April 19, 2001


People have been Scrying for many years, from the time of the ancients to the modern day. When clear-vision is sought a variety of mediums have been used for their reflective purposes. By using or attuning to an external source or object, one can enhance the stillness and peace needed to start the visions rolling. However to pursue such a practice while in a state of turmoil would induce a very chaotic and random effect, with little real continuity. This train of vision would then need much deciphering and ordering to make sense of any information gained.

All of creation that can be beheld by the eye and all that cannot is born of the element of consciousness. Each individual from a single grain of sand to the gods themselves are but facets of the one whole divine consciousness with an eternal inner-connection, separated only by their own definition of the self.

If then we are to seek vision over a part of our life, or if asked to help another, we have only to find this connection within our selves. The essential truth is that all things are within us, all potential and possibilities are ours to be tapped. If we are to search for the highest truth possible, then one should reach for the highest point of consciousness available. Pure Love. This is not the sentimental state of the Earth Mind but the Bliss State of the open spirit. True potential lies in the giving and receiving of Pure Love energy. We now arrive at the first stage of successful scrying, the setting of sacred space.

For myself, when I seek to set a sacred space, I use the four elements or characteristics of the Medicine Wheel. I feel that this is the most perfect way possible, as within the wheel is much understanding and wisdom, as without lies much yet to be discovered. The other great advantage is the connection to the spirit through the natural world and order of Gods creation. So my work has led me to use the natural elements in my practice.

I wont go into great detail about the Medicine Wheel as that would be a task within it self, but in order to be able to set a Sacred Space one must observe these key elements-

  • Definition
  • Intention
  • Purpose

By Definition one defines the boundaries. This is simply who you are in your active space. A sacred circle should be held in pure and clean thoughts recognising the sacredness of all creation. By holding ones self in the energy of pure love, we are protected from the outside harmful and mischievous energies. Let the Pure Love rays flow from your heart. In our Intention we determine within ourselves why we are on such an undertaking and then to what Purpose or end result this is all for.

By keeping our selves in our Sacred Space in this way we are protected from all harmful rays. The great majority of which are ones own negativity returning again. Love is both the key and the way.

The actual practice of Scrying is most simple. By following the guidelines laid down above you will find your self a little more than halfway there. The next step is to make the bridge of consciousness or to hold ones attunement to the task in hand.

As I mentioned earlier, I use the Four elements though such implements as a mirror or crystal could be used.

For the first step in the actual practice, take your self into a meditation and find within yourself the pure spirit. At this time it pays to be clear about your intention or the direction of your practice, so that the energy’s have continuity in their flow. From this place then attune to the medium you are using – be it Fire, Water or any other such entity. Allow the energy of your chosen proxy to fill your essence; this combined with the focus of your intention may fill you with the vision you require.
Remember the connection that you require is with the energy of your subject rather than the physical manifestation. The common mistake is to look for the visions in the fire or water itself rather than within.

When absorbing an energy within your own being, such as that of fire or water, it is important that it is consecrated first. Either by blessing the water or dedicating the fire to its purpose.

Hopefully these guidelines will be enough to start many on their way, as with most practices the only limitation lies within yourself.

We have used sand as a medium, with great success. The client holds a focus on their issue and makes a mark upon the sand; the reading is then given from this impression.

There has been success for people who use the smoke from incense, while myths and tales tell us of the whispers on the wind. Allow your imagination to take you to new and fertile lands.

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© Stuart Waldron, 2001