April 9, 2000

Meditation Script (Simple)

Before you begin.

This is a simple meditation that anyone can try. Before a Spiritual Meditation protection should be asked for. This could be in many forms from the Lord’s Prayer to something of your own design (e.g. ‘I come in search of the righteous light, for within your light I know no harm can come to me.’). We do this as a precaution because while most spirits work with the highest intent there are a few that are obviously confused or too eager to communicate. The link they form with your aura can be too powerful and occasionally this can cause difficulties.

At the end of the meditation, we will close the Chakras (this forms an integral part of the meditation).

For greatest effect you should try to visualise the ‘Light of Love and Protection’ surrounding you as you are saying your prayer, some people will find this harder to do than others but it is worthwhile developing this ability. If you are struggling, try sitting with an object in front of you (a candle is good), then close your eyes. Now try to keep ‘seeing’ the object. Practicing this for 5 to 20 minutes a day is a good technique for improving visualisation in a very short space of time.

Meditation is a great release from the worries and troubles of modern life. It will give you clarity of mind and, quite often, answers to problems will surface with the help of Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides are like the narrator of a play, and will help wherever possible. You may not be able to see them but you will feel their presence.

It is advisable to eat after meditation and drink plenty of water to ‘ground’ yourself.

It is a good idea to record the meditation script on tape first, so you can play it back, listening and following the words in a totally relaxed state. When recording, speak slowly and clearly and try to keep an even tone. Make sure you leave a pause between sentences, so that when you are performing the meditation you give yourself the chance to visualise the scene transitions being described.

Set the scene with low lights /candles and soft music. Make sure you will not be disturbed – this is your time.

A simple meditation script.

Start to feel your body relaxing. It is a comfortable feeling. Your back supported by the chair. Your feet touching the floor. Your arms relaxed in your lap. Now focus your attention to your breathing notice how steady and relaxed it is. It is like a steady beat. First in, then out. As you breathe in, see a beautiful white energy filling your lungs. As you breathe out, see your troubles, worries and problems exit your body in a black cloud.

Breathe in the white, and out the black. Keeping that same steady beat.

Your legs are feeling lighter and a beautiful red mist engulfs you. The chair beneath you no longer seems so real. The mist is changing to orange. You feel as if you have butterflies in your stomach. The orange turns to yellow. You notice your chest where you were breathing in the white and out the black, it has changed to green. You feel the colour moving up, as it reaches your neck it changes to blue.

You are being drawn to a point at the centre of your forehead, which is a beautiful purple. It slowly disappears to be replaced by a violet/white light which covers you from top to bottom. You feel yourself standing and see yourself moving through a door that’s in front of you and find yourself in a corridor. You are moving through a second door and as you exit you feel the grass beneath your feet.

You see the vibrant greens, yellows and reds of the plants. You see a group of trees ahead of you and you start to walk towards them. You notice animals in the fields and in the trees. When you reach the trees you turn to look at the beautiful colours you have just walked through. I will leave you here for a while (when taping leave about a minutes pause). It is time for you to enter the woods. Watch the animals scurrying around you.

You continue walking until you notice a clearing. Here, there is a beautiful waterfall cascading in to a crystal pool. You stop and feel the water. It is warm, so you dive in and as you swim around all you cares drift away carried by the gentle waters. Aches and pains are fading away to nothing. I will leave you here for a while to swim in the beautiful warm waters (allow a two minute pause).

As you leave the pool and walk back through the woods to the door you feel a sense of relief. You feel invigorated, happy and at peace.

As you pass through the door and walk slowly along the corridor, a mist of violet/white envelopes you and slowly fades in to purple. This then changes to blue and a sense of healing comes over you. Then green, which changes to yellow. You’re amazed at the brightness even as it fades to reveal orange.

You are slowly becoming aware of your physical body. Your hands are in your lap and your feet are firmly on the floor. As you enter the red you find yourself back in your room with the chair solid and comfortable beneath you. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

© Brian Lynn, 2000