August 8, 2000

Reiki – Part I


As a scientist, all be it an open minded scientist, and Reiki Master I have naturally tended to combine both my scientific and mystical training in understanding how Reiki and life works for me, in order to develop a world view which I am comfortable with.

This has manifested for me as a vibrational energetic model of life, and as with all energetic processes is likely to evolve and change.

I offer this to anyone who reads it as A truth not THE truth. Each individuals viewpoint will be different, but equally valid. If we all had the same view what a narrow and boring place we would live in.

Feel free to draw from this brief work what you wish, what resonates with you and your truth, and enjoy.


Reiki is a Japanese term which translates as universal life force energy. This system we know as Reiki has evolved from the teachings of one Dr Usui, who developed a system for accessing this universal life force energy for a purpose of self discovery, self development and healing.

This leads us to an interesting point, what exactly is universal life force energy? From the mystics viewpoint this is energy from source, Great spirit, the universal overmind, the energy of love, God, indeed whatever term or label you are happy with as the supreme consciousness or highest energy in the universe.

Over the past decade or so scientists working in the fields of subatomic physics, cosmologists and the like have been investigating the depths of the universe and the inner nature of the atom to try and gain a working model, a mathematical model to explain what we experience as life. Many of these theories and models are falling in line with many of the mystical teachings on the nature of existence.

Before we continue into how I feel Reiki works I would like to look a little at the nature of existence as I understand it.

The Illusion of life.

Many eastern mystics have stated for centuries that the world in which we exist is purely an illusion. Rubbish says the western technologically advanced materialist. Look at my new car, my house, feel it its solid, its real I can touch it therefore it is real.

I can see it therefore it is real! Let us take each of these proof of reality in turn, firstly I can touch it its solid!

Lets take a closer look at this solid object, from a scientific viewpoint. The car is made up of metals, plastics, rubber, and other materials. Let us take for example the metal of the wheel which can be an alloy of several metals. If we take a look at an individual metallic element and indeed at a single atom of that material science tell us it comprises a number of electrons spinning around a nucleus. In between the nucleus and the electrons is empty space. If we look at the nucleus this comprises many sub atomic particles between which is yet more empty space. So the solid object is at least 90 % space. So for starters the objects we assume is solid is basically empty space. More to the point our physical bodies also comprise of compounds, which are made of elements, which are atoms full of …empty space. Indeed the particles which comprise matter are not solid blobs of stuff but are in fact energy.

So our once solid object is on closer examination is in fact mainly space and energy. So each and every object we perceive from a tree, a car, a person, as star is in fact a spinning nexus of energy, an energy pattern if you will. The nature of the object and how we perceive it is I think based on its vibration, the more complex the object the more complex the range of vibrations which make up the object.

Taking the second materialistic proof it is not an illusion because I saw it with my own eyes. This lead to another interesting point, what is sight? One viewpoint is that light or other electromagnetic emissions from the object are picked up by receptors in the eye, which converts the emissions into electrical signals that are in turn interpreted by the brain. We then identify the object by pattern recognition taught to us by our experiences in life. A child when first born receives these signals and forms a pattern, which is then labelled by parents and others around them. This pattern is a tree, this pattern of energy is a face, a person, your mother, your father etc. So we build up a mental map of the energy patterns and it is this that we ‘see’ every day.

But do we see the same thing? Take a simple colour say yellow this has a set frequency and we recognise it as a yellow thing. But is the yellow I see the same as you see. We may both recognise an object as say the materialist’s car but is the image in my mental map the same as yours.

So could we know how another lifeform ‘sees’ the colour yellow? To do this one would have to overlay your consciousness over another and look through their eyes. But then it would simply be your consciousness using another set of receptors to perceive yellow and it would still be your perception. So what if we blend our consciousness with another in order to see what they see? Then it would be a blend of you and the others consciousness not either or so you would see an average yellow. So even something a simple as the colour yellow is just a label for a pattern or a vibration that we all agree is yellow.

The car is not an object but a complex pattern of energy we both agree is a car based on what we have been told as we grew up. In fact recent studies into our senses and brains have proposed that much of what we see might not actually even be there. We tend to have an overlay of familiar surrounding such as our houses locked in our heads. Our eyes do a quick sweep to see if anything has changed an re-map the image but don’t take in every detail, so rather than perceiving everything in a familiar room our brain does a quick check to see if the pattern has changed if not it reverts to the established mental map rather than going to the effort of constantly constructing a new image.

So in conclusion what we see, touch and hear are simply interpretations of various vibrations of energy made by us. So from that view point life is an illusion.

Where does all the energy come from?

So taking the viewpoint above, all of life is comprised of energy. Its form and its properties are a function of frequency. These frequencies of energy combine to form patterns of energy, which we in turn interact with and perceive as objects and lifeforms.

All that is, is comprised of the same energy. The energy which forms me also forms the desk at which I sit. So where is this huge pool of energy which forms creation. Did all this energy arrive at one point then explode out to form the universe? Has it always been there static unchanging?

More to the point what about the vacuum, what about the space between the electrons. If we can accept that this vacuum is not just empty space but is In fact an energy field, indeed an energy field of infinite potential it may go some way into offering an alternative viewpoint to creation, and one which works for me.

This vacuum in which we exist, is the same vacuum that exists between the atoms of our bodies, in fact it is the underlying substrate of all creation. As an energy field this energy connects everything in the universe with everything else, a huge sea of energy in which we exist and from which is formed everything we experience.

Even given our 3d perception of vibration, the lower the vibrational rate the denser an object appears. Take a material we perceive as ‘solid’ material, it is dense and has a low slow vibrational nature, if we add energy in the form of heat it melts, it becomes less dense, if we add yet more energy the vibrations increase and we get a plasma or gaseous form, add more and more energy and it vaporises. In fact if you keep adding energy it disappears or achieves a vibration outside that of our normal perception. Just because we can’t perceive it does not mean that it no longer exists!

So by altering the vibrational state of a material its physical properties as we perceive them are changed.

If the vibration of the infinite field is lowered in places then the energy will become denser, as it is lowered further and further eventually it will be of a vibration just outside of our normal perception, lower the energy yet further and we can perceive it. It is this field of perception that we have labelled as reality.

So we now have an energy field which we can experience which has formed or condensed from the void or the vacuum or the universal life force.

So all creation is condensed from this vast pool of energy. Each aspect of creation condenses out according to a pattern or a blueprint which dictates the frequency of the energy.

It has been postulated that God, the Supreme Being, is in fact all that is. God is in everything and everything is in God. If we can allow ourselves that the vast vacuum from which we are all condensed is not only infinite in energy, but is also conscious is that not a description of God.

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© Robert Kennedy, 2000