August 8, 2000

Reiki – Part III

How Reiki Healing Works.

The previous musings have hopefully shown us a subtly different worldview from the conditioned viewpoint fed to us during schooling.

It shows us that each and every person, and object which makes up our world is condensed from a universal pool of energy which surrounds, permeates, and connects everything. It has shown that we are all part of one great whole, and has invited you to accept that the energy field is conscious.

It has shown us that our senses are limited and much of what many consider to be reality is limited by these sensory perceptions. We are condensed from an infinite energy pool with infinite vibrational possibilities and yet the only thing which exists for us is those few things that can be seen, heard, touched or smelt. By limiting our reality to these sensory perceptions we are missing out on so much of what truly is available to us.

But what has all this to do with Reiki? In the opening paragraphs I mentioned the translation of Reiki is universal life-force energy. It is one method, one of many by which additional energy maybe drawn from the universal pool or the vacuum in order to heal, and raise consciousness, and evolve.

A Reiki practitioner by process of attunment, which I will mention later, has the vibration of his or her energy pattern raised. This is a permanent process which opens new energetic pathways in our energy pattern (body) or enhances existing energy pathways, which allows energy from the universal pool to flow to others.

Energy always flows from high potential (fine vibrations) to low potential (coarse vibrations) in order to achieve a stable and balanced system. Put a hot cup of tea in a cold room and the radiant energy we label as heat will flow into the room until the tea is the same temperature as the room. Nature will always try to achieve a state of balance or equilibrium.

So by increasing his or her vibration the Reiki healer forms a localised high energy point (in comparison to our normal range of perception) in the universal field, the energy will then flow to lower vibrational areas i.e. the patient in order to establish balance and equilibrium.

The healer in effect acts as a conduit or a step down transformer which condences the infinitely high energy of the universal energy pool into energy of a high yet usable frequency.

This high frequency energy then flows to the lower energy of the diseased organ etc, and raises the energy of organ as it reduces itself until it is balanced.

Our higher vibrational aspects hold a blueprint of our energy pattern or body in perfect health and the Reiki energy will re-establish that pattern of balance. This is another ongoing process, we are continually replacing all building blocks of the body our cells according to this template. Our cells are energetic patterns condensed from the universal life-force field so if more energy is made available by healers then this process will be accelerated.

Reiki Attunments.

During the attunment process the Reiki master will confer the gift of Reiki on the recipient.

This process can be achieved by any individual over years of study and meditation to raise the consciousness of the individual such that these energies can be accessed.

During the attunment the Reiki master will use sacred symbols and techniques to raise the vibration and the consciousness of the individual such that they can now access a wider spectrum of existence, a wider spectrum of the universal energy.

This process opens pathways in the energetic pattern we associate with our bodies and allow increased amounts of energy to flow, which may be used for healing or self-development. This process is permanent and once these pathways are open they will remain open.

This process is by no means a shortcut, just because the door has been open does not necessarily follow that the initiate will use the abilities conferred. Reiki is like everything in life, the more it is used the stronger and more powerful it becomes.

Distant Healing and Transcending Time

Once attuned to second degree Reiki the ability to ‘send’ or direct Reiki energy through space and time is conferred. This ability is not confined to Reiki and there have been many instances of positive healing occurring over distance by positive intent or prayer.

As we have discussed in the previous sections of this work, everything is energy. So our thoughts are things therefore our thoughts are energetic patterns. One way of visualising our thought forms or our intentions are as ripples in the vacuum or universal energy field. As we think about something these thoughts radiate out from us through the vacuum and impact both on our environment and on the lifeforms we direct it at. Our thoughts are vibrations, energy patterns and loving healing thoughts have a finer vibration than negative thought forms. Once these thoughts, these sponsoring thoughts arrive at the intended place they will start to manifest.

So consider well what you think about others. Our thoughts have as much of an effect as our deeds.

Have you ever felt that a loved one was trying to get in touch, or started thinking about a person only for the phone to ring. Been thinking of a friend and then they ring or turn up? These are just a few examples of us picking up on the energy of thoughts.

It is in this manner that healing energy, or loving thoughts may be sent through the vacuum.

Let us take an example of vibrations transmitted through a medium with which we are all familiar ..sound! Audible sound has a vibration and travels through the air to our ears where it is converted to electrical signals interpreted by our brain and experienced by our consciousness or soul. Each sound has certain vibrational characteristics and depending on magnitude its size it will travel a certain distance.

Thought forms (which is in essence what distant healing is – a healing thought) are of a higher vibration as so travel further but rather than through the medium we describe as air they travel through the matrix of energy of the universal life-force field.

A second degree Reiki practitioner will use symbols to boost or reinforce the positive healing thought form, and in addition the second degree attunment will of raised the consciousness of the individual so they can access these trancentional energies and concepts.

Now we reach the difficult one time! So much of our modern lives revolve around linear time, a thing which quite simply does not exist in the absolute way we imagine it does.

Time is a concept invented by physicists in order to divide their experience into increasingly small units!

Take for instance an hour. It is a unit of experience that we have all agreed lasts for a duration we label 60 minutes. Time is not a regular quantifiable unit because it is a measure of experience. An hour in the company of a loved one passes much quicker for us than an hour in a lecture or a meeting! Einsteinian physics states quite clearly that time is relative to the observer!

The pulse and movement of experience is cyclic in nature, day night, the changing of the seasons in never ending cycles this is the true nature of the thing we label time, over this pattern modern humans have put a linear scale we measure in the passage of days, months years and hours.

As I understand it time is a measure of our movement through the universal energy field.

The ability to send healing through time is easy because the scale we use does not exist, its just something we all agree on, and therefore assume it is real.

Past present and future simply don’t exist, there is only now. What we label the past is our memory of experiences that we have had. The future a projection of what we intend to experience.

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© Robert Kennedy, 2000