August 8, 2000

Reiki – Part II


So the previous chapter has offered a source for the energy which makes up all that we experience in life. What dictates its form? What causes the energy to condense into the patterns we see, into the events we experience.

Quite simply it’s us! Our thoughts give the vacuum form, we call into existence that which our consciousness wishes to experience for our evolution.

The world in which we now find ourselves is a product of our collective thoughts, and our immediate environment is a product of our individual thoughts.

Puts another spin on maintaining a positive mental attitude does it not.


The paragraphs above goes some way into offering a viewpoint on where we and all of creation comes from. All that we perceive is condensed from the energy of the void and all of life is energy.

This does not take into account quite a large a mysterious aspect of us all and that is consciousness. I view consciousness as that aspect of us, which is within each of us, which experiences life through our senses. Our inner selves, the divine spark within, our soul if you wish.

At this point it should be pointed out that all of life is conscious, all part of the same energy field, part of the whole. Just because the crystal or the animal does not exhibit a human consciousness does not mean that it does not have a consciousness.

Consciousness is the key to experience. The more evolved or the wider our conciseness is, the more aspects of life we can experience. Most of our experience depends on the frequencies which we can see, smell, feel etc. Or we can use instruments and equipment to broaden the frequencies we can experience i.e. infrared cameras etc.

In addition we can experience the more mystical aspects of the process of life by widening our consciousness by a variety of methods. Altered states of consciousness can be achieved by many methods including meditation, attunment, sound, movement, even chemicals such as hallucinogenic compounds.

As we evolve and our consciousness expands we are capable of experiencing much more than the relatively narrow spectrum of normal human experience. All of these energies are available to us but until our consciousness expands we are simply unaware of them.

By expansion of consciousness and thereby an expansion of the frequencies we consciously work with a number of abilities become available to the individual. This includes the ability to consciously channel energy to other energy patterns (lifeforms), to intuitively know or read the thought energies of another as in telepathy.

This so called extrasensory perceptions and paranormal abilities are inherently available to all humanity once a certain level of consciousness has been achieved. A few individuals are born with a suitably high vibration such that they can access these abilities from birth.

The vibrational nature of man

The human body is a mass of vibrations in a pattern which we know as our body. The densest aspects, the lowest vibrational energies condense out from the universal pool as the physical form.

Within that same pattern are other bodies or energies outside of the visible spectrum. As we mentioned everything is energy so our thoughts are also energy, as in fact are all our mental processes these energies taken collectively form the mental body.

Below our mental processes in vibrational terms are our emotions, these are often very tangible we feel hurt if someone attacks us verbally, or we feel great if someone directs love towards us. All of these emotions hang around us as our emotional bodies.

The mental, emotional and physical bodies are well recognised and are mentioned in many texts. Above these bodies are higher and higher vibrational bodies or energy fields or increasingly fine vibrations, these are sometimes described as etheric, or soul bodies and in the middle of this complex and beautiful pattern of energy is our condensed physical form.

The general worldview is of a physical body, and somewhere in that body is located the mind, and the soul normally deep within us. Where as the vibrational model of life above shows that the body is in fact the dense core of an expansive energy field. So rather than the soul existing deep within the physical body , it is in fact the physical body which is deep within the energetic field which is soul.

The Vibrational nature of disease.

As we are aware the physical body is basically energy and so each of our organs are in fact energy patterns we associate or identify for example as a kidney.

A healthy kidney has a vibration and each vibration will be subtly different from another’s. If the vibration of the kidney drops, the amount and quality of the energy manifesting as that organ drops and we experience disease.

As long as whatever process caused the drop in energy is removed then the energy level will slowly build up by drawing on the universal pool to bring the energy vibration back into balance with the blueprint. This is a natural process and we are all self-generating by drawing on this pool.

The healing process is, as I understand it energetic. Modern medicines remove the symptoms, and allow you to regenerate without the pain. A paracetemol does not cure a headache it blocks pain receptors so you don’t feel ill but it is your bodies’ ability to self heal which removes the cause of the headaches.

Alternative therapies work by flowing energy into the system to accelerate the healing process. Both systems have their place they achieve the same outcome using different methods.

Another difference is that most drugs are complex molecules with a range of vibrations not all of which are useful or even desirable as part of the healing process which can result in side effects. Pure energy healing tend not to have side effects as they are more in tune with the natural regenerative processes.

For a disease to manifest in the physical body there is a vibrational drop, as our physical bodies are just the densest component of our energy field condensed from the universal life-force field, then there must have been a drop in vibration in one of the higher energy fields i.e. the mental or emotional. Most if not all disease has it’s root in the mental or emotional field.

Again modern medicines work on the physical body and if the root cause is not addressed then the symptoms can re-manifest. Modern medicine has observed that a patient who wants to get well and is active in their treatment heal much faster and more completely.

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