June 9, 2000

Meditation Script (Connecting with Your Spirit Guide)

If you are new to meditation it is probably worth reviewing the ‘Before you begin’ section that accompanies the Simple Meditation script.

Meditation script.

I want you to relax and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in to the count of three and out to the count of three. As you breathe in you will feel more relaxed and, as you breath out, all of your problems, troubles and thoughts of the present day will disappear.

As you start to feel more relaxed you will notice yourself becoming lighter. Your feet will become lighter than air and slowly rise up from your body. Then your legs rise up from your body. Next your body starts to float upwards and with the gentle breeze. Your head rises into the air.

You look behind you to see the room slowly disappear and your Spirit Guide standing next to your physical body. Your guide moves toward you and takes your hand. As if by magic, you start to soar upwards in to a bright red mist that wraps itself around you. The red mist turns to a brilliant orange, that slowly fades into a lovely yellow. With each passing colour you feel more and more relaxed. Then a green mist comes upon you, spiraling around you. As you continue to float upwards the green is replaced by blue. The blue drifts away and purple appears. It feels so wonderful wrapped around you that you believe you could stay there forever. But slowly it drifts away to be replaced by a violet white, the last of the Chakra colours.

When this colour fades you find yourself standing on top of a mountain with the sun light striking the clouds to produce a myriad of beautiful colours. It is so peaceful and quiet on the mountain. You feel a desire to step off and, as you take your foot from the ground, you find yourself transformed into a bird, soaring through the clouds. You drift aimlessly through the air. You notice a group of people below. You are intrigued, so you swoop down. As you draw near the ground, you find your legs have returned. You are welcomed into the group and recognise a friend, I will leave you to chat for a while (leave about 1 minute).

It’s time to leave, so you say goodbye and your friend gives you a present. You thank them and turn to leave when your Guide asks you to walk with them for a while. They take you to a crystal pool and tell you to go for a swim. As you enter the pool you feel relaxed and all your cares and worries float away. After a while you feel refreshed and more aware of your surroundings. You notice that colours and objects look brighter and more alive. I will leave you for a moment. Spend some time enjoying your surroundings (approx. 2 minutes).

Your Guide appears and tells you it is time to leave. As you go to exit the pool you notice an object by your feet. You bend down to pick it up and ask your Guide where it came from. Your Guide replies it was left for you. Make a note of what it is. As you leave the pool a beautiful violet mist sweeps in around you. Then it slowly changes to purple. As you walk on, the purple turns to blue. Then, slowly to green. As you continue walking the mist turns yellow. Then to an orange and finally to a beautiful deep red. As this last colour disappears, you feel aware of your surroundings again. You can feel your feet on the floor and the chair firmly at your back. When you feel comfortable and ready slowly, open your eyes.

© Brian Lynn, 2000