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January 21, 2014

Crop Circles 2013 Review

West Kennet

The highly anticipated crop circle season of 2013 didn’t quite go to plan! The long awaited Mayan prophecy of December 21st (which had failed miserably to propel us into a multi-dimensional state of sheer bliss!) also didn’t go to plan and this seemed to be reflected in this year’s circles. These annual events that have long been catalysts for the awakening and enlightenment of many people, quite unexpectedly responded this year by taking a bit of a back seat. Early on they stepped back from their usual stance and supplied us with a small number of laid-back efforts that did no more than catapult us back to how they were in the early nineties (…ah, those were the days!)

Compared to previous years, the first effort to arrive was at least two months late. Arriving on the 2nd of June in a field of Oilseed Rape a humble and untidy formation appeared that was to announce the slowest start to a season in decades. To be fair though much of its lateness was obviously due to the depressingly long winter we’d suffered that had seemed to morph into an even more depressing and unseasonably wet spring. The fields were sodden and with less sunlight around the crops were at a standstill. They were extremely late in bursting forth and as a consequence you didn’t have far to go to see the Rape fields in full bloom during midsummer… something that up until this year had never really been known.

The weather may have also been responsible for the fact that this season saw for the first time since the 80’s a serious decline in numbers. By the end of the season in the UK we ended up with around 30 formations, which when you consider that it’s not so long ago that we were on the receiving end of at least a 100 – 150 annually, is to say at the very least…disappointing. Another possibility is that maybe “The Circlemakers” believe that over the past 40 years or so they’ve now said it all. Perhaps they have…and maybe now they’re at the stage of slowly wishing us a fond farewell.

Something else that didn’t help was that we were also on the receiving end of a real farmer’s revolt this year. Not only did they cut out most of the early formations as soon as they arrived but they threatened a policed closure to all their fields. This was to some extent smoothed over by some researchers who dreamt up a scheme whereby the “circle-tourists” could purchase an access pass, of which the proceeds would help to compensate the farmer’s loss. This bold plan as such never really caught on though, but who’s to say that with a bit more determination and a lot more chatting-up of farmers, this couldn’t work out in future.


It wasn’t until we got past mid-summer on the 25th of June that a formation arrived that seemed to mark the real start to the season. Looking very much like an hour glass (turn the photo sideways) was it simply telling us that time was running out? And what about those strange markings that surrounded the formation…were they not dissimilar to the scratchings of a prisoner crossing off the years on the wall of his cell? Maybe this suggests that freedom through enlightenment is not that far away. Are we viewing a simple illustration of the sands of time slipping through into a new era…of which we seem blissfully unaware of …but of that which we’re slowly becoming a part of.

What you should importantly note about this particular formation though is that if you ever wished to be convinced that this was a “real” formation then this was it! For throughout the whole of the formation were some of the most impressive biophysical anomalies ever found, which offered proof indeed that on this occasion here was an amazingly crafted sculpture that simply wasn’t man-made. Apart from several who witnessed in some areas what can only be described as the most precise selection of which stems were to be laid and which were to remain standing, the nodes of the plant stems throughout were discovered elongated and swollen. This evidence alone suggests that many of the nodes had exploded during the short but creative energy process (expulsion cavities). Such anomalies that we often come across like this are the true signature of who really is behind this amazing phenomena.


A very neat design arrived on the 7th of July which curiously marked the 66th anniversary of the notorious Roswell incidents. Here we have an illustration of a ship…albeit one that’s sinking within a crescent moon. Representing an ancient Sumerian “Boat of Heaven” that’s often been associated with today’s spacecraft technology, here we see the hull breaking up as this symbolic “alien” vessel falls to Earth.

This was another circle that was to feature some remarkable anomalies but unfortunately (apart from a small number of researchers who were allowed to record it) the farmer didn’t allow any visitors. But at least we have to be grateful I suppose that this one did get recorded…because so many others unfortunately didn’t. As far as the landowners are concerned cutting out the formations as soon as they arrive immediately sours the event and swiftly lifts the burden of policing the fields.


Although it was late in the day, August was the month where the phenomenon picked itself up and began presenting us with what was arguably this years best of the bunch. Three formations appeared on the 1st of August alone, and although all three were of a consistently high standard, they appeared to be quiet basic as far as their overall design was concerned.
This particular formation appeared to hold a lot of energy and many claimed that they’d experienced a very strong response from dowsing rods, even after the formation had been down a couple of days.


Arriving on the 6th of August in an area that’s been blessed by many formations over the years, this was quite an unusual design. Some interpreted it as a “star council” of sorts that were sitting round a “round” table contemplating a rather odd cube. A very odd cube because in a rather mystifying way its sides were slightly curved. Was this a feature created by accident or by design?…we’ll probably never know!


A more traditional simple mandala appeared on the tenth that many likened to a set of neatly arranged clothe pegs! You will appreciate though that in order to create a design with such impact as this that it’s had to rely on quite a substantial amount of crop being laid…(For the less that is laid is that which is less likely to be subsequently damaged by visitors…which is something that “The Circlemakers” normally seem to be quite mindful of).


What at first glance might just be perceived as a simple circle, held one of the most impressive floor patterns we’ve ever seen. A complex and intertwined “Star of David” together with a centralised sun-burst amazingly appeared when viewed from above.

So what we should really be asking ourselves is, how do you go about getting a highly complex and textured piece of art on this scale exactly right in the dark?


On the 13th of August yet another formation appeared at Hackpen Hill. With the “Hackpen White Horse” etched out in the chalk nearby this was the third one to appear here this year. Usually when they’re found in this area they occupy the fields below the white horse which provide a superb overview when you climb above. A couple of weeks later it was reported that the formation had received additions that were to considerably alter its appearance. What had started out as a very simple “Spirographic” circle (or a ring of circles holding hands!)…was completely transformed into a more complex design that exhibited quite a neat-ish floor-lay.


This year’s events that were so far received by many as mostly disappointing suddenly moved up a few gears in what was later classified as these seasons’ death throes. Too little too late perhaps?…But if you were visiting the fields of Wiltshire as late as mid-August onwards you were witness to a crop circle phenomenon that was at long last back on track. With the blades of the combines fast approaching it became a chase from rumours to reports as the last flurry of formations arrived.


Appearing on the 13th of August right next to the West Kennet Longbarrow this Mayan influenced formation took many by surprise…after all, weren’t we all done with that 2012 business last season?

This formation basically illustrates a triangular shaped craft or UFO within a series of arcs. The placement of the UFO in an off-centre position is most certainly deliberate and relates to features within the surrounding landscape. As well as acknowledging the ancient West Kennet Longbarrow that it chose to closely sit beside, it also pointed out via one of its triangular sides the nearby “pyramid” mound of Silbury Hill. Whilst now forming a conical shape, Silbury was once a stepped structure and this might well be represented by the small illustration that’s found within the top sweep of the arcs.

At the very centre of the UFO we find a reference to the ancient Mayan entity Quetzalcoatl that takes the form of a headdress…(Six nearly identical crop wedges that sit on each side of the inner circle in order to form twelve “quetzal feathers”).
Quetzalcoatl promised to return at the end of the Mayan Calendar…did we get the date right?(Which on the face of it isn’t such a bad assumption considering the number of alternative dates that are still being suggested and that which would now lead us to conclude that his return in a space craft is still forthcoming!)

Although on this occasion it’s more simply put we’ve seen this headdress symbolised before in several pre-2012 formations that yielded much information concerning the end of the Mayan Calendar. It’s also interesting to note that the “lunar crescent” motif alongside the “alien” almond shape that’s featured here has been strongly employed in at least three or four of the previous Mayan influenced formations.


A really beautiful formation landed in a friendly farmer’s field on the 19th of August. The fields surrounding Etchilhampton Hill have seen some remarkable formations over the years and this season’s effort proved to be no exception.

The lay of the wheat was jaw-dropping to say the least. It had numerous features, many of which were quite subtle to the discerning eye, but what was outstanding and quite beyond any human capability was the way the outer ring had been woven into a stunning chequer-board lay.

When you view this masterpiece from above your immediately struck by its strong resemblance to a six-bladed lens aperture…and what’s more in camera optic terms it’s denoting an aperture of approx. F5.6 – F8. The variation of those blades within a camera lens determines how much light is to be let in…maybe “The Circlemakers” are suggesting we haven’t received enough yet…I look forward to a formation in the future that might suggest F1.2!


Once again one of the last circles to appear this season surprisingly held a strong Mayan influence. Typically within a Mayan circle design we have an “alien” almond shaped centrepiece complete with a Quetzalcoatl headdress or if you view the formation the other way up, a smiley faced version with a neat looking beard! He’s surrounded by a ring that features thirteen “spiral-square” spirals that are symbols of time…which clearly in this instance represent the “13 Baktuns” of the new 5,000 year Mayan calendar which began on the 21st December 2012.

By presenting us with yet another Maya influenced formation that strongly hints at the return of this legendary spiritual teacher, are we to believe that without a shadow of a doubt his return is imminent? After all it’s been long believed that he would return at a time when the world is oppressed to help bring about an era of peace within a new spiritual order.


A much more simple and attractive formation just happened to arrive on the same day. It had placed itself beside Marden Henge which is one of Britain’s most important, but least understood prehistoric monuments. It doesn’t attract as many visitors as for instance Stonehenge or Avebury because it no longer sports a fine set of standing stones. However it’s still a very interesting place to visit and having a superb crop formation lying within spitting distance of it certainly attracts us to it.

The sheer size of the henge has long fascinated archaeologists who are particularly intrigued by the evidence that supports the idea that up until the early 19th century there would have been a huge mound, similar to Silbury Hill that would have quite effectively created a dominant centrepiece.

The final formation of the year landed in Dorset near Shaftsbury on the 30th of August and because it was a bit off the beaten track it didn’t receive many visitors. But then again the number of visitors to the circles this year had dwindled anyway which was largely due to the unexpected drop in circle numbers. Aided and abetted by farmers who seemed more anxious than ever to cut them out, the wind had been truly knocked out of the “croppies” sails.

Because they’ve had to book months in advance of any realisation of a “thin on the ground season” many of the visitors to our circles seemed to be from overseas… And so it’s not uncommon to strike up a warm and enthusiastic conversation inside one from somebody who’s from Portugal or Peru! This is one of the great things about crop circles…because they’re such a common denominator the people you meet inside them are usually so warm and friendly that it’s a good bet that you’ll be having your photo taken with someone who up until ten minutes ago was a complete stranger!

Over forty countries world-wide have been on the receiving end of this phenomenon and those from foreign fields are drawn to the fields of Southern England because the UK is regarded as the “Mecca” for the whole thing. Some of them probably could have stayed at home this year and visited their own jaw-dropping efforts the like of which we usually get! For it was business as usual across the Channel with Holland receiving more than a dozen events and Italy and the Czech Republic producing some outstanding designs.

I’m sure they’ll bounce back into our fields next year because I’m not convinced that they intend to slowly fade away…We’ve always approached them in the past as  something we have to solve or an enigma we have to explain…And whilst we still don’t appear to have an real answers for their being, we’ve certainly learnt one thing along the way and that’s that first and foremost they are attention seekers. If they are torn out at birth or not paid a visit they might well disappear…I don’t think we’ll ever quite understand them…but obviously the more attention we give them and try to work out their puzzles, the greater our reward will be.

G.Tucker © 2013

End notes

• All these photographs were used by kind permission of Steve Alexander © 2013.Steve is a professional crop circle photographer who produces a beautiful yearbook illustrating the season’s events that’s usually alongside a DVD.  Details to be found on his homepage at: http://www.temporarytemples.co.uk

September 26, 2012


The Chakra Positions

Energy exists in all things in the known universe from human beings to the chair that you sit on. There are seven main points in the body where energy is obvious, these are called Chakras. The Chakra Points, to some degree, determine how you feel. Chakras are like vortices of energy that spin both from the front of our bodies and the back. These energy centres can get blocked and sluggish at times, therefore making certain aspects of our life or physical body feel the same way. They can also spin too fast and become overactive, this in turn can also cause imbalances on various levels. Therefore, what we strive to achieve is a nicely balanced chakra system, so that each centre is working at its optimum level for us to feel healthy and harmonious in all aspects.

It is important then to realise that you may not need to energise certian chakras or indeed that others will need far more enrgy at certain times. A qualified healer will be able to perceive what is going on in each of your chakras and would allow energy to flow (or work with colours, crystals and sound according to need for your highest good) By using your own intuition you can get a fairly good idea of what is going on in your chakra system and work with this accordingly. If in doubt seek further advice from someone that is experienced in this field. (See Sharon and Brian in the Directory section for Healing)

With a well balanced Chakra system you will feel fit, healthy and harmonious. When they are not balanced you may feel disorientated, uncomfortable and lethargic.

The Chakras can also help you to communicate with the spirit realm. By learning to open your Chakras you push your energy level out, which ‘opens’ you for spiritual communication, but you must remember to close your Chakras because staying open too long will cause unbalancing.

Each Chakra works best with certain colours. There are seven major Chakra points in our bodies and they are situated as so:-

The Chakra Positions

The Chakra Positions

  1. Red – is the BASE, situated at the base of the spine. It is like the roots of a tree that bury themselves in the very heart of the Earth.
  2. Orange – is the SACRAL, situated about two inches below the navel. A mix of red and yellow, the Earth and the Sun. This is a mixture that benefits both mind (the Sun) and body (the Earth).
  3. Yellow – is the SOLAR PLEXUS, situated at the upper stomach (about four fingers width above the navel). It works to influence your mental attitude, enabling you to be good natured, contented and happy in whatever you choose to do.
  4. Green – is the HEART, situated in the middle of chest. The colour of growth and renewal. Green is a good balance between mind and body, it brings serenity and calmness both to you and those you come in contact with.
  5. Blue – is the THROAT, situated near bottom of the throat. Blue is a very strong, healing colour. It brings calm, peace and a love of both freedom and togetherness.
  6. Purple – is the BROW, situated in the middle of the forehead (or slightly lower/between eyebrows). This deeply spiritual colour is linked to the Pineal Gland in the brain which is said to be a sensory organ. It enables the individual to see, hear, write and work with Spirit Guides.
  7. Violet/White/Silver/Gold – is the CROWN chakra, situated at the top of the head. This is linked to the Pituitary Gland that secretes hormones to other glands of the body. It also symbolises purity of mind and body and is the strongest link to the spirit world.
    Physically relates to – legs, feet, base of spine, bones, kidneys
    If imbalanced – unstable, insecure, hunger/weight gain, constipation, arthritis, spinal tension, knee problems
    Physically relates to – reproductive system, skin, spleen, bladder, lower intestine
    If imbalanced – jealousy, anger and other negative emotions, sexual problems, allergies, bladder
    Physically relates to – stomach, liver, digestion, nerves, muscles, gall bladder
    If imbalanced – fear, lack confidence, perfectionist, too much intellect, diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders
    Physically relates to – heart, circulation, arms, hands, blood
    If imbalanced – emotionally unstable, inability to show or receive affection, critical, heart problems, high blood pressure
    Physically relates to – throat, mouth, neck, ears, lungs, shoulders
    If imbalanced – communication issues, little discernment, ignorance, thyroid, ear, neck and throat problems
  • BROW
    Physically relates to – left eye, nose, nervous system, lower brain
    If imbalanced – cynical, fear, little focus/concentration, detached, headaches, eye problems/blindness, vivid/unpleasant dreams
    Physically relates to – right eye, upper brain
    If imbalanced – confused, depression, lack of enthusiasm/inspiration, migraines, forgetful/senile, psychotic

Chakras & Colours

If we integrate the various colours that relate to each chakra, either through healing, visualization, clothes we wear, crystals etc.. we can go a long way to bringing about a balance within these areas. Below is a list of various colours and how bringing them into our related chakras can enhance certain traits/emotions and aid certain physical issues.

  • RED (Base) – grounding, stability, stamina, motivation, self – confidence, purpose, passion, excitement
  • ORANGE (Sacral) – joy, respect for oneself, release (of stored negativity), creativity, cheer, pick-me-up, happiness
  • YELLOW (Solar plexus) – cleansing, cheer, happiness, upliftment, ego, will(power), energy, focus, enthusiasm, self worth
  • GREEN (Heart) – balance, harmony, peace, abundance, love yourself, release (heart related emotions), growth/new beginnings
  • BLUE (Throat) – release of physical tension, communication, peace, healing, honesty, calming, cleansing, express oneself
  • INDIGO/PURPLE (Brow) – wisdom, protection, vision, responsibility, understanding, seeking, power
  • WHITE (Crown) – clarity, cleansing, clearing negativity, universal energy, has all colours within it, pureness


  • PINK – sensitivity, compassion, unconditional love, nurturing
  • VIOLET – power, transformation, spiritual growth, freedom, cleansing, knowing (clairvoyance)
  • BLACK – absorbs negative, stability, protection, power, grounding,
  • TURQUOISE – healing on all levels, communication, immune system,

There are a multitude of ways to open your Chakras (energy centres). Some people can ‘open’ (tune in on a spiritual level) instantly, for others it can take several minutes. If you follow the simple meditation script, you will notice that it takes you through the seven Chakra colours from red to white. Visualising these colours going through the body will in turn open each Chakra. You can visualise the colours as lights, mists or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Once you have worked through these you will find it easier to work on a spiritual level. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel natural or easy at first, as with all things the more you practice the easier it will become.

To cleanse the Chakras yourself (as opposed to using one of the crystals which can perform this task automatically) you can visualise yourself under a waterfall or in a clear pool, again, whatever you are comfortable with.

Once you have finished balancing and cleansing your Chakras you must remember to ‘shut down’. If you don’t close your energy centres you will begin to feel unwell and fuzzy headed. Closing the Chakras is the reverse process of opening them i.e. visualising white light enveloping you from the top of your head and slowly moving down to red, the final colour, at the base of your spine. Normally you would image yourself being wrapped in a red cloak or something similar in the final stage.
Chakra and Crystals.

The Chakras work well with crystals. By holding and receiving the energy of the crystals, you can open, close or balance your Chakras. Every crystal performs a different job so it’s worth checking with someone who knows before you decide which one is going to be best for you to use on each occasion. Here is a list of some of the crystals and the Chakras they best relate to:

  • Base – Garnet, Bloodstone, Ruby, Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian.
  • Sacral – Gold Topaz, Coral, Orange Calcite, Amber, Citrine, Carnelian, Peach Aventurine. Moonstone
  • Solar plexus– Amber, Gold, Gold Calcite, Citrine Gold Tigers Eye.
  • Heart – Chryoprase, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Green & Pink Tourmaline, Green Jade, Green Adventurine.
  • Throat– Blue Topaz, Celestite, Turquoise Chrysocolla Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Kyanite Blue lace Agate
  • Brow – Quartz Crystal, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli Amethyst, Sapphire and Sodalite.
  • Crown – Purple Flourite, Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Diamond, Alexandrite, Amethyst.

There are also some crystals that can help balance, open, close and ground such as Boji Stones™

For a more detailed look at the benefits of certain crystals, take a look at Sharon’s article on Crystals.

© Mystic Mouse, 2000, 2001, 2003

September 15, 2011

Eleven-Eleven: The End Times

The 11:11 phenomenon that’s intrinsically linked to digital clock displays is very much about time. We’re living through a long awaited period of transition, that’s known as “The End Times” and as our reality moves towards its omega point, most people will agree that time nowadays appears to be speeding up – which it is! Time is literally collapsing, and as incredible as that may seem to some of you, the term “End Times” means quite simply the end of time.

Haven’t you noticed how time appears to pass quicker each year? We are now entering a higher dimensional aspect of our planet, and whilst you would never see this in the hands of a clock moving any faster – you can readily sense “Cosmic Time” speeding up. many have talked about these changes in different ways, with some even declaring that the 24 hour day now only equates to 16 hours … now didn’t you just know that!

Time certainly feels different now, for our world is restructuring herself. The energy of ascension is really moving fast, and with it the structure of our own bodies is altering. It’s simply has to be said that the long held prophesies of a reality change will occur because the many elements, such as the speeding up or quickening of the Earth’s pulse already exist …

Everything within creation is a vibrating energy. Whenever the speed of vibration increases, energy becomes less dense and heat is created. So look at what’s been happening to the temperature of the planet over the last few decades … we now have global warming. In all probability, this has more to do with the quickening frequency of the planetary energy field than anything else.

Through an 11:11 triggered response, information easily becomes a commodity that’s almost as important as food. As soon as you start to grow in awareness, you intuitively sense that primarily you’re a spiritual being … and along with that realisation, suddenly the fact that you pre-programmed yourself with a 11:11 reminder before you arrived here, doesn’t appear to be so far fetched!

Crop circles are also a trigger … often employing eleven in their measure, these profound wake-up calls are literally a physical manifestation of spiritual consciousness. They profoundly announce with elegant and intricate beauty, “the paradigm shift is upon you”! Acting as heralds, they’ve long been working in our recycled fields to achieve the forthcoming harvest. Each and every transmission carries a message and what has to be understood is that these cosmic imprints have an incredible power to transform. One important messenger arrived in oil seed rape at West Kennet Wiltshire early in ’98. It became known as “The Beltane Wheel”. (figure 1)

End Times

Figure 1.

Consisting of 33 tongues of flame, this ancient symbology embodies “Blazing Fire of Bales” or “Bale Fire” that referenced the old Celtic festival of Beltane. Beginning on May 1st of each year, the Beltane Festival was celebrated right throughout the month. The first half of the Celtic year though began in November and was known as “Entering the Dark” … wintertime, with its short-lived days. The second half of the year began in May at Beltane, and was known as “Entering the Light”. At Beltane, fires were prepared on hilltops using sacred wood. They were lit just before dawn, and symbolically were a celebration of leaving the dark and entering the light.

The Beltane Wheel was found lying opposite Silbury Hill, early on the morning of the 4th May. This was a fascinating formation, and one you couldn’t fail to notice with its yellow flower heads as flames. It appeared in a field that’s been overlooked by the West Kennet Longbarrow, for the past 5700 years or so. Often attracting formations within its environs, the Kennet Longbarrow is the largest barrow in England, and the ground plan of its chambers resembles a pregnant squatting goddess. The principle function of the barrow was to provide a womb, in which the dead could be reborn. With its message of entering the light, the Beltane Wheel perfectly echoed rebirth. Being springtime, there’s evidence of renewal everywhere, for suddenly meadows become alive with flora celebrating new life.

The construction of the Beltane Wheel is quite complex. Although it appears to have no circular components (that’s to say beyond its structure as a ring) it’s in fact made up of many overlapping rings.

33 is a sacred number, for it evokes “The Christ Consciousness” … eternally giving light, the 33 flames of the Beltane Wheel represents Christ’s earthly years. 33 is derived from 3 and 11, and simply by employing these numbers we find that we can easily unlock what’s encoded here.

End Times 2

Figure 2.

First of all, if we slice the inner circle pizza fashion into three we can then go on to divide the lower segment into eleven pieces. (figure 2) Next by drawing a triangle we can instantly produce another three triangles that create a three dimensional effect. (figure 3) What we’ve actually created here though is a pyramid, which in being a temple of enlightenment, symbolically pours out “the light” of enlightenment, as we enter along our chosen pathway towards a new reality.

End Times 3

Figure 3.

At this very moment in time, the Earth is slowly entering and journeying through a band of light particles known as photons – collectively “The Photon Belt”. With our entry into this belt, we are literally entering “The Light”. (figure 4) For many thousands of years man’s consciousness has been in the dark and now we are reawakening into the light … the very message of Beltane, and that which we find encoded in the Beltane Wheel.

End Times 4

Figure 4.

As the veil that separates us from higher realms becomes thinner, we are able to absorb more spiritual energy. As this energy is consumed, negativity becomes a waste product. Eleveners along with many others that are soaking up this light, should be aware that as the veil lifts the light will intensify, with the result that the dark will literally become darker. Right now the so-called dark and negative are in panic… it’s all around us I’m afraid. All of this though is nothing to be fearful about, for in the forthcoming new age of enlightenment we’re heading far beyond a fear-based reality.

Before you incarnated here, you were subjected to a process that laid out the contract governing this lifetime. In it you established the way you wished to imprint yourself upon this physical reality. Through the 11:11 experience you’ve literally been triggered into remembering this connection. This trigger is an amazing integration of spirit with physicality, which briefly allows you to glimpse the full sense of your being.

11:11 is a vibration that’s awakening a network. 11:11 is a vibration that switches on the grid consciousness and selects those for whom are pre-destined to follow this path, for there are many in service as well as in lesson. With 11:11 appearing so frequently, it’s never long before you find yourself mentioning it to others. In so doing you’ll often find that those you’ve mentioned it to, get back to you at a later date and can’t wait to tell you that they’re now having the same experience. Well folks, you’ve awakened them! … for there’s a multiplying factor here that’s now being recognised as a part of all this.

People from all walks of life experience this phenomenon, right across the board. Pre-encoded with their own personal life mission, eleveners are awakening as the Christ Consciousness. Christianity and Islam both teach that Christ will return at the end of days, and whilst that’s still possible in the flesh, it’s far more likely that the Second Coming should be regarded as a collective consciousness shift en-masse.

Before “The Guy from Galilee” began His ministry, it was the Baptist who foretold of His coming. John immersed Christ symbolically into the waters of enlightenment, for he was the Water Bearer who was pre-destined to announce the physical coming. It’s now Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac that spiritually pours out the waters of enlightenment that’s announcing the Second Coming. At long last “The Christ Consciousness” is being announced, as we ourselves become baptised as we become fully immersed in the Light. This is the long-awaited transition into Superconsciousness that’ll reawaken our spiritual faculties … finally it seems, we shall see ourselves for what we really are – spiritual beings!

Graham Tucker
(Article and diagrams © 2003)

March 26, 2011

Mediums, Clairvoyants and Psychics

There seems to be, and apparently always has been, much confusion over the definitions between psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. It has been brought to my attention many times over recently, no less by appearing on the Kilroy show, that many people don’t know the difference between all of these ‘names’ that those of us that work with spirit and energy are blessed with.

I have been following my spiritual path solidly since 1997 and am very fortunate that I’ve been able to enhance many of my senses and gain much knowledge along the way. Technically I could call myself any of these ‘names’ mentioned above, as I’m also very fortunate to have been able to develop all these natural gifts of awareness, which warrant each of these titles.

To help give just a brief run down before my more lengthy explanations here is a quick resume of what the dictionary had to say about each of these:

  • Psychic – pertaining to mental forces, telepathy, extra sensory perception
  • Medium – contacting and being able to communicate with spirits of the dead
  • Clairvoyance – the ability to see things beyond our normal senses

The thing is that also if you look in a thesaurus you will see each of these words in each of the other words categories i.e. psychic will be found under clairvoyant and medium. Medium will be found under psychic and clairvoyant and so on…

So it all seems to be rather confusing and not surprising that many people don’t know who or what they are letting themselves in for when visiting one of these people, or if they were to go to an evening of clairvoyance, would they get clairvoyance or would they get mediumship, or indeed both or neither?

Well, I hope that the following explanations, that have come with the help of my guides via my clairaudient ability, which has not yet been mentioned, will help you become much clearer on who and what a psychic, medium or clairvoyant is and does. This of course is my interpretation and understanding of all of these and anyone wanting to mail me with further information or opinions I would be more than happy to read them, as I am always keen to learn more!

Let’s start with explaining about a psychic. Someone that calls himself or herself a psychic may well be labelling themselves as such because it is stereotypically recognised as someone that can ‘read you’ and most likely be able to tell you about, your past, present, future and many other things that the psychic could not possibly have known about you before having your reading. This essentially is correct, but how they do this in the true sense of the word, is that as a psychic they will have like a ‘mental connection’ with you and they will also read your energy field, so they will be very sensitive and be able to pick up on your thoughts and energy most of all. People will tell you that you are psychic if you know who it is when the phone rings, for example. They may well have some or all of the other abilities that will be mentioned as follows, but not necessarily so.

We then get to what I call the ‘Clairs’. We have at least three ‘clair’ abilities (please tell me if you know of any more!) and they are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Interesting here though, that the dictionary only recognises sentience and not clairsentience.

Now, clairvoyance actually translates to ‘clear seeing’. It means that the person that is working with their clairvoyant ability will be able to see images of people, places or things in their minds eye, they are able to describe these to you during a reading or when giving a message. This does not mean that they are fortunetellers or seers of the future, although that doesn’t mean that you won’t get some information about the future, but clairvoyance is by definition simply clear seeing, and not seeing the future.

A good clairvoyant will, and indeed should, validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening in the present. If they don’t, how will you know or believe if what they are saying about the future holds any weight?

As a footnote to the ‘fortune telling’ side of things, from my own experience, I tend not to give too much future information, as I believe it is subject to change, even though things are generally mapped out for us, we still have free will and the ability to ‘change our fate’. For example, if I were to tell someone I can see they are going to meet a man abroad in two months time, it means that I can see that happening subject to the way they are leading their life at the present time. If they then go out and plan a holiday unexpectedly to try and make that happen, the chances are they won’t meet the person I saw for them because they have ‘changed their own fate’, by arranging a holiday. It may have been that they would have met them via a business trip abroad that they now won’t be on, because they are away from work, on holiday!! I hope you get my meaning?

Now as well as clairvoyance, there is also something called clairaudience. Clairaudience is essentially ‘clear hearing’. This means that we will hear information from Spirit. This might be ones own Spirit Guides or if working as a medium giving messages it will be the Spirit of the loved one that is no longer here, giving that information. Personally I don’t hear it on a physical level, I hear it as a voice in my head as if I were talking to myself silently. Now, as with any of these abilities the non-believers would argue that we’re making it all up as we go along. It is our imagination. Well, all I can say is that I most definitely know when it’s spirit and not me (after years of practice and trusting), because the words come so fast I wouldn’t have time to think it for myself even if I tried. I usually find myself working with this ability, especially when working as a medium, when Spirit are giving me specifics, like names, dates and places etc.

There is also another ability that many of us work with and that is Clairsentience. This is where we feel things, or sense things, as the word suggests, it is ‘clear sensing’. I usually get this, again when working as a medium, when someone has passed with a certain illness or condition. For a split second I will feel a sensation that they would have felt before they passed on or perhaps the sensation of a condition they would have suffered with during their life, so that I can describe this to the person I am giving a message to. This helps to validate which particular person is coming through from Spirit for them.

It also might come into play from a psychic perspective as you may well feel something about the person you are reading directly. For example you might physically feel a quick pain in your arm if they have injured it recently. However, it might not be something physical that you feel, it can also be defined as an inner knowing, so just a feeling you get about something, like a gut feeling. You may just energetically feel or just know somehow that the person you are reading has a bad arm.

Now I have mentioned a couple of times about working as a medium and we still have this to explain. Mediums and mediumship are slightly trickier to define, or very simple, depending on whether you want the easy version or the more complex one!

The simple version is that a medium is someone that ‘talks to dead people’!
(Now the boy in the film Sixth Sense would be a clairvoyant/medium, because to quote him ” I see dead people!”)

The harder version is that a medium by another definition is the ‘channel’ by which information from spirit passes through or indeed is the channel through which any energy passes. By this definition all of us indeed are mediums (as opposed to smalls or larges…sorry, couldn’t resist getting that in somewhere!). This is because we all channel energy to some degree or another. If we draw, we are a medium (as is the pencil) through which energy flows to create the picture on the page. If we sing, we are a medium (as is the voice) through which energy flows to create a song. If we are healers (another topic entirely) we are mediums through which the energy flows to our clients and so on…

This then means by its very nature that anyone working with Spirit or energy on any level could be called a medium. A medium in this sense is then being defined as a ‘channel’.

So someone that calls themselves a clairvoyant/medium, by rights, should be able to describe your loved ones from the spirit world and also to describe visually things around your home or family for example. It has been brought to my attention that there are a few ‘clairvoyant/mediums’ out there, that aren’t in fact either of these! They may ‘read’ people, but they may be reading via their psychic or sentient ability and not actually ‘seeing’ anything at all, or indeed they may not be able to talk with your loved ones in spirit either. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good readers, it just means they might not be offering you the sort of reading you were really after. Never be afraid to ask your ‘reader’ how they work, they should always be more than happy to explain it to you. This way, you know what sort of reading you can expect.

Also it can be confusing when you see an evening of clairvoyance or an evening of mediumship advertised, to know what exactly it is you will be going to. Generally speaking at either of these you will have a medium that will be bringing messages through from loved ones in spirit, but as you can see by definition there is room for confusion, so if in doubt check with the organisers as they will be able to tell you exactly what to expect from the evening.

So, hopefully, this has helped explain a little about the differences between clairvoyants, clairsentients, clairaudients, mediums and psychics.
The likes of James Van Praagh, John Edward, Derek Acorah, Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell work with all of these abilities in some way or another and anyone that has been practising for some time will also be able to tune in to Spirit and energy on all these levels. The whole thing, in my opinion, about working with Spirit and energy is to be as clear a channel as you can possibly be and only ever be using these abilities for the highest good of all concerned and only ever with the persons permission.

Enjoy walking your spiritual path and please by all means email if you would like further information or if you have anything you would like to add to this.

Love light and Understanding

© S.L.Barnett, 2003

June 24, 2010

Walking the Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway

It was 3013 years ago that a doorway was beginning to open up for all humans. This doorway would be our entrance into and onto the Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway. It would be the start of when we would begin to fully remember who we are, and to discover our origin in the universal consciousness of the infinite mind. It would be our returning to the original home that we came from, to be here on earth. This would be the place that we would begin to understand the role that we played here in the overall universal blueprint and the purpose of the infinite universe.

We have been coming back from spirit to the human plain, lifetime after lifetime, to bring the infinite energy of the universe in; providing the space and the energy for it to grow. We would finally begin to awaken to the truth that we, on the finite plane, have never been separated from the infinite plain of spirit. We would finally learn that the energy of the divine spirit is and always has been within us. It is and always has been in our body. It is in, and is, our consciousness. It exists all around us. This pathway of Ascension-Enlightenment is a new relationship that is developing between the human and the spirit within. We are opening up to the paths of our own origin that is within us. The separation, veil that has kept us from this knowledge is thinning, and we are seeing into other dimensionalities of the infinite worlds. We are learning to walk and to bring together the two worlds of the finite (human), and the infinite (spirit) simultaneously as one.

We are discovering new sensations, new feelings, and a sense of restlessness as we become accustomed to this merging effect. In 1987/88 this merging effect would be called the harmonic convergence. This is the convergence of the harmony, rhythm and frequency of love and light of the spirit with the human. We are becoming what Walt Whitman would call the ‘body electric’, Tobias would call the Divine Human, and Archangel Michael would call ‘the Golden Angel’.

We are now merging with our grander part, our true self; what we would call our higher self.

We are all in, and going through, a tremendous period of transitions, transmutations and transformations. We are moving into potentials that we have never known existed. We are moving to new levels of multi-consciousness. We are raising our frequencies, vibrations and densities to the level of the light and love of the Spirit Divine.

As Robert Frost would say:

“Two roads diverge in a wood,
And I…
I took the one
Less travelled by
And that has made all the difference.”

William Wordsworth would also state that,

“Our birth is but a sleep, a forgetting.
This process of Divine Transformation
Is part of our Divine Awakening?
Awakening to the still Divine Point,
In each of us.
This still Divine Point that is untouched
By time and space.
This is our Divine Point of Entrance
Into our, Timelessness of Eternity.”

This Ascension-Enlightenment pathway is to now allow for us to awaken To, and make the choice with our Free Will of the Human, to enter into Our Divine Will of the Spirit. We can now merge these two wills back to Their Eternal Universal Consciousness of the One Infinite Supreme Spiritual Mind with its Infinite Supreme Love that gave birth to all that is and has ever been.

We must now realize as Buckminster Fuller has said: 99.9999% of what affects our reality will be undetectable by our five senses. We must learn to think for ourselves, rather than to follow blindly what has Been taught.

It was Thomas Troward in the late 18th century who realized that we were In the final stages of the Ascension Process. He knew that the Universal Consciousness of the Infinite Supreme Spirit was ready to give birth to the next level of its evolutionary process. Thomas knew. that in the next 100 years, the Earth and the Universe as we know it would go through a revolutionary change, the likes that we have never witnessed before. We were going from the Ascension Phase into the final phase of Enlightenment.

Dr. Rod Johnson
© 2003

To learn more about this Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway and how To prepare for the Final Phase visit the Heart’s Riches
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December 19, 2004

Tantra – Part I

Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words – Thanoti ( to expand ) & Trayaten ( to liberate).

This Science has the power to expand and liberate !

Expansion means to grow beyond one’s boundaries. Expansion upto Infinity. Thanothi means the expansion of Consciousness ad infinitum.Individual consciousness should expand to Universal Consciousness for mergence in the Supreme Self.

Trayate means to liberate, to liberate man from bondgage, from the Seven Deadly Sins which bind him to the sublunar world. The purging of mortal dross is a must for Self-Actualisation and the ” inner enemies of man ” Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, covetousness & attachment ) are the real blocks in the way of Self Actualisation

Liberation is not possible without expansion of Consciousness. When our individual Consciousness expands to Cosmic, we feel whole & are liberated from the thraldom of matter.

The Upanishadic Philosophy was based on the Five Concentric Sheaths known as the Five Koshas. The outermost concentric Sheath, the Anna Maya Kosha, is known as the Material Sheath. It envelopes the other four sheaths – vital, mental, intellectual & bliss.

Tantra, on the other hand, speaks about the Six Chakras, dynamoes of Cosmic Energy in the human body.

These Chakras are ( in ascending order)

  1. Root Chakra ( Muladhara )
  2. Anal Chakra ( Manipura )
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra ( Swadhistana )
  4. Heart Chakra ( Anahata )
  5. Throat Chakra ( Vishuddhi )
  6. Eyebrow Chakra ( Ajna )

The Five Great Elements ( Earth, air, water, fire & ether ) & Mind reside in the Six Chakras.

  • Earth-Principle resides in the Root Chakra
  • Water-Principle resides in the Navel Chakra
  • Fire-Principle resides in the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Air-Principle resides in the Heart Chakra
  • Ether-Principle resides in the Throat Chakra
  • Mind-Principle resides in the Eye Brow Chakra.

The Microscomic representative of the Macrocosmic Shakti ( Cosmic Power ), the Kundalini, sportest as the Six principles in the Six Chakras in Her Cosmic Play.

O Infinite Power ! Thou art the Mind-principle in the Eye brow Chakra
    In the Throat Chakra , Thou sport as the Ether-principle
    In the Heart Chakra, Thou sportest as Air- principle
    In the Solar Plexus Chakra, Thou art Fire-principle
    In the Navel Chakra , Thou exist as Water-principle
    In the Root Chakra, Thou art the Earth-principle, O Mighty Mother !
    And in the Crown Chakra, Thou sportest blissfully with thy beloved Consort !

She lies coiled in human beings as the Coiled Serpent Power ( Kundalini). She rises during Mediation and Yogic processes.

Her rise can be felt by the meditator. When She rises, a subtle warmth will be felt in the body. Voice changes. Voice becomes musical, ” propertied as the tuned spheres”. The personality of the native becomes very attractive due to the influx of Jupiterian energy. Wisdom and learning grace the individual. When She rises furthur, torrential bliss will be felt. And when She reaches the Crown Chakra, it is Cosmic Consciousness for the native !

She sports as Universal Power in the Macrocosm; and in the microcosm as the coiled Serpent Power!

Infinite Power of the Absolute art Thou!
    The Cause of the Universe as Maya
    The entire Creation is Thy Play
    Thy blessing is Bliss Absolute !

    The essence of all sciences art Thou
    All women Thy manifestations !
    The visible Universe Thou art
    And the dormant Serpentine Power !

One of the pioneers in Tantra Research was Sir John Woodroffe , who had written many scholarly treatises on the subject. His magnum opus is the “Serpent Power”, which is a scientific treatise about the Kundalini. His practice of Tantra endowed him with personal magnetism. He became the cynosure of all eyes. There was a special lustre on his face, he possessed the Golden Tongue of Good Report & there was a spiritual halo around him. He had developed his Auric Field ( the human electro-magnetic field ) due to Tantric techniques and bacame a dynamo of spiritual energy. His masterly book is a scientific diagnosis about Tantra.

The heart and vocal nervous centers are intimately related physiologically. Bhava Shuddhi or purity of Heart makes the voice innocent and musical. The true Initiate is he whose voice is true and who possesses the Golden Tongue of Good Report!

The Cosmic Shakti is the Force behind the Universe & the entire Universe is her play & display. Kundalini is Her microcosmic representation. She has been depicted as the Mother Goddess in Pagan philosophies.

Nature is visible Intelligence; Intelligence is invisible Nature. The Spiritual & the Natural are not different. That which is spiritual is natural in its ascent & cause. That which is natural is spiritual in its descent and being.

She is the female component of the Ultimate and all systems deal with the male and the female components of Reality. The male component is He ! Consciousness and Force, the Supreme Self and Nature, Matter and Spirit, Being and Becoming, the One and the Innumerable, the Formless and then a delirium of Forms – She and He, two in one, inseparable ! He, outside Time, outside Space, pure Being, pure Consciousness, the Great White Silence wherein everything is contained in a state of involution, contained, yet formless !

She flings forth from Him in an outburst of joy, again to find Him playing in Time, She and He, two in one , inextricable! Can Nature exist without her Lord ? Can He exist without Nature ?

This is the Purusha and Prakriti of Sankhya, the Brahman and Maya of Vedanta , the Sive and Shakti of Tantra !

Without Him, I exist not
Without Me, He is unmanifest ! – The Mother of Auroville

It is due to Her Grace that a man becomes a material success. It is She who gives the successful man the indomitable Will Power needed for success.

On the other hand, it is also Her Grace which giveth spiritual success. It is She who gives the devotee the necessary Self-knowledge, makes him do altruistic acts & leads him to Self-Actualisation. In other words, She has two aspects, material & spiritual and Her Grace is absolutely necessary for success in both the spheres. .

It is said that She, as the Prakriti ( Nature ) of Purusha ( Supreme Self), is the base of the Universe & when She becomes supremely pleased with the devotee, confers on him Self-Actualisation !

She is the Creatrix, She is the Mediatrix, She is the Dispensatrix and the Executrix of the absolute mechanism of Universal Justice.

Power is Divine and not to be condemned

It is this Power aspect of Consciousness which India has depicted as the Divine Mother. It is a mistake of the ethical and the religious mind to condemn Power as something unworthy because it is in its very nature corrupting and evil. Despite arguments to the contrary ( Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely), Power, Shakti, Will is the mover of the worlds and basically is spiritual in origin and divine in character !

A Power to call Eternity into Time And make the body’s joy as vivid as the soul’s !.

The highest philosophic concept is that of the Philosopher-King, he who possesses powers both eternal and temporal. They were known as Raja-Rishies in India. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, King Janaka were all Raja-Rishies. Marcus Aurelius & Augustus Caesar in the West were also reputed Philosopher-Kings. They did not renounce power !

Tantra as related to Astrology

Tides are caused by the Moon. The human body is 65% water. ( Even the Archbishop of Canterbury is 65% water ). If Moon can effectuate tides, what effect will he have on the human body which is predominantly water? And what about the effects of other planets ?

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© G Kumar, 2004
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May 18, 2002

Pranic Therapy – Part I

Pranic Therapy is an alternative system of Medicine using therapy with the Universal Stream of Consciousness, the Cosmic Prana.

Pranic Therapy can be effectuated by proper knowledge of the psycho- physical organism, physical and mental discipline and opening all our channels to the Cosmic Prana. This is normally effected in seven steps

The Seven Stages of Pranic Therapy

  1. Knowledge of the Psychosomatic Machine
  2. Regulation of Sleep, food & Exercise
  3. Relaxation
  4. Attunement to Biorythms ( Circadian Rhythms, Solar & Lunar Rhythms )
  5. Removing mental blocks ( Difficult due to Repression )
  6. Overcoming Prajnaparadha ( Fault of Awareness due to misuse of our cognitive & conative functions)
  7. Opening the system to the Cosmic Prana ( Opening all channels to the Divine Shakti )


With the advent of rapid industrialization, urbanization and the breakdown of family life after the Second World War, social life in the West became tense & stressful. The spread of materialistic ideas and ideals and the erosion of faith in Morality & the Law Divine & the social disturbance caused by the Vietnam War brought a sense of futility & meaninglessness in the Western psyche.The limitations of the Western system of chemotherapy & adverse side-effects of antibiotics, sedatives and certain other drugs and the disillusionment with the promises of science & technology made millions turn to Oriental philosophies, divine practices & systems of therapy.

The response from the Orient was benevolent. Favoured by the social revolution that swept through several countries in the West in the 1960s, these countries, especially the US, came to be flooded with Gurus and Yogis. Yoga, TM, Reiki, – all attained world-wide popularity.

Three Modern Movements

As a byproduct three modern movements came into being. They are Neo-humanisn, interreligious dialogue and Holistic Health. The term ‘Neo-humanism’ refers to a basic change in modern man’s attitude towards himself and his fellowmen which is characterised by

a) the recognition of the essential goodness of man
b) focus on existential problems
c) striving for higher transcendental experience.

The contribution of Ramakrishna Movement to inter-faith dialogue was immense. Other movements like Maharshi International University & Self Realisation Fellowship contributed to this change in the human mindset.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health refers to a modern movement which regards health as a dynamic state of the total human being. Although the symptoms of a disease may be found in certain tissues or organs, health is not a mere removal of such symptoms by the treatment of the affected tissues or organs, but a state of multidimensional experience, according to this perspective. The mind, body & environment are in a state of dynamic interaction & the maintenance of this interaction in an optimum state of efficiency is what health means. In other words ” To be healthy is to have the ability to live with full use of our faculties and be vigorous, alert & happy to be alive, even in old age, despite an occasional bout of illness.” This ” operational health” has been defined as wellness. It is a sense of all-round well-being as contrasted with illness. .

The greatest aspects of holistic health is its recognition of the role played by mind in health. ” Mind is omnipotent ” said Freud & he had shown that the Unconscious played a key role in causing certain diseases which came to be described as psychosomatic diseases. He looked upon the Unconscious chiefly as the repository of negative emotions. His early disciple Carl Jung expanded the concept of the Unconscious to make it include good emotions and even spiritual urges. Adler, another disciple of Freud showed that the ego could alter unconscious behaviour.

The connecting link between the body and mind was not clear. The work of the Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye brought the much needed connecting link. In his classic work ” The Stress of Life ” Selye showed that mental stress was the root cause of several types of common illness such as hypertension, hyperacidity etc. The ‘stressor’ (the original source of stress ) excites the hypothalamus in the brain. This vital organ which controls the autonomic nervous system activates the pituitary to secrete the stress hormone ( known as ACTH ) which stimulates the secretion of several hormones and steroids (including the well known, adrenaline or epinephrine). More sugar is released into the blood & BP increased as a result of these changes. According to Selye, stress is unavoidable in life. ( The emotional centre in the brain, when upset, stimulates the oxintic cells to secrete more hydrochloric acid in the stomach which leads to hyperacidity.) When it goes beyond a certain tolerance level ( which varies from person to person ) the system breaks down resulting in illness.

To the scientific picture of body-mind interrelationship given above, certain new concepts were added. One was the idea that if negative emotions could cause illness, positive emotions can cause “wellness”. The attention of medical experts & the imagination of the public was captured by this innovative idea when Normal Cousins, editor of Saturday Review, published a convincing account of his recovery from a debilitating & incurable disease of the connective tissue. The patient’s understanding of the disease & his active participation in the recovery process was highlighted by his case.

The most difficult and controversial aspect of holistic health is another idea that by creating proper awareness within himself man could exercise a certain degree of voluntary control over the healing processes taking place in his body. After the aftermath of Pavlov’s demonstration of conditioned reflexes, another Russian scientist K M Bykov and his colleagues in showed in 1924 that several involuntary processes such as regulation of body heat, heart rhythm, production of urine, BP etc which were mediated by the autonomic nervous system could be brought under voluntary control. The above finding was corroborated later during experiments conducted on animals under ‘operant’ (voluntary)conditioning. Hundreds of people found that they could bring under control their heart rhythm, brain waves etc with the help of the biofeedback technique. Indian Yogis in the West also demonstrated that they could alter metabolic rate, heartbeat, body temperature etc simply by their will power, without the use of any biofeedback instruments.

More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from http://www.zodiaccomputers.com/Html/yoga.htm

Holistic health practioners invaded the scene at this juncture. They showed that not only certain organs but the working of the whole system such as the digestive system, the respiratory system, circulatory system etc ( known as the Systems concept ) could be regulated simply by changing one’s life-style & affinities. It was claimed that even diseases such as cancer could be cured or held in check be creating strong faith & the right type of consciousness.Despite the exaggeration and the propaganda which accompanied these claims, the basic idea that man can consciously regulate involuntary and unseen physiolo- gical processes came to be accepted as a fact by the medical community.

Various meditation techniques like Transcendental Meditation, Zen, Yoga were becoming popular in the West in those days. Apart from the spiritual benefits, (In Transcendental Meditation, the existence of a fourth major state of Consciousness called Transcendental Consciousness was proved by Dr Keith Wallace in his Phd Thesis ) practical Yoga teachers showed that Meditation also produced other beneficial effects such as reduction of tension, lowering of BP, relaxation of muscles, increase of concentration & work efficiency & even increase of immunological resistance to diseases. As a result, some form of Meditation has become an essential part of most holistic health programmes.( Dr Harold Bloomfied says that TM can be used as an adjunct to psychiatric practice.)

The success of Acupuncture, herbology etc which came to be recognised as ‘ Alternative Medicine ” , lent much support to the holistic health position. Two great discoveries strengthened this position. One was the discovery of ‘biological clocks’ in nature and the existence of biorhythms in the human body. The other discovery was that the brain produced certain neuro- modulators called endorphins which have the property of reducing pain. The production of these natural painkillers is influenced by our thoughts and endorphins are produced when our EEG brain waves are in an alpha state ( 8.5 cycles per sec).

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