July 9, 2000

Meditation Script (Intermediate)

If you are new to meditation it is probably worth reviewing the ‘Before you begin’ section that accompanies the Simple Meditation script.

Meditation script.

If you can just sit and relax and focus on your breathing. Slowly focus on any problems you may have, one at a time, and, when each one is fully in your mind, place it in a box. As each one enters the box it will disappear from your mind. When you have placed all your problems in this box, close the lid. Once the lid is shut tight, the box will start to shrink. When you can hold the box in your hand, throw it as far away as you possibly can.

After the meditation when you open your box of troubles, they will be far less of a problem than they were before and you will find them easy to deal with.

As you take a few more deep breaths, you slowly start to feel your feet lifting, followed by your legs. It is a nice warm sensation. Then, your hips become light and your stomach starts to lift. It is the most pleasant of feelings. Slowly, your chest starts lifting, then, your head, with a surge of energy, is lifted from your body. You find yourself floating in the room. You turn to see your physical body sat comfortable in the chair. As you are looking at yourself you feel a presence behind you. It is your guide. They tell you they will take you somewhere very special. As the words leave their mouth, a white light appears in front of you. Your guide takes your hand and starts to walk with you into the light. As you enter, a brilliant staircase appears in front of you. A rush of calming energy washes over you. (PAUSE HERE FOR A MINUTE OR TWO)

As you start to walk up the stairs you notice how little effort is needed. As you walk up the stairs you notice a change of colour to a beautiful red. As you proceed to the next step, the colour changes to lead you into a wash of orange. With the next step you enter into yellow, take a few seconds to breath in this beautiful yellow before you move on into the next colour. Then allow the colour green to move over the yellow. With the next step it changes into blue, which moves over your body. Again take time to breathe in this beautiful colour. Watch the colour wash over your body, once you have done this you are ready to move to purple, and then, finally into the white light that you can see at the top of the staircase. When you reach the top of the staircase there is a door in front of you. As you draw nearer to the door you feel the warm loving energy coming from within. As you open the door and step inside, you are standing in a hall with just two colours. Make a note of these beautiful colours. As you move down the hall you start to see the other colours mixing with the ones you’ve got. Flowers start to blossom on the wall as you walk by, try to remember what flowers you can see. You then step outside and into a garden with a waterfall feature in the middle. Take your time getting there and spend sometime looking around. As you reach the pool take a look into the water. It’s not like any water you have seen before. As you stare deeper your reflection fades to be replaced by that of an animal. The animal looks straight at you. As he does so, you become aware of again looking at yourself and you realize that you are within the animal. You feel its heart beating. Its breath. The power within its muscles. You feel the urge to run. It is here I will leave you to explore the power and the energy for a while. (PAUSE FOR ABOUT 2 MINUTES)

As you slow down, you notice a big building with two doors in front of you. You catch a glimpse of the animal leaving and realize you are within your own body again. You enter the doors to find yourself in a big library. There are books from floor to ceiling and the room goes on as far as you can see. You walk on glancing at some of the titles, try and remember some of them. When you find a book that is right for you, take it off the shelf, open it up and read a few lines. Again stay here for a few minutes and try to remember these words, as they will be relevant to you. (PAUSE)

When you are ready, exit the library.

As you step through the doors you feel light, almost weightless. You look down to se your legs have disappeared and your arms are now wings. As you take flight see if you can see what sort of bird you have become, then fly as high as you would like, feeling the freedom. (PAUSE).

Then start to descend at whatever pace you are comfortable, down through the white clouds. The clouds slowly turn to purple as you make a steady descent, on into the wonderful blue sky. The blue sky turns to green as you continue on your journey back down through beautiful yellow rays of the sunshine. You can now feel yourself slowing down as you proceed through a wonderful deep orange hue. Now you can see your physical body again, you can feel your arms and your legs are back. Your body is completely covered in red as you land firmly back on the ground. Take a few moments to become completely aware of the room that you are back in, with the chair firmly at your back and your feet solid on the floor. When you are ready, open your eyes and write down anything you can remember of your journey.

© Sharon Barnett, 2000