November 11, 2017

Fear is Media BS

It's been a while since I have posted, mainly due to the summer holidays and having the time, but now we are very much back to normal, thankfully.
This morning I had a rare chance to go to the woods with our dog Stella and have a quiet, gentle stroll with her. It was a beautiful morning; the sun shining, the birds singing, a woodpecker was banging away at a tree. I tried to see him but I couldn't in the mass of pine trees. I love trees.

It was a toss-up between a walk around a lake or into the woods (with various streams for swimming). I love their energy, I always feel protected and calm in a forest.

I was the only one there this morning; and it got me thinking about fear. Nowadays it seems our whole lives are encompassed with fear. Fear of debt, failure, loss, cancer, loneliness, isolation, change, death, pain, strangers, spiders (possibly). Did we always live like this? Or is it our modern Internet age that has done this? When I was growing up, we were out all the time playing, in the woods, fields, disused quarries (which most of our parents still don't know about), oh and the village graveyard - but that's another story for a different day.

I think that we spend so much time worrying about what could go wrong that we pre-empt a lot of it. We don't shut the gate before the horse is bolted, we completely reinforce it with a 6ft fence and barbed wire. We worry about things before they happen; we are assaulted by images and bad news 24/7, gossip, judgements and hate is being published daily throughout our media and we buy into it because we think that we should be educated about current affairs.

  • But at what cost?
  • Fear stunts all types of growth.
  • Fear will clip our children's wings.
  • Fear will make you believe that you are not good enough.

How many times have you thought about starting something new, going somewhere different, doing something outside of your normal routine and you have let fear talk you out of it?

Today is a good day to take a leap of faith, ignore the scaremongers, ignore your fears, just today, silence them and try something new. Let it seep into your soul, let that spark ignite, give yourself a piece of joy. You are allowed to enjoy your life, to try new things, to be your authentic self with no modifications, no mute button, NO FEAR. Switch off the news, and do it

Mel Bevan is a Holistic Therapist based in The Cotswolds, she enjoys working with nature and all things witchy
Mel Bevan - Holistic Therapist
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