November 17, 2017

Spiritual Hogwash

So, how did this bloke end up in all this spirituality hogwash then?

Whilst I was inspecting the ceiling. I’m up against a fellow karate opponent who has just swept me and I’m seeing stars and angels looking down at me as I pull myself up and stumble back to the line for him to do it to me all over again. That was a moment when I realised, I’m out of my depth here. Mind you, if I was ever to be a roof examiner it was most excellent training.

I loved karate, in fact I got to black belt virtually but for one reason or another I went away from that path. It lead to me going to the gym and this is where the universe got to work. There was a mind body spirit fair going on. I remember thinking, let’s see what this cobblers is all about. A few of the therapists looked my way and with a shifty glance I sidestepped away from their couches which I was sure would ensnare me in some ethereal trap that would cost me a fortune. However, a chap called Aldo did manage to grab me and told me I’d be a healer one day and got all excited about the number 11, which apparently is a master number, related to me. I was like, “yeah whatever pal!” and then I had an angelic reiki session with a lady who would end up being my angelic reiki teacher one day. I can still hear her now telling me “You need to ground yourself”, a lesson I still need to heed.

A while later, there was another one of these fairs in deepest Ashford in the not so salubrious settings of a leisure centre or some such fine place. It was a really grotty day but I thought, sod it, let’s get off me jacksie and give it a whirl. To be honest, my intention was to have a look at the workshops and I met Corrina who is part of the Unique Soul Healing team and introduced me to a spot of medium training. I did pick up a tiny bit I think, but it was minute to say the least. I then listened to Sharon speaking about all these wonderful spirit animals we can connect too, everyone was getting wolves and I couldn’t wait for mine to arrive. Alas, I didn’t get a dire wolf called Ghost but Steve the badger. I was somewhat miffed but a badger is a very fine fellow who builds bridges and is also fiercely protective. I adore my badger now. Oh, I also met June who talked to me quite a lot, but that’s for later.

Anyway, the day ends, I was happy and Sharon told me about what she did and I thought, hmm, I’ll add you on Facebook. As soon as I did that BAM I got a friend request from June. Immediately, she starts a little chat with me about reiki and I said I’d been keen to explore it as I had a couple of treatments from a friend of mine a few years previously and from a chap near Lenham, who helped me out just after I left my previous job. She said, that’s fine as I’m looking to teach and that’s how I met my reiki teacher.

It was all meant to be as June would soon be leaving for Lincolnshire and that very day I met someone called Chrissie who gave myself and June a treatment in her Access Bars technique. She certainly changed my world and June’s for that matter too.

So here I was, suddenly with this amazing ability that we all have. I wanted to reiki everything and everyone and couldn’t understand why not everyone wanted it. I do now, some of us just aren’t ready for it or couldn’t understand that how one minute, here I am, this everyday worker in a warehouse, suddenly wants to zap them with this turquoise ray I channel. No doubt, they were thinking, you keep that Harry Potter stuff to yourself mate, you’ve lost the plot you nutter.

Did I finish there though? Not at all. I then joined MSDC (Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre) and also the team at the Shakra Centre which then introduced me to the weird world of spirit contact, oracle cards, tarot (which I swore I’d never do), psychometry, etc. I’m now firmly in the world which I once used to laugh at and now I’m one of the therapists who gets those funny looks I used to give them. Life is ironic, I love it.

It gets worse (actually better). I won a witches apprenticeship at a fair. It was another hand on my forehead moment, I was thinking, listen, “I ain’t turning anyone into frogs”. However, Ricky couldn’t have been nicer and he told me I’d heal with my voice. I thought, “Mate you really don’t want me to speak, I can’t sing, I’m quiet and keep to myself”. How was I to know spirit were having a laugh with me?

Months later I met the amazing Georgie at an angel day. She said we’d all be singing and I was thinking “Gaz, what have you done here mate?” However I did it and found it most liberating. Then I saw she was doing a course up in Tring to be a practitioner. I had huge doubts about it but a tarot reading in group from a friend of mine, picked up on it and told me, “Gary, just do it. What are you waiting for?”

So bang, here we are, present day and I work with angels, energy, sing, tone and invoke light language when I do these treatments. What is going on I hear you ask? Don’t ask me mate, I’m just the performer not the director, but I tell you what, there’s loads more to come. So come on spirit, set the stage and bring on the next big act.