July 3, 2002

Crystals – Energising Crystals

The most common question I am asked about crystals is do they work? The answer has to be “Yes”, but they do need to be cleansed and charged correctly.

Because crystals store energy (and, when needed, release energy) it is important that the correct energy is stored within the crystal. Cleansing crystals is very easy and there are many different ways of doing it, here are a few to help you get the most out of your crystals:

It is said that the best form of cleansing a crystal is to wash it in a clear stream, just gently rub the crystal for a few minutes or until you are completely satisfied that all the negative energy has left the crystal. Then once you are satisfied you have removed the negative energy, remove the crystal from the stream and gently dry it, focusing on the positive (i.e. imagine what you want from the crystal, whether it be health, happiness, love, luck or even a better understanding of yourself as well as others).

This procedure can also be used with either sparkling, still or even tap water. Obviously you will receive more energy from stream water, as it is a more natural source and will possess greater energy because it comes from the Earth.

Sunlight is also said to be a good form of cleansing crystals, if a crystal is left in direct sunlight for a few hours it will charge up, working on a similar level as solar energy. Periodically hold the crystal in your hands and imagine removing the negative from within, then after you have done that a few times, repeat the procedure but this time focusing on the positive. This whole procedure can also be repeated at night, preferably when there is a full moon, using lunar energy.

All of these ways of energising a crystal can be combined for a better result, remembering that once you have removed the negative energy and then positively charged the crystal using the water method you can just leave it to collect solar and lunar energy.

Another way of charging crystals is to burn incense around them; the smoke that is emitted will purify the crystal while the scent will positively charge the crystal. This is a very good way of cleansing crystals and energising your house.

It is also said that burying them in dirt or soil will energise crystals, because that is where they originated. I can neither agree nor disagree with this method because every time I have tried, the crystals I buried have disappeared. This is probably because they have returned to the Earth (more than likely you have forgotten where you buried them – Ed.). This method does however seem very messy and once you dig them out (if you can find them! – Ed) you’ll then have to wash them anyway.

The final most common method is to purify and charge them on crystal energy; an amethyst geode is very good for doing this. If you place your crystals inside the geode and leave them there for approx. 2 hours, or as long as is convenient, they will emerge completely energised. Another crystal that is good for cleansing is the Boji Stones. If you place the stones within the centre of your crystals and leave for a few hours (or as long as possible) the crystals will be energised.

It is also possible to cleanse and charge crystals with healing energy, so if you possess the ability to be a spiritual healer just sit for a few minutes sending your healing love and removing all the negativity. It is always good to remember that on occasions you will lose, or feel the need to give your crystals away. This is the crystals’ way of telling you that you will no longer benefit from their power, or someone else will benefit more (is in greater need).

So now you know how to energize them I hope you will enjoy and experience their power to its full potential.

Love and understanding