December 22, 2013

Publications, Radio and Media

MySpiritRadio –

MySpiritRadio is an exciting Talk Radio Channel for everyone with an interest in the fields of body, mind, spirit and self development.  Our monthly programmes are designed to bring you a wide selection of interesting shows produced by talented experts.

Passion for the Planet –

The UK’s only “mind, body, spirit” radio station focusing on your health, your environment and your self development. Plus, hear the planet’s best music; classic hits, contemporary tracks and world music. Listen on DAB digital radio and the Internet.

More to Life Magazine –

More to Life Magazine is a new spiritual magazine using simple, easy to read articles for our readers to explore ideas to inspire, inform and enlighten themselves to a more happy and contented life.

Paradigm Shift –

Paradigm Shift magazine is a beautiful colour publication radiating an incredibly high and pure vibration. Every issue contains a living library of consciousness raising information relating to personal and planetary healing.

Prediction Magazine –

Established in 1936 and covering such topics as astrology, alternative health, spiritualism, tarot, palmistry, graphology, dreams, premonitions and mind, body, spirit, Prediction has become widely acknowledged as the most authoritative and well respected magazine of its genre.

The Holistic Channel –

The Holistic Channel’s aim is to offer this new vision – networking one to another, searching out how we can live in harmony with nature and the planet and learn to live together in peace and happiness. The Holistic Channel is one of a number of Broadband Television stations offering programmes ‘on demand’.

The Pathways Network –

Pathways to Growth and Healing, for People and the Planet, is our theme, and our mission is to integrate and disseminate information on the wide spectrum “from green to gurus”, on the basis that all will find something to help on their individual pathway of life.