjected to a string of coincidences. Three days after the eclipse, I was to find some sort of confirmation of all this as I stared at my computer screen. Surfing the net, via links via links, I finally clicked on Joe Mason’s site at . I couldn’t recall having been there before and it seemed quite interesting, especially as I found myself browsing through an article concerning the eclipse and its relationship to 11:11. A few more clicks and then I was into a section titled ‘Coincidences and Eleven’, and I simply couldn’t believe what I had stumbled upon, for its contents were totally unexpected. Here I found letter postings by thousands worldwide, who were also experiencing 11:11! Suddenly a realisation washed over me that it wasn’t just me after all. After I’d picked myself up off the floor, I found many more 11:11 sites and I slowly began to realise just how big this phenomenon is.

So what did I learn from all this? Well basically it seems that a theory exists that before we arrived here, a few of us programmed in a wake-up call! A master number of enlightenment we would recognise and respond to. A wake up call for ‘Lightworkers’ here to help with forthcoming Earth changes.

Are there any other explanations? Well, yes there are, but after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that what I’ve just explained to you in a nutshell is the most likely. After all, isn’t it the crop circles that are awakening our spiritual awareness during these times? … And am I not enlightening people about this? I’ve since met one or two other “eleven-eleveners”, and through some lengthy conversations, they appear to confirm what I’m saying here.

During the early nineties, which was coincidentally at a time when I first became interested in crop circles, 11 or 11:11 was clearly being written in our fields (fig. 2).

Eleven-Eleven: Elevens Diagram
At that time they were known as ‘boxes’ and a small booklet titled “Crop Circle Classification” by Pat Palgrave-Moore, records and illustrates quite a few of them. These oblong boxes also appeared within early pictogram designs (fig. 3 Chilcomb Down 1990) and as recent as ’99 they featured yet again in a “Mother of all pictograms” that came down in the renowned East Field.

Eleven-Eleven: Chilcomb Diagram

Eleven has featured numerically in formations during the past few seasons, often as its highly revered derivative 33. What we’ve never seen though, or at least until season 2000, were formations featuring eleven-fold geometry … So trust the first ever to land in what’s known locally as ‘Crop Circle Alley’ near Beckhampton on 25th July, on the very day I arrived in Wiltshire! (Oh, no not me again!) After having spent five hectic days, going round in circles, I went home. I returned again on 6th August, the very day that the second eleven-fold came down at Cherhill Field … the day it dawned on me that eleven had arrived twice!

Graham Tucker – Medway Crop Circle
(Article and diagrams © 2000)