August 8, 2000

Reiki – Part IV

Reiki Symbols and the Power of Intent.

Reiki makes extensive use of symbols in its practice, at level 2 and above. In fact some of the comtemporary Reiki systems have many symbols in the toolbox.

Symbols are used in conjunction with sacred names or tones to bring about specific effects. In this way the symbols are acting as vibration keys to allow the practitioner to activate and use certain vibrational effects such as healing mental and emotional issues, as well as the physically manifest symptoms.

Symbols are representations of vibrations, vibrations that are conducive to healing and self-development. These symbols activate and work on levels of consciousness deep within our energy field in addition to our ‘normal’ waking consciousness.

The fact that these symbols have been used for many years, as we measure existence, means that their natural vibration has been enhanced and reinforced by successive generations of Reiki practitioners. Remember the effect of thought forms on our environment, so if thousands of healers world-wide are using a symbol for healing then the collective consciousness of all those using the symbol reinforces its vibration.

Intent is paramount in many aspects of our lives. As a healer the healing energies are ‘ switched on’ by our intent to heal at some level. Symbols act as a focus for intent and this starts the process and the energy flows. So our intent can be considered the sponsoring thought form. How the actual mechanics of this intent manifesting in the perceived world are not totally understood. The following hypothesis goes some way to explain this mechanism.

One way of looking at Reiki symbols are as vibrational keys or energy gateways. These energy paths are present and latent in us all. Once attuned to a Reiki symbol we are consciously aware of the symbol. When we call the symbol to mind, that is we focus our intent on the symbol and its effect then the energy path is bridged and the universal life force of that vibration flows.

Reiki Paths Picture
Once the practitioner has had the energy path opened during the attunment and been given the symbol then these energetic pathways are activated and so these healing skills are unlocked. Once these pathways are unlocked they are carried from existence to existence, and indeed are even amplified by repeated experiences and use.

The more you use it the less you use it !!!

The above applies for all of life’s skills. Science has proposed that as we learn certain skills in life then a neural pathway is burned or etched into our brains by the neurone flow. The more we use this skill or practice it the more that neural pathway is used and reinforced.

These energy gates are opened at certain frequencies or levels of consciousness, as consciousness is raised or lowered so abilities come on line or go offline.

The vibrational effect of environment.

We have all experienced places which make us feel good, places which make us feel powerful, and places which make us feel uncomfortable.

As well as personal vibratory level, the base frequency of ones environment also plays a part and has an effect. High energies or fine vibrations result in higher levels of consciousness. The vibratory level of ones environment may be raised in a number of ways; positive intent, use of crystals, music, colour, incense, crystal essences etc.

Once raised if repeated often then this high vibration will be continually reinforced and the local environment will increase its base vibration. This reinforcement of intent goes some way to explain why healing centres, sacred sites, old churches and the like have an atmosphere. If a room or a space is dedicated to meditation or healing then such a sacred space can be easily created.

In addition to environment group consciousness also has an effect on our vibrational levels. If all the people in a room have a relatively high vibration, and the room is conducive, and the people in the space are focussed on healing, or even talking about matters of a fine vibration then the vibration of the group will spiral into finer and finer vibrations, with a resulting increase in levels of consciousness.

If the same group are placed in a low energy environment then the energetic cap or ceiling will be much lower. If the group can maintain a high vibration in that space then eventually the energy level of the environment will increase.

The other major factor is human group consciousness. We exist in a pool of human energy, the higher the vibration of each individual within that pool the higher the group consciousness of the human pool.

As we move into the next millennium the more humans who raise their vibration the higher the energy of the human race, as this vibration increases more of us become interested in matters metaphysical or spiritual. This in turn raises the vibration of the group which gives all access to higher levels of consciousness, and so on in an ever increasing spiral upwards. I believe this process is often referred to as the ascension process.

So we can and do all have an effect not only on our personnel evolution but also the evolution of the human race….keep up the good work

In closing

Life is a dichotomy.

The mind the intellect spends its time pondering, how does it all work, why does it all work, what’s the meaning of life, what is all about. Why is an apple an apple?

The soul knows what it is all about for it is an aspect of the divine, it wants to gain experience of the things it conceptually knows……quite simply what does the apple taste like? Smell like? Feel like?

Its is by combining the inner knowing with the outer experience that we achieve true balance.

In closing I offer the following suggestion, try not to get too involved in looking for the answer, in looking for THE TRUTH, there is no such thing as THE truth simply an infinite number of truths, held by an infinite number of consciousness all forged from the same divine consciousness.

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© Robert Kennedy, 2000

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