August 15, 2000


What is a Medium?

Being a Medium isn’t about what size of clothing you take, on a spiritual level it’s all about being able to channel energies from a higher plane to communicate with spirit. These can be the spirits of people you knew (and who have now passed on) or general Spirit Guides such as Egyptians and Native American Indians that come through to help and guide you (if you would like to know more see our article on Spirit Guides).

Most commonly when a Medium gives a reading, he or she will be communicating with people that the recipient of the reading knew (i.e. their mother, father, grandparents etc.). Mediums can work in a variety of ways when giving a reading. Sometimes they can see in their minds eye (known as clairvoyance) what the person communicating with them looked like, alternatively they may just sense a presence and get a feeling of how tall or short that person may have been. Occasionally the Medium will also be able to feel the ailment or illness that person had before they passed away. i.e. they may have a tight chest which could relate to a heart attack or similar condition.

Very often the Medium will be able to hear the spirit talking to them (clairaudience) and then they will relay that message to the recipient.

So how does this all happen?

Well, as a fledgling Medium myself, I am still totally amazed and dumbfounded by it all. The only way I can really describe it is to say it is like using a telephone except, instead of dialing a number, you open up your Chakras to get a connection. In fact it’s more like telephones used to be in the days of party lines, you’d start with a good idea of who you wanted to talk to, but you could never be quite sure who you would end up conversing with! The difference being that if you do get a cross line spiritually it’s usually because there is additional information which is important for you to hear.

In this case the spirit uses the Medium as a way of relaying a message to its correct recipient. This type of communication is usually classed as a ‘one to one’ reading (i.e. there is nothing else used to get ‘the link’, just the Medium and the person to whom the reading is being given).

There are other ways in which a Medium can work, such as psychometry and crystal reading. Psychometry is where the Medium will borrow a piece of jewellery from the person who wants the reading. Although spirit will communicate is a similar way (as discussed above), the Medium will also be able to feel the recipients energy from that piece of jewellery. This may then enable the Medium to get a stronger reading.

If you have ever had a reading from a Medium, either privately or at a spiritual church, you will know that it is easier for a Medium to work if you talk to them when they come back to you with information. Again this is where the ‘telephone’ principle comes in, communication requires a two way dialogue, if spirit can hear your voice it makes it much easier for them to communicate with you through the Medium.

Personal experiences

Mediumship is very difficult to understand or explain. Having very strong mediumistic qualities myself, I never cease to be amazed by what can be communicated and how clearly. To try to illustrate this I would like to share a few of my experiences with you if I may, in the hope that they may be of some interest.

To be able to relate these stories to you is quite unusual as normally, once a Medium has given a reading, he or she cannot remember what has been said. I am fortunate enough that I have been able to retain a fair bit of what has happened to me.

My very first experience was just after I had met my current partner. I didn’t know very much about him at all, however having met at a spiritualist church I knew that he too was interested in things of a psychic and spiritual nature. At that time I wanted to find out if I would be able to communicate with spirit. We were sitting and talking one day, about various spiritual topics, when he took of the gold chain he was wearing around his neck and handed it to me. He told me to hold it, close my eyes, concentrate (on what I asked myself!) and see what information came through.

Well, to my absolute dismay, I started to see things in my mind. I was sure it must be my imagination but it later transpired that I had been working with spirit. I could see a young boy and girl in a swimming pool, I got the feeling of a struggle and that perhaps the boy was in difficulty. My partner told me that he had almost drowned in a swimming pool and that his sister had jumped in to try and help him and he had nearly dragged her down too.

The next thing I remember was seeing the image of a middle aged man wearing a fair amount of jewellery – I could see him very clearly in my mind’s eye, but I was not sure why he was there. My partner asked me how this man had died and immediately I wanted to say ‘in a car crash’, but as soon as I had said it I started to wonder if that was just my imagination so I asked again. This time, in my mind, I could hear the words ‘ heart attack’. I didn’t know which one was right so I ended up saying both. My partner told me that this was actually a relation of his who had, in fact, had a heart attack at the wheel of his car and consequently had crashed and died.

Well, as you can imagine, after about 45 minutes of this I was completely baffled but, also, absolutely convinced that there was a higher place that we can communicate with. After this I did a few more psychometry readings for friends and family, each time I was told that my readings had been spot on and each time I found myself totally in awe and deeply thankful for this new found ability.

More recently I was asked to do what is classed as a ‘fledgling night’ at one of our local Spiritualist Churches (this is where ‘new’ mediums get the chance to stand up in front of a congregation and try to give a reading for the first time). As you can probably guess I was completely terrified by this idea and decided to do a meditation and ask for help and guidance before I went. As usual, spirits never ceasing to amaze, decided to give me a reading there and then.

Well, I wrote it all down as best I could and took it to the Church that evening, however just to make it more interesting spirit had told me that the person the message was for would not be in the congregation that night. ‘Just my luck’ I thought, ‘ I’ve got a message to give and no one to give it to’. Well, I stood in front of everyone that night and told them all what had happened and then I read my message out to a sea of blank faces.

So after my ordeal was over, I tried to settle down for the rest of the service. I couldn’t believe that nobody had any idea what I was talking about – it had all been so clear to me that afternoon at home, I felt sure it would have clicked with someone. ‘Oh well,’ I thought ‘it obviously wasn’t meant to be’.

The service ended and we all went downstairs for a coffee. A little later I noticed my partner deep in conversation with the lady he had been sitting next to at church. She was explaining that everything I had said was now falling in to place. To her the message made perfect sense and that it was actually for the mother of a friend of hers. I was so relieved to think that my efforts and that of the spirits that had communicated with me had not been in vain. This is just another example of how spirit can work. The message was passed on to the lady who needed it and hopefully it helped her to make the right decision.

Well, that’s where I’m going to wrap things up, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this section. If you have your own experiences that you would like to share please do let us know. You may even be interested in developing your own abilities as a Medium, if so there are development circles and groups that you can go to. We will be starting a listing of these shortly so keep your eyes open and we’ll keep you posted.

Just a final word on this subject: you won’t really start to develop as a medium unless you life is settled and the time is right for you. Spirits have a way of guiding you to the right places and people at the right time. So it may be that visiting this page today is your first step, but if it doesn’t feel right to progress right now, then don’t. In the meantime give out as much love as possible, you will always get it back.

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