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November 11, 2017

Using Heart Doodles to Raise Your Vibration

I’ve been using heart doodles to manifest more joy and success in my life and business for over 250 days now, and I’m excited to share with you this simple, fun, heart-centred idea and method that takes just a few moments of your time! I’d love to inspire you to do this too.

Everyone can doodle. Whether you are just using a scrap of paper and a pencil or you use a special journal and get out your sparkly coloured pens… it’s not about creating something perfect it’s about letting your creative flow out. It’s about letting go of a habit of over-thinking, or being self-critical. It’s about getting out of your head space and into your heart energy which raises your happy vibe and welcomes more things to be happy about into your life.

Some days you’ll have more spare time than others and some days you may be feeling more creative and want to fill a whole page with a magnificent heart focused mandala. Other days maybe you’ll just manage a really simple single heart sketch. Accepting there is variance and that the simple little pencil heart is just as valuable as the elaborate sparkly artwork filling an entire page, is part of harnessing the power of these heart doodles. To feel contentment, acceptance, knowing you are enough and worthy at all times and are always supported by the universe to manifest aligned success.

So, as well as drawing a heart, which instinctively connects you to love energy and source light, on the days you feel aligned to it, you can write words next to the heart doodles or inside the heart, making them part of your design. Choose words to represent things you have in your life and are full of gratitude for, or things that you want to attract into your life and words to describe how those things make you FEEL. 

When you are instinctively drawn to a word or phrase listen to your heart and follow that theme. For example your words could be “connect to nature” and you could add leaves or flowers to your heart doodle. If your word is “abundance” you could use a sparkly gold pen to add lots of gold dots and hearts around the word, drawing unlimited abundance into your energy.

Heart Doodles help you focus positive energy and attract abundant success. Doing them daily is really powerful and you could do them as an alternative to journaling when you don’t feel aligned to write, or add a little heart at the end of your writing if you want to keep a full journal regularly as well.

As a soulful graphic designer I love using heart doodle work to help my clients connect to the soul of their business message when creating branding or promotion design and when I share my personal daily heart doodles I always get a positive response. Please consider sharing some of your doodles on social media to inspire others if you decide to give this a go!

Love Ces xx
Inspired To Inspire Design

October 7, 2017

Fourfold Yoga – Part 1

Yoga is derived from the word “Yuj” which means to unite. Union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence is the aim of Yoga.

The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in Oriental Philosophies.
They are:

  1. Union via Action ( Karma Yoga )
  2. Union via Psychic Control ( Raja Yoga )
  3. Union via Universal Love ( Bhakthi Yoga )
  4. Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga )

Union via Action is for the person of active temperament.
Union via Psychic Control is for the person of adventurous temperament
Union via Universal Love is for the person of emotional temperament.
Union via Wisdom is for the person of intellectual temperament.

These four paths are not different from one another. They are all part of the Fourfold Yoga.

Certain qualities are to be inculcated in the seeker if he is to achieve the Ultimate Goal.

Prajna has been defined as the discriminative intellect. When the intellect discriminates between the Real & the Unreal. The intellect which discriminates between Being and Non-Being. This quality should be incorporated by the Intellectual Man if he is to progress in the path of Jnana Yoga.

Love is defined as the greatest of all the positive qualities of man. This quality is to be incorporated by the Emotional Man if he is to progress in the field of Bhakthi Yoga.

Control of Mind or Psychic Control through Raja Yoga should be incorporated
by the Adventurous Man if he is to progress in the field of Raja Yoga.

Selfless Service should be incorporated by the Active Man if he is to progress in the field of Karma Yoga.

In other words, since the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for mankind , all these four great qualities – Selfless service, love, psychic control & the discriminative intellect should be incorporated by the spiritual
aspirant to develop in the field of Yoga.

Yoga was defined by Aurobindo as a methodic process towards self-perfection through a development of the latent potential at the five levels of Being – physical, vital, mental, intellectual & spiritual. Normal man lives only in the first three sheaths – physical, vital & mental. Only when we use our hidden spiritual potential – the intellectual & the bliss sheaths – can be unfold our full mental potential.

The Seven States of Consciousness

Man lives in 3 relative states of Consciousnes- waking, dreaming & Dreamless sleep known in Sanskrit as Jagrata, Swapna & Sushupti. Now there is a Transcendental state of Consciousness known as the Fourth ( Tureeya ) & there are still higher states of Consciousness.

These are the seven states

  1. Waking
  2. Dreaming ( REM sleep )
  3. Dreamless Sleep ( non- REM )
  4. Transcendental Consciousness ( T C)
  5. Cosmic Consciousness ( C C )
  6. Glorified State of Cosmic Consciousness ( G C )
  7. Unified State of Cosmic Consciousness ( U C )

In his Phd Thesis “The physiological effects of Transcendental Meditation, a Proposed Fourth Major state of Consciousness ” Dr Robert Keith Wallace proved the existence of a fourth major state of Consciousness ( T C ).

Cosmic Consciousness is a state where TC & the 3 relative states coexist. More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from www.astrologiavedica.com/html/yogamain.htm

The way to achieving Higher States of Consciousness- The Triune Meditation

Meditation is threefold

  1. Physical Meditation
  2. Verbal Meditation
  3. Mental Meditation

Reverence to preceptors & Yogis, worhsip of one’s Tutelary Deity, observance of Continence, non-violence – all these constitute Physical Meditation. Speaking kind words and not hurting anyone, Observance of Truth, Self-Study ( serious study of the Self ) – all these constitute Verbal Meditation.

Mental Meditation – Mental cheerfulness, humility, observance of Silence, mastery of the sense organs, purity of heart – all these constitute Mental Meditation.

The aim of Nature is to effect Super-Nature and the aim of Yoga is Self_ Actualisation. The Goal of Life is Self-Realisation, and in order to unfold our true potential, we have to follow the Fourfold Path.

He still keeps to the high & difficult road
That sole leads to the Eternal’s peaks!

Without Knowledge, without service, without psychic control & finally Love, who have ever realised his Self ?

And what is prerequisite for this Self_Realisation ? Sacrifice !

Only by hard sacrifice is high heaven earned ( Aurobindo ).

Attachment to the sensory world is Bondage. Sacrifice alone can give us Liberation or Self_Actualisation and the Ultimate Bliss.

Earth’s pains are the ransom of its prisoned delights
For Joy and not for sorrow was earth made ( Aurobindo )

By sacrifice, we become the Self_Actualising person of Abraham Maslow living in the widest possible frame of reference.

He who to none and nowhere overbound
By ties of flesh, takes evil things and good
Neither desponding nor exulting such
Bears Wisdom’s plainest mark! ( The Song Celestial )

About the Land of Wisdom, extolled by Western scholars

Walt Whitman said

To India, to primal thought
To Reason’s early paradise
Of Wisdom’s birth and innocent intuitions
Of a fair creation.

Mark Twain said: ” India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition.”

Will Durant said ” India is the mother of us all; through Sanskrit, the mother of Europe’s languages, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity, through the Arabs, of higher mathematics & algebra; through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is, in many ways, the mother of us all”

© G.Kumar

Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of www.astrologiavedica.com Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association ( www.p-g-a.org ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his Free ezine, the Z Files, click here. zodiac20@vsnl.com?subject=subscribe. He is contactable at zodiac20@vsnl.com. Address of his physical shop is Zodiac Computers, 3/528 Tkss Bldgs, East Nada, Guruvayur Kerala, India 680101. Office Phone +91 0487-552851. Home Phone +91 0487-422060. He has compiled Free Ebooks on AstroNumerology, Vedic Astrology & Pranic Therapy.

January 21, 2014

Crop Circles 2013 Review

West Kennet

The highly anticipated crop circle season of 2013 didn’t quite go to plan! The long awaited Mayan prophecy of December 21st (which had failed miserably to propel us into a multi-dimensional state of sheer bliss!) also didn’t go to plan and this seemed to be reflected in this year’s circles. These annual events that have long been catalysts for the awakening and enlightenment of many people, quite unexpectedly responded this year by taking a bit of a back seat. Early on they stepped back from their usual stance and supplied us with a small number of laid-back efforts that did no more than catapult us back to how they were in the early nineties (…ah, those were the days!)

Compared to previous years, the first effort to arrive was at least two months late. Arriving on the 2nd of June in a field of Oilseed Rape a humble and untidy formation appeared that was to announce the slowest start to a season in decades. To be fair though much of its lateness was obviously due to the depressingly long winter we’d suffered that had seemed to morph into an even more depressing and unseasonably wet spring. The fields were sodden and with less sunlight around the crops were at a standstill. They were extremely late in bursting forth and as a consequence you didn’t have far to go to see the Rape fields in full bloom during midsummer… something that up until this year had never really been known.

The weather may have also been responsible for the fact that this season saw for the first time since the 80’s a serious decline in numbers. By the end of the season in the UK we ended up with around 30 formations, which when you consider that it’s not so long ago that we were on the receiving end of at least a 100 – 150 annually, is to say at the very least…disappointing. Another possibility is that maybe “The Circlemakers” believe that over the past 40 years or so they’ve now said it all. Perhaps they have…and maybe now they’re at the stage of slowly wishing us a fond farewell.

Something else that didn’t help was that we were also on the receiving end of a real farmer’s revolt this year. Not only did they cut out most of the early formations as soon as they arrived but they threatened a policed closure to all their fields. This was to some extent smoothed over by some researchers who dreamt up a scheme whereby the “circle-tourists” could purchase an access pass, of which the proceeds would help to compensate the farmer’s loss. This bold plan as such never really caught on though, but who’s to say that with a bit more determination and a lot more chatting-up of farmers, this couldn’t work out in future.


It wasn’t until we got past mid-summer on the 25th of June that a formation arrived that seemed to mark the real start to the season. Looking very much like an hour glass (turn the photo sideways) was it simply telling us that time was running out? And what about those strange markings that surrounded the formation…were they not dissimilar to the scratchings of a prisoner crossing off the years on the wall of his cell? Maybe this suggests that freedom through enlightenment is not that far away. Are we viewing a simple illustration of the sands of time slipping through into a new era…of which we seem blissfully unaware of …but of that which we’re slowly becoming a part of.

What you should importantly note about this particular formation though is that if you ever wished to be convinced that this was a “real” formation then this was it! For throughout the whole of the formation were some of the most impressive biophysical anomalies ever found, which offered proof indeed that on this occasion here was an amazingly crafted sculpture that simply wasn’t man-made. Apart from several who witnessed in some areas what can only be described as the most precise selection of which stems were to be laid and which were to remain standing, the nodes of the plant stems throughout were discovered elongated and swollen. This evidence alone suggests that many of the nodes had exploded during the short but creative energy process (expulsion cavities). Such anomalies that we often come across like this are the true signature of who really is behind this amazing phenomena.


A very neat design arrived on the 7th of July which curiously marked the 66th anniversary of the notorious Roswell incidents. Here we have an illustration of a ship…albeit one that’s sinking within a crescent moon. Representing an ancient Sumerian “Boat of Heaven” that’s often been associated with today’s spacecraft technology, here we see the hull breaking up as this symbolic “alien” vessel falls to Earth.

This was another circle that was to feature some remarkable anomalies but unfortunately (apart from a small number of researchers who were allowed to record it) the farmer didn’t allow any visitors. But at least we have to be grateful I suppose that this one did get recorded…because so many others unfortunately didn’t. As far as the landowners are concerned cutting out the formations as soon as they arrive immediately sours the event and swiftly lifts the burden of policing the fields.


Although it was late in the day, August was the month where the phenomenon picked itself up and began presenting us with what was arguably this years best of the bunch. Three formations appeared on the 1st of August alone, and although all three were of a consistently high standard, they appeared to be quiet basic as far as their overall design was concerned.
This particular formation appeared to hold a lot of energy and many claimed that they’d experienced a very strong response from dowsing rods, even after the formation had been down a couple of days.


Arriving on the 6th of August in an area that’s been blessed by many formations over the years, this was quite an unusual design. Some interpreted it as a “star council” of sorts that were sitting round a “round” table contemplating a rather odd cube. A very odd cube because in a rather mystifying way its sides were slightly curved. Was this a feature created by accident or by design?…we’ll probably never know!


A more traditional simple mandala appeared on the tenth that many likened to a set of neatly arranged clothe pegs! You will appreciate though that in order to create a design with such impact as this that it’s had to rely on quite a substantial amount of crop being laid…(For the less that is laid is that which is less likely to be subsequently damaged by visitors…which is something that “The Circlemakers” normally seem to be quite mindful of).


What at first glance might just be perceived as a simple circle, held one of the most impressive floor patterns we’ve ever seen. A complex and intertwined “Star of David” together with a centralised sun-burst amazingly appeared when viewed from above.

So what we should really be asking ourselves is, how do you go about getting a highly complex and textured piece of art on this scale exactly right in the dark?


On the 13th of August yet another formation appeared at Hackpen Hill. With the “Hackpen White Horse” etched out in the chalk nearby this was the third one to appear here this year. Usually when they’re found in this area they occupy the fields below the white horse which provide a superb overview when you climb above. A couple of weeks later it was reported that the formation had received additions that were to considerably alter its appearance. What had started out as a very simple “Spirographic” circle (or a ring of circles holding hands!)…was completely transformed into a more complex design that exhibited quite a neat-ish floor-lay.


This year’s events that were so far received by many as mostly disappointing suddenly moved up a few gears in what was later classified as these seasons’ death throes. Too little too late perhaps?…But if you were visiting the fields of Wiltshire as late as mid-August onwards you were witness to a crop circle phenomenon that was at long last back on track. With the blades of the combines fast approaching it became a chase from rumours to reports as the last flurry of formations arrived.


Appearing on the 13th of August right next to the West Kennet Longbarrow this Mayan influenced formation took many by surprise…after all, weren’t we all done with that 2012 business last season?

This formation basically illustrates a triangular shaped craft or UFO within a series of arcs. The placement of the UFO in an off-centre position is most certainly deliberate and relates to features within the surrounding landscape. As well as acknowledging the ancient West Kennet Longbarrow that it chose to closely sit beside, it also pointed out via one of its triangular sides the nearby “pyramid” mound of Silbury Hill. Whilst now forming a conical shape, Silbury was once a stepped structure and this might well be represented by the small illustration that’s found within the top sweep of the arcs.

At the very centre of the UFO we find a reference to the ancient Mayan entity Quetzalcoatl that takes the form of a headdress…(Six nearly identical crop wedges that sit on each side of the inner circle in order to form twelve “quetzal feathers”).
Quetzalcoatl promised to return at the end of the Mayan Calendar…did we get the date right?(Which on the face of it isn’t such a bad assumption considering the number of alternative dates that are still being suggested and that which would now lead us to conclude that his return in a space craft is still forthcoming!)

Although on this occasion it’s more simply put we’ve seen this headdress symbolised before in several pre-2012 formations that yielded much information concerning the end of the Mayan Calendar. It’s also interesting to note that the “lunar crescent” motif alongside the “alien” almond shape that’s featured here has been strongly employed in at least three or four of the previous Mayan influenced formations.


A really beautiful formation landed in a friendly farmer’s field on the 19th of August. The fields surrounding Etchilhampton Hill have seen some remarkable formations over the years and this season’s effort proved to be no exception.

The lay of the wheat was jaw-dropping to say the least. It had numerous features, many of which were quite subtle to the discerning eye, but what was outstanding and quite beyond any human capability was the way the outer ring had been woven into a stunning chequer-board lay.

When you view this masterpiece from above your immediately struck by its strong resemblance to a six-bladed lens aperture…and what’s more in camera optic terms it’s denoting an aperture of approx. F5.6 – F8. The variation of those blades within a camera lens determines how much light is to be let in…maybe “The Circlemakers” are suggesting we haven’t received enough yet…I look forward to a formation in the future that might suggest F1.2!


Once again one of the last circles to appear this season surprisingly held a strong Mayan influence. Typically within a Mayan circle design we have an “alien” almond shaped centrepiece complete with a Quetzalcoatl headdress or if you view the formation the other way up, a smiley faced version with a neat looking beard! He’s surrounded by a ring that features thirteen “spiral-square” spirals that are symbols of time…which clearly in this instance represent the “13 Baktuns” of the new 5,000 year Mayan calendar which began on the 21st December 2012.

By presenting us with yet another Maya influenced formation that strongly hints at the return of this legendary spiritual teacher, are we to believe that without a shadow of a doubt his return is imminent? After all it’s been long believed that he would return at a time when the world is oppressed to help bring about an era of peace within a new spiritual order.


A much more simple and attractive formation just happened to arrive on the same day. It had placed itself beside Marden Henge which is one of Britain’s most important, but least understood prehistoric monuments. It doesn’t attract as many visitors as for instance Stonehenge or Avebury because it no longer sports a fine set of standing stones. However it’s still a very interesting place to visit and having a superb crop formation lying within spitting distance of it certainly attracts us to it.

The sheer size of the henge has long fascinated archaeologists who are particularly intrigued by the evidence that supports the idea that up until the early 19th century there would have been a huge mound, similar to Silbury Hill that would have quite effectively created a dominant centrepiece.

The final formation of the year landed in Dorset near Shaftsbury on the 30th of August and because it was a bit off the beaten track it didn’t receive many visitors. But then again the number of visitors to the circles this year had dwindled anyway which was largely due to the unexpected drop in circle numbers. Aided and abetted by farmers who seemed more anxious than ever to cut them out, the wind had been truly knocked out of the “croppies” sails.

Because they’ve had to book months in advance of any realisation of a “thin on the ground season” many of the visitors to our circles seemed to be from overseas… And so it’s not uncommon to strike up a warm and enthusiastic conversation inside one from somebody who’s from Portugal or Peru! This is one of the great things about crop circles…because they’re such a common denominator the people you meet inside them are usually so warm and friendly that it’s a good bet that you’ll be having your photo taken with someone who up until ten minutes ago was a complete stranger!

Over forty countries world-wide have been on the receiving end of this phenomenon and those from foreign fields are drawn to the fields of Southern England because the UK is regarded as the “Mecca” for the whole thing. Some of them probably could have stayed at home this year and visited their own jaw-dropping efforts the like of which we usually get! For it was business as usual across the Channel with Holland receiving more than a dozen events and Italy and the Czech Republic producing some outstanding designs.

I’m sure they’ll bounce back into our fields next year because I’m not convinced that they intend to slowly fade away…We’ve always approached them in the past as  something we have to solve or an enigma we have to explain…And whilst we still don’t appear to have an real answers for their being, we’ve certainly learnt one thing along the way and that’s that first and foremost they are attention seekers. If they are torn out at birth or not paid a visit they might well disappear…I don’t think we’ll ever quite understand them…but obviously the more attention we give them and try to work out their puzzles, the greater our reward will be.

G.Tucker © 2013

End notes

• All these photographs were used by kind permission of Steve Alexander © 2013.Steve is a professional crop circle photographer who produces a beautiful yearbook illustrating the season’s events that’s usually alongside a DVD.  Details to be found on his homepage at: http://www.temporarytemples.co.uk

April 26, 2013

Boji Stones

A set of Boji Stones

It is said that Boji Stones™ originate from only one place in the USA and they grow like mushrooms. Only one male stone grows for every seven females! The male is the rougher looking of the pair whilst the female Boji is smooth. They are best used in pairs but you will often see the females made into pendants.

The stones themselves are blackish brown in colour and a small flattish sphere in shape. Their size can vary from about the size of a penny up to almost the size of a golf ball. In our experience the average size is around that of a 50 pence piece.

You can also get Rainbow Boji Stones. These are as they sound in so far as they have rainbow colours running through them, most likely due to another mineral or crystal running through them. They are much harder to come by and much more expensive.

No one is quite sure what the actual mineral/crystal or chemical make up of the Bojis Stones are, which makes them even the more intriguing.

A set of Boji Stones

A set of Boji Stones

We find them fascinating and have also found that essentially although they are all the same, each pair seems to have a slightly different energetic quality. For example some will be much better at grounding whilst others seem to excel at opening the chakras. Other pairs have been excellent for physical healing. One man we spoke to had severely burned his arm, yet within two days of applying the Bojis regularly, the pain and blisters had almost disappeared, something that would generally have taken weeks to clear.

As mentioned in another piece in the Library about Chakras, Boji Stones™ can be used to balance the Chakras; in fact Boji Stones™ can help align and balance all the Chakras automatically. This means that positive energy will pass through each Chakra (normally from the Crown Chakra {top} to the Base Chakra {bottom}) and aid the release any blockages there may be. It may take more than one session to fully achieve this, although even one session will normally yield significant improvements.

If you are using Bojis for meditating and chakra work, we generally suggest that you place the male (rough) in the left hand and the female (smooth) in the right hand. This then has a balancing effect on both sides of the body and brain. If you are extremely out of balance this may feel uncomfortable, in which case use them in whichever way feels comfortable for you.

Brian’s thoughts:
Here I would like to share a few of my personal thoughts and experiences on using Boji Stones.

As well as using the Bojis during meditation I have used them in combination with other crystals to add a different energy to my healing/meditation sessions.

By holding a Boji in each palm and placing a crystal between the thumb and index finger of each hand you can greatly enhance the experience. There are many different combinations that can be used but here are a couple that I have used regularly:

  •  Herkimer diamonds – this greatly enhances the opening and linking with the crown chakra especially, and generally sends a blast of positive energy through each chakra along the way!! Do not try this is you are generally quite spacey; you will need quite good control of your energies before you give this one a go!
  • Black tourmaline – this really brings you back down to earth! It will also help disperse and release any blockages you have.

I will be adding more combinations to this section as I work with them; so do pop back from time to time.

As with any energy work always make sure you are grounded and centred in your own space (see the Grounding and Protection section).

Many websites or books that you read about Boji Stones will tell you that they do not need cleansing. Personally, I feel that any crystal or healing tool will always benefit from tender loving care and cleansing. Bojis in particular seem to like the ‘smoke method’. Please see my Energizing Crystals section in the Library for further information on cleansing and energizing crystals.

© Brian Lynn, 2003

September 26, 2012


The Chakra Positions

Energy exists in all things in the known universe from human beings to the chair that you sit on. There are seven main points in the body where energy is obvious, these are called Chakras. The Chakra Points, to some degree, determine how you feel. Chakras are like vortices of energy that spin both from the front of our bodies and the back. These energy centres can get blocked and sluggish at times, therefore making certain aspects of our life or physical body feel the same way. They can also spin too fast and become overactive, this in turn can also cause imbalances on various levels. Therefore, what we strive to achieve is a nicely balanced chakra system, so that each centre is working at its optimum level for us to feel healthy and harmonious in all aspects.

It is important then to realise that you may not need to energise certian chakras or indeed that others will need far more enrgy at certain times. A qualified healer will be able to perceive what is going on in each of your chakras and would allow energy to flow (or work with colours, crystals and sound according to need for your highest good) By using your own intuition you can get a fairly good idea of what is going on in your chakra system and work with this accordingly. If in doubt seek further advice from someone that is experienced in this field. (See Sharon and Brian in the Directory section for Healing)

With a well balanced Chakra system you will feel fit, healthy and harmonious. When they are not balanced you may feel disorientated, uncomfortable and lethargic.

The Chakras can also help you to communicate with the spirit realm. By learning to open your Chakras you push your energy level out, which ‘opens’ you for spiritual communication, but you must remember to close your Chakras because staying open too long will cause unbalancing.

Each Chakra works best with certain colours. There are seven major Chakra points in our bodies and they are situated as so:-

The Chakra Positions

The Chakra Positions

  1. Red – is the BASE, situated at the base of the spine. It is like the roots of a tree that bury themselves in the very heart of the Earth.
  2. Orange – is the SACRAL, situated about two inches below the navel. A mix of red and yellow, the Earth and the Sun. This is a mixture that benefits both mind (the Sun) and body (the Earth).
  3. Yellow – is the SOLAR PLEXUS, situated at the upper stomach (about four fingers width above the navel). It works to influence your mental attitude, enabling you to be good natured, contented and happy in whatever you choose to do.
  4. Green – is the HEART, situated in the middle of chest. The colour of growth and renewal. Green is a good balance between mind and body, it brings serenity and calmness both to you and those you come in contact with.
  5. Blue – is the THROAT, situated near bottom of the throat. Blue is a very strong, healing colour. It brings calm, peace and a love of both freedom and togetherness.
  6. Purple – is the BROW, situated in the middle of the forehead (or slightly lower/between eyebrows). This deeply spiritual colour is linked to the Pineal Gland in the brain which is said to be a sensory organ. It enables the individual to see, hear, write and work with Spirit Guides.
  7. Violet/White/Silver/Gold – is the CROWN chakra, situated at the top of the head. This is linked to the Pituitary Gland that secretes hormones to other glands of the body. It also symbolises purity of mind and body and is the strongest link to the spirit world.
    Physically relates to – legs, feet, base of spine, bones, kidneys
    If imbalanced – unstable, insecure, hunger/weight gain, constipation, arthritis, spinal tension, knee problems
    Physically relates to – reproductive system, skin, spleen, bladder, lower intestine
    If imbalanced – jealousy, anger and other negative emotions, sexual problems, allergies, bladder
    Physically relates to – stomach, liver, digestion, nerves, muscles, gall bladder
    If imbalanced – fear, lack confidence, perfectionist, too much intellect, diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders
    Physically relates to – heart, circulation, arms, hands, blood
    If imbalanced – emotionally unstable, inability to show or receive affection, critical, heart problems, high blood pressure
    Physically relates to – throat, mouth, neck, ears, lungs, shoulders
    If imbalanced – communication issues, little discernment, ignorance, thyroid, ear, neck and throat problems
  • BROW
    Physically relates to – left eye, nose, nervous system, lower brain
    If imbalanced – cynical, fear, little focus/concentration, detached, headaches, eye problems/blindness, vivid/unpleasant dreams
    Physically relates to – right eye, upper brain
    If imbalanced – confused, depression, lack of enthusiasm/inspiration, migraines, forgetful/senile, psychotic

Chakras & Colours

If we integrate the various colours that relate to each chakra, either through healing, visualization, clothes we wear, crystals etc.. we can go a long way to bringing about a balance within these areas. Below is a list of various colours and how bringing them into our related chakras can enhance certain traits/emotions and aid certain physical issues.

  • RED (Base) – grounding, stability, stamina, motivation, self – confidence, purpose, passion, excitement
  • ORANGE (Sacral) – joy, respect for oneself, release (of stored negativity), creativity, cheer, pick-me-up, happiness
  • YELLOW (Solar plexus) – cleansing, cheer, happiness, upliftment, ego, will(power), energy, focus, enthusiasm, self worth
  • GREEN (Heart) – balance, harmony, peace, abundance, love yourself, release (heart related emotions), growth/new beginnings
  • BLUE (Throat) – release of physical tension, communication, peace, healing, honesty, calming, cleansing, express oneself
  • INDIGO/PURPLE (Brow) – wisdom, protection, vision, responsibility, understanding, seeking, power
  • WHITE (Crown) – clarity, cleansing, clearing negativity, universal energy, has all colours within it, pureness


  • PINK – sensitivity, compassion, unconditional love, nurturing
  • VIOLET – power, transformation, spiritual growth, freedom, cleansing, knowing (clairvoyance)
  • BLACK – absorbs negative, stability, protection, power, grounding,
  • TURQUOISE – healing on all levels, communication, immune system,

There are a multitude of ways to open your Chakras (energy centres). Some people can ‘open’ (tune in on a spiritual level) instantly, for others it can take several minutes. If you follow the simple meditation script, you will notice that it takes you through the seven Chakra colours from red to white. Visualising these colours going through the body will in turn open each Chakra. You can visualise the colours as lights, mists or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Once you have worked through these you will find it easier to work on a spiritual level. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel natural or easy at first, as with all things the more you practice the easier it will become.

To cleanse the Chakras yourself (as opposed to using one of the crystals which can perform this task automatically) you can visualise yourself under a waterfall or in a clear pool, again, whatever you are comfortable with.

Once you have finished balancing and cleansing your Chakras you must remember to ‘shut down’. If you don’t close your energy centres you will begin to feel unwell and fuzzy headed. Closing the Chakras is the reverse process of opening them i.e. visualising white light enveloping you from the top of your head and slowly moving down to red, the final colour, at the base of your spine. Normally you would image yourself being wrapped in a red cloak or something similar in the final stage.
Chakra and Crystals.

The Chakras work well with crystals. By holding and receiving the energy of the crystals, you can open, close or balance your Chakras. Every crystal performs a different job so it’s worth checking with someone who knows before you decide which one is going to be best for you to use on each occasion. Here is a list of some of the crystals and the Chakras they best relate to:

  • Base – Garnet, Bloodstone, Ruby, Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian.
  • Sacral – Gold Topaz, Coral, Orange Calcite, Amber, Citrine, Carnelian, Peach Aventurine. Moonstone
  • Solar plexus– Amber, Gold, Gold Calcite, Citrine Gold Tigers Eye.
  • Heart – Chryoprase, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Green & Pink Tourmaline, Green Jade, Green Adventurine.
  • Throat– Blue Topaz, Celestite, Turquoise Chrysocolla Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Kyanite Blue lace Agate
  • Brow – Quartz Crystal, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli Amethyst, Sapphire and Sodalite.
  • Crown – Purple Flourite, Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Diamond, Alexandrite, Amethyst.

There are also some crystals that can help balance, open, close and ground such as Boji Stones™

For a more detailed look at the benefits of certain crystals, take a look at Sharon’s article on Crystals.

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December 26, 2011

Crystals – Chakras & Crystal Healing

This section follows on from the Chakra article, and takes a slightly more in-depth look at the uses of crystals in relation to the Chakras.

As a general rule the colour of the crystal is normally similar to that of their corresponding Chakra. For example, the darker coloured crystlas such as red, brown and black, will only feel comfortable on the lower chakras. As mentioned before, chakras ‘spin’ at different rates. The lower chakras are much slower that the higher chakras, therefore you need to use crystals also according to their energetic frequency. Some crystlas have a very fast vibration, like quartz, and others feel much slower and more dense, like jasper.The slower and more dense crystals should only be used on lower chakras as placing a dense/heavy frequency crystal on a high frequency chakra such as the third eye or crown can make you feel quite uncomfortable.

Working with crystals on chakras is all about trying to bring each energy centre into a state of balance. If a chakra is overactive, you would need a crystal that would help to calm this down. for example if someone has a sore throat from talking too much, then something like blue lace agate will help to ease this. If, however they are having trouble with communication at the throat chakra then you need a faster more energetic crystal such as sodalite to encouage this and to activate the chakra rather than trying to calm it and so on. As before, use your intuition as much as possible as crystals will help you out! However, if you want to find out more then check with a qualified crystal healer.(See Sharon and Brian in the Directory section under Healing)

Here are some examples of crystals and the Chakras with which they work, along with what they are used for on a spiritual, physical, mental or emotional level.

The 1st Chakra (the Base or Root Chakra):-

The main colour of this Chakra is red, although other colours such as brown and black also work. Examples of crystals which can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

  • Bloodstone – helps decision making and unselfishness. Can improve talents and creative abilities. It also helps to dispel bewilderment. Bloodstone helps purify the blood and aids treatment of the spleen, liver, bladder & intestines. It can balance blood flows and aid rashes, leukemia and failing eyesight.
  • Red Jasper – can help you to learn to progress and also allows you to remember dreams more clearly. Helps prevent setbacks and can soothe the nerves. It can also aid loss of smell and help treat tissue deterioration in internal organs.
  • Obsidian – a good ‘grounding’ stone for meditation. Protects from both physical and emotional harm. It brings purity by balancing body, mind and spirit. . It can also help clear the eyes and aid disorders of the veins and skeletal structure.

The 2nd Chakra (the Sacral or Spleen Chakra):-

The main colour of this Chakra is orange. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

  • Carnelian – good for stabalising energy in the home. Protects from envy, fear and rage and can be used to dispel apathy. It can remove negativity from other stones. It can help in the treatment of neuralgia, colds, gall & kidney stones and pollen allergies. It also aids disorders of the spine, spleen and pancreas.
  • Gold Topaz – Like a battery, Topaz can recharge your energies. It enhances your relaxation and feelings of peace and calm. Also it acts to initiate faith and can attract people to you. It can aid disorders of the liver, endocrine glands and the bladder.
  • Amber – can help one to choose and also be chosen. It is said to bring good luck in battle, most likely because of it’s protective qualities. It cleanses its surroundings and helps to purify mind, body and spirit. It can help diseases of the throat, and aid the kidneys and bladder.

The 3rd Chakra (the Solar Plexus):-

The main colour of this Chakra is yellow. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

  • Gold Tigers Eye – Good for meditation as it instills peacefulness and can also enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Encourages optimism and a positivity for life. Good for stimulating wealth. It can help problems with the eyes, throat, reproductive system and bowel cramps. It can also aid night vision and help mend broken bones.
  • Citrine – It is said to help income if placed in your till or cash box. It can help dispel fear and brings a great sense of happiness & comfort. It can be helpful in the resolution of group/family problems. Also it is good for circulation and to help digestive disorders. A very positive stone. Cleansing and helps instil cheer, upliftment and positive decision making.
  • Gold Calcite – is an energy amplifier and releases electrical pulses when under pressure. It helps the user to remember, especially in meditation, and is a great aid to study (particularly the arts and sciences). It can also clear and activate the Chakra it is working with. Helps the spleen, pancreas & kidneys to function properly and can also aid decalcifying bone growths.

The 4th Chakra (the Heart Chakra):-

The main colour of this Chakra is green. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

  • Jade – said to bless what it touches. Used as a protection from ill health and attack. Inspires ambition and releases blockages to allow you to attain your goals and dreams. A confidence booster. Can stimulate the adrenal glands and help regulate the metabolism. Also helps with colic and aids the body when it is under stress.
  • Emerald – can enhance the memory and its capacity. Good for meditation as it regulates breathing. An excellent stone for happy, harmonious relationships and also brings loyalty. Helps you to focus and be practical about life. Also said to bring favourable results in legal matters. It soothes the eyes and can help treat the spine, heart, lungs and muscles.
  • Rose Quartz – this may seem to be out of place as the crystal is, as its name suggests, pink in colour and not green, however Rose Quartz is the ‘Crystal of Love’ so it is ideal for use with the Heart Chakra. It helps you to love and to be happy with yourself and others. It heals emotional wounds and brings peace and trust to relationships.

The 5th Chakra (the Throat Chakra):-

The main colour of this Chakra is blue. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

  • Sodalite – eliminates confusion and encourages trust in oneself and others. Allows you to realise and speak your true feelings. Can dispel insomnia and aids purification of the body, helping digestive disorders and glandular problems. Also helps with calcium deficiency.
  • Kyanite – similar to the Boji Stone™, Kyanite will automatically balance, clear and align all the Chakras. It is very calming and, therefore, good for meditation. It can help the throat and also with communication.
  • Turquoise – a protective stone and an excellent healer. It is also a good ‘grounder’ and can therefore protect and keep you level-headed during meditation. When used with the Throat Chakra it will help with communication of emotions and intuition. An all-round healer that can help strengthen the entire body. Helps to fight all illness, and is especially good for eyes, throat and headaches.

The 6th Chakra (the Third or Psychic Eye):

The main colour of this Chakra is indigo/purple. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

  • Sapphire – said to be the stone of prosperity. It eases frustration. Blue Sapphire aids communication and helps develop psychic abilities. Enables you to interact comfortably and beneficially with others. Relieves blockages and gets rid of negative energies. It can also help with disorders of the blood and brain.
  • Lapis Lazuli – enhances wisdom and expands awareness. It can help you understand your dreams and provides clarity of mind, body and spirit. Aids the organisation of a daily routine. It can relieve depression and protect from psychic attacks.
  • Azurite – good for psychic development and discussion. Relieves any blockages and worries to allow you to progress in which ever direction you need to go. Gives confidence & inspiration, and enhances relaxation, so making meditation easier to achieve. It helps disorders of the bones and circulation. Clears unwanted toxins from the body.

The 7th Chakra (the Crown Chakra):-

The main colour of this Chakra is violet/white. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

  • Clear Quartz – a good ‘all round’ healing, energizing and balancing crystal. It dispels negativity. Very good for the mind in meditation and spiritual development. Helps ease pain. Can aid vertigo, circulation, fever and glandular swelling. Can help to eliminate toxins, it can also benefit digestion, bladder and kidneys.
  • Amethyst – one of the most popular crystals, probably because it has such a calming effect. Clears negativity from the body and also from its surroundings (which is why it is suggested that you place a piece of Amethyst near your television to disperse unwanted electro-magnetic energy. However we feel that black tourmaline is the best thing for this purpose as amethyst can be too brittle and end up breaking). Excellent for meditation, spiritual & psychic work and will help protect you from harm. It can aid the nervous system and hearing disorders. Also good for headaches and relieving insomnia. The digestive tract, stomach, heart, skin and teeth can also benefit.
  • Purple Fluorite – brings order to every part of your being (i.e. mind, body, emotions and spirit). Helps you to understand the balances essential to all relationships and can help attain physical perfection. It cleanses & purifies and helps dispel the symptoms of cold, flu, infections and ulcers before they take hold. Also used to treat tumours in their early stages. Can help the bone structure by strengthening cells.

© S.L.Barnett, 2000, 2003

November 26, 2011

Dowsing – A Brief Introduction

What is Dowsing?

It is the ability to use the Natural Sensitivity, which we all possess, that enables us to know things, to seek for and locate things which we cannot know or do by using the day to day brain, or by learning, or by experience, or by using the five physical senses which we are born with

Dowsing enables us to work at any distance around the world from the comfort of our own home.  Distance, depth, height, date, location seem to make no difference and there are very few (if any) that cannot be found by dowsing and there is much more that can be found.

What can be done by Dowsing?

There is very little in the physical world which cannot be found by dowsing and there is much, in addition, that can be found out once you have developed, by practice and perseverance, your individual dowsing skills.

The following list gives an ides of the many and varied fields to which dowsing can be applied – and this is by no means exhaustive.

  • Water: The location of underground streams at any depth, their direction of flow, their depth, the quality of the water and what quantity could be drawn off in say gallons per hour or day etc..  The location of springs or a well in your neighbours garden that has fallen into disuse – and much more.
  • Minerals – Precious Stones: The location, demarcation and identification of the area, the line of the mineral lodes, depth and estimating the quantity and the quality.
  • Oil – Gas: The location of oil deposits under the land or the sea and the depth below the surface and an estimate of the quantity and the quality, also the porosity of the rock strata in which it lays.
  • Archaeology:  The location of unknown sites where nothing shows on the surface of the ground.  The depth below the surface that a site lies, the outline, the run of defences, the depth of ditches, the run and heights of previous walls and buildings.  The location of roads, grave sites and burials.  The dates of sites and so on.
  • The location of sunken ships and submarines:
  • Building Sites: Examination for all purposes, the water runs underneath them, rock state, soil state, rock faults, old wells, cavities, cellars, drains, sewers, cables and pipes and so on – especially if it is intended to build on that site.
  • Location of pipes, cables and drains: The line of the run, depth, location of fractured pipes, broken cables, leaks and blockages.  It is particularly to farmers for searching for old or lost field drains and tracing water supplies from farm to field and field to field for animal drinking troughs and so on.
  • Location of tunnels, caves, lost mine workings: The demarcation, size and depth of them and flooding.
  • Lost articles: Valuables, car keys, rings, brooches, purses, wallets to name but a few.
  • Missing people: This is one of the most difficult tasks owing to the difficulty of identification and should be undertaken with care and careful preparation – bear in mind that some people deliberately ‘disappear’ for their own personal reasons and have no wish to be found.
  • Tracking lost animals or children or perhaps someone elderly and confused in areas of ,say, woodland:
  • Plant and soil treatments: Mainly used in determining how to improve soil quality for the various plants to be grown in it and determining the best location for plants, trees and shrubs etc.
  • Medical: A number of qualified doctors and others are increasingly using dowsing techniques to assist in diagnosis and the selection of remedies.
  • Animals: Pendulum dowsing can be used to locate health problems in animals and help in the selection of remedies.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accepts this course of action providing the services of a vet are called for if it is considered that the animal needs professional help.
  • Healing of houses, shops, factories, offices etc. of the effects of Geopathic Stress::  This has become quite a large part of the work undertaken by dowsers.  Geopathic Stress can be particularly harmful and health threatening and prolonged period spent with its influence can and usually does cause a worsening of a condition e.g. arthritis, depression, sleeplessness, heart problems to name but a few.

How Does it Work?

The short answer is that no-one really knows – it just does!.  The scientific world, geologists and archaeologists and so on appear to put their heads in the sand because here is something that cannot be Proved nor can it be Disproved scientifically.  However it is surprising how many water, mining, oil companies and so on use dowsers in exploration work – it is never admitted because it may take away the credibility of the large concern – increasingly police forces etc. will use the services of a dowser.

All that can be said is that it is an in-built ability within man from the beginning of time, it helped him to find his food and water and his minerals.  In addition it helped him to communicate with other members of his tribe at a distance and there are still in this world so-called primitive tribes who have these natural abilities to this day.  Gradually over the centuries our so called sophistication and civilisation etc. have stifled these natural abilities, plus, of course, condemnation by the church particularly in the period of about 1610 until the late 1700’s and even today when it was and is, by some, considered the work of the devil.  I firmly believe that it is some primeval and natural instinct that lies deep within us all, the Mind which has the ability to receive communication from the Universal Mind that knows and controls everything that there has ever been, that there is and ever will be – God.  I firmly believe that it is a God given gift – to everyone who is prepared to develop and use it – to be used for the benefit of our fellow man and the world in which we live.

Who can be a Dowser?

Again the short answer is, Everyone.  Once you have been shown the basics and have accepted that it is a gift open to everyone and you are prepared to put yourself out a little, especially in the early stages you will be on the right road to be coming a competent dowser.  It requires a lot of practice to build up your confidence.  Until you have built up that confidence keep away from sceptics because they can undermine you quicker than anything else.  At first I was hesitant and embarrassed at the thought of being seen walking along with a pendulum or pair of rods or twig from a tree, I have now developed a thick skin and am oblivious to the scoffers.  The best form of defence is to thrust the rods into their hands and tell them to have a go, it is surprising how many scoffers and sceptics get the shock of their lives when they realise that the rods are responding to something for them.

So let us clear up one point straight away.  Dowsers are not ‘odd’ people.  They are very ordinary men and women who have developed their sensitivity for practical purposes and use it on practical problems, the outcome of which are demonstrable, thus their work can be seen to be correct (or not).

Be keen, be confident, be true to yourself and your dowsing – do not bite off more than you can chew by overconfidence.  One secret is practice – practice – and even more practice.  Where possible enrol for dowsing courses through the Workers Education, Adult Education or courses run by experienced dowsers of good reputation.  Ladies seem to have an in-built sensitivity and intuition which stand them in very good stead.

What Tools are required?

The first point to get clear is, that there is no magic built into the tools.  They are inanimate indicators which are moved subconsciously by the dowser in accordance with that dowser’s ‘Code Language’, which can be different for every one.

Essentially, simplicity is the keyword, some dowsers use all sorts of tools while some, myself included use the simple things in life which, at the end of the day, give you the same results..

The pendulum: This is a simple weight on the end of a piece of cord or light chain.  The wooden light pulls are ideal but the pendulum varies from a key on the end of a bit of cord to a ring or a crystal.  I use a piece of hazel twig for indoor working and a heavier crystal for out doors, simply because you need something that will be heavy enough not to be blown around by the wind.  The pendulum is the most versatile tool for use in ‘map dowsing’ and straight question and answer type of dowsing.  For me, it rotates in a clockwise direction for ‘YES’ and anti-clockwise for ‘NO’.  It swings from side to side if the question is not understood and backwards and forwards in the ‘Search’ position.

Angle rods: The easiest and simplest of all tools to use.  They are just lengths of wire bent at right angles and can be made quite easily from old metal coat-hangers, welding rods, thin brass rod, thick wire., for example; take a pair of wire coat hangers and cut them so that the top is about 9 to 12 inches long and from the angle towards the hook for hanging, about 4 to 5 inches long, then, having cut it, bend the angle to 90 degrees.  The short length is held in the hand as the handle.  However again in windy weather, I have a pair of rods of 6 mm brass rod (almost 1/4 of an inch in diameter).

‘V’ rods: Again there are various sizes, weights and materials.  The traditional being hazel, this was mainly because it is a pliant wood that doesn’t dry out too quickly.  Quite commonly today, plastic is used at a length of about 16 to 18 inches long.

Double ‘VV’ rod: This is made as above except that it is in the shape of a ‘W’.  The advantage of this is that it is very accurate when locating and tracing small pipes etc.  However, it is difficult to get used to.

Wands: These are just springy lengths of thin branch about 36 inches long and are ideal for dowsing up a wall, for example following the path of an old chimney – these tend to meander up the walls of old houses.  A modern materials are taking over and the usual wand is a 36 inch length of fairly thin plastic.

The body itself and the hands:

Some Basic Rules:

These are some basic rules which are a guide to beginners but still apply at all stages of the dowser’s career.

1/ Virtually all Dowsing is Seeking, Looking for Something. This must be appreciated and the mind focused in this direction at all times.

2/ Develop the Dowsing Sensitivity.  Before a dowser is any good, it is necessary to develop a dowsing sensitivity.  H/she must learn to cut out the brain and the five senses and allow the mind to reach out for the answer.  You must practice a lot in your early days and in elementary dowsing work.

3/ Practice and Test.  To develop 3 above, it is practice and more practice.  For instance practice on know things.  Dowse someone’s well and check your results against those that are known – that is how far down is the water and how deep is it?

4/ The Questions Asked Must be Clear, Correct and Appropriate to the Job in Hand.  Think carefully and make a list of questions before you start.

5/ There Must be a Need to Know.  It must be done for a specific task.  Dowsing for a client, demonstrating the practice of dowsing – but never to show off with ‘What a good and clever boy or girl I am”.

6/ Have Confidence That Dowsing Works for You.  This is essential, develop it, hang on to it, you will have failures but so what? – So many people say “Oh yes it works for me, but I don’t think I’ll be any good”  The answer to that is “Oh ye of little faith” – get practising.

7/ It is Essential to Know the Background of the Field in Which You Are Working.  If you want to do archaeological dowsing, get books from the library and learn the basic principles, this applies to anything, Psychic dowsing, any dowsing work.

8/ Be Bold in Application.  Be prepared to take on anything even those which you haven’t tried before.

9/ Time.  If there is a question of time, this must be taken into account. E.g., I want the height of the roof above floor level in the year 1250.  Everything must relate to 1250 and it must be kept firmly in mind.

10/ Identification.  If there are many objects similar to that which is being sought there must be some form of identification.  Examples are lost children or animals.  You are looking for a child, there are millions of children – you should keep in mind – I am looking for a European boy with ginger hair about ten years old etc.

11/ Preconceived Ideas – Wishful Thinking.  These are the biggest menaces in dowsing and the reason for most failures especially amongst the novice dowsers.  Failure come about when you allow the brain and/or the five senses to intrude.

All dowsers, however skilled have to be cautious not to let this happen.







© Ron Kirby

Ron is an avid dowser and is currently engaged in a number of fascinating projects including archaeological dowsing at a medieval chapel site (524 A.D.-1633 A.D.) and a prehistoric sacred circle (circa 2480 B.C.), psychic dowsing in the haunted bedroom of a castle where 18 presences have been detected spanning a period of 500+ years and also detecting grave sites outside the walls of the castle (ranging from 1232 -1488).

November 10, 2011

Dreams – How to Remember Them

 by Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D

Dreams are a powerful tool in developing deep insight about yourself and your life purpose. They are a priceless source of inspiration and creativity, as witnessed by geniuses spanning the entire range between Einstein and Salvador Dali; both of whom worked with dream and fantasy in their work.

In sleep, your spirit is unbound and you touch the subtle realms beyond waking reality. This is the place where the highest part of your consciousness, your Higher Self, can communicate directly to you. The language of this communication is the language of symbol and metaphor.

Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers their dreams. The following simple 3-step process will enable you to work with your dreams to gain deeper insights into your psyche:

(1) Make a written declaration before you sleep.

Say, or better still, write down a statement such as “I want to remember my dreams in order to receive valuable guidance”. If you are already able to remember and capture your dreams, modify this question to “Which direction should I go in life?” or “Should I take that job?” or whatever.

Put the declaration under your pillow before you go to sleep.

(2) Perform stretching exercises before you get into bed.

If you can touch your toes, then do so. At any rate, gently stretch your body so that it is relaxed and flexible. Once you are in bed and ready to sleep, you can also relax your body further. Tense and release each of your muscle groups in turn, beginning with your legs, and gradually working all the way up your body to your face. Take several deep breaths, and feel yourself relax more with each breath.

The fact is that much of our sleep time is spent de-stressing the body, which is why people often do not sleep that well. Much of this de-stressing can be done before you ever drop off.

(3) Write something down when you awake.

It is necessary to awaken gently. If you can use an alarm clock that plays GENTLE music, e.g. chimes, that would be best. Once you are awake, write something down about your dream, even if it is just a feeling.

Sometimes, if you cannot remember the dream straight away, simply lying there in your bed and pondering it will bring a fragment of the dream back. Write that piece down and often, the rest will return to you. If it does not, be content with what you have.

If you really cannot remember anything at all, then still write something down. Often, your physical, mental or emotional state upon awakening is a direct result, a hangover if you will, from the dream you have just experienced.

Be prepared for the need to persist with this process. It DOES work. Like any muscle that has been unused for years, your dream muscles may have atrophied through disuse. If you persist, the spiritual rewards and insights you gain will be very well worth it.

Copyright 2001, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

September 28, 2011


It seemed to occur all the time, no matter where I was, or what I was doing … I would look up at the clock, the VCR, the microwave or anything that had a digital readout, and there it was – 11:11. Without ever knowingly looking out for this number, how could this be happening?

The importance of eleven is never in doubt, for it’s considered a master number poised right at the beginning of a master sequence of numbers, which runs from 11 to 77. To the ancients, eleven was highly revered as a number of enlightenment, a gateway to accessing, or contact with, higher dimensions.

Rather fancifully, eleven can be drawn as two columns and with the addition of a triangle, (that symbolises the Trinity and acts as a roof), we find we can diagrammatically construct a temple – a place of enlightenment (fig. 1). (Amazingly this is achieved by using eleven lines!)

Eleven-Eleven: Temple Diagram

On a personal level the number eleven has featured in my life in quite an extraordinary way since the early eighties. During that era I purchased a digital clock and it seemed quite amusing at the time that I would frequently return from an evening out, glance at the clock and find it invariably reading 11:11. Another time I would be slouched in my armchair thinking “I should be getting to bed soon” whilst at the same time looking at the clock which 10 times out of 11 said 11:11! All this kept repeatedly happening many times and I kept on dismissing it as pure coincidence. Becoming the butt of many a joke if I was to mention it, I found myself laughing about it all anyway!

Dinner was in the microwave “How much longer?” … 11:11, 11:10 11:09 …

“My 11 o’clock client’s late, what’s the time? … er it’s just gone 10 past 11.”

Another odd thing, sometimes I would find myself looking at 11:11 as if hypnotised. 11:11 remaining there for what seemed longer than it should. Was I going mad? For this all seemed so stupid! Sometimes a month or two would go by and the 11:11 thing wouldn’t happen … It would simply go away, only to make a swift return when least expected, with 11:11 appearing in as many guises as possible.

One day on my way to work, my watch stopped for no apparent reason. It stopped at 11 minutes past 8, with the second hand frozen at the 11th digit. Anyway I shook it a bit, adjusted the time and it seemed OK. That was until a few days later when it stopped again at 5 (read 11) to 2, with the second hand stuck on the 11th minute digit again. (And all this happened whilst I’m at a checkout paying for groceries totalling £8.89, with a £20 note and receiving £11.11 in change!)

Anyway, I’ve no wish to keep labouring this too much for I’m sure you have got the gist of all this by now. There have been a couple of times though, that as far as I’m concerned, I’ll always remember for the involvement of 11:11.

One such occasion was at the recent solar eclipse, which took place on the 11th August ’99 at 11 minutes past 11. It’s important to remember though that this was Cornwall timing for totality, and I was in Wiltshire at the time. Along with my wife and a few friends we attended a gathering at Adam’s Grave, overlooking East Field (a famous location, known to ‘croppies’, that’s received some amazing crop formations over the years).

Somehow all that morning, prior to that event, I felt strangely apprehensive. Maybe all this eleven stuff was finally getting to me, after all here I was on the 11th in ’99, born in ’44 and now aged 55, waiting for an eclipse that was about to start at 11 minutes past 11! As we stood there, there were so many clouds around that we only caught fleeting glimpses of what was occurring now and again. But then amazingly, we had a 30 second window at exactly 11:11. My anxiety turned to elation, for it was almost as if it was just for me. After that moment the sun never reappeared and I can remember jokingly thinking at the time that if someone was really trying to tell me something, this was it, big time!

By this time though, I was already beginning to draw conclusions that somehow I was being personally addressed, rather than merely being subjected to a string of coincidences. Three days after the eclipse, I was to find some sort of confirmation of all this as I stared at my computer screen. Surfing the net, via links via links, I finally clicked on Joe Mason’s site at www.greatdreams.com . I couldn’t recall having been there before and it seemed quite interesting, especially as I found myself browsing through an article concerning the eclipse and its relationship to 11:11. A few more clicks and then I was into a section titled ‘Coincidences and Eleven’, and I simply couldn’t believe what I had stumbled upon, for its contents were totally unexpected. Here I found letter postings by thousands worldwide, who were also experiencing 11:11! Suddenly a realisation washed over me that it wasn’t just me after all. After I’d picked myself up off the floor, I found many more 11:11 sites and I slowly began to realise just how big this phenomenon is.

So what did I learn from all this? Well basically it seems that a theory exists that before we arrived here, a few of us programmed in a wake-up call! A master number of enlightenment we would recognise and respond to. A wake up call for ‘Lightworkers’ here to help with forthcoming Earth changes.

Are there any other explanations? Well, yes there are, but after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that what I’ve just explained to you in a nutshell is the most likely. After all, isn’t it the crop circles that are awakening our spiritual awareness during these times? … And am I not enlightening people about this? I’ve since met one or two other “eleven-eleveners”, and through some lengthy conversations, they appear to confirm what I’m saying here.

During the early nineties, which was coincidentally at a time when I first became interested in crop circles, 11 or 11:11 was clearly being written in our fields (fig. 2).

Eleven-Eleven: Elevens Diagram
At that time they were known as ‘boxes’ and a small booklet titled “Crop Circle Classification” by Pat Palgrave-Moore, records and illustrates quite a few of them. These oblong boxes also appeared within early pictogram designs (fig. 3 Chilcomb Down 1990) and as recent as ’99 they featured yet again in a “Mother of all pictograms” that came down in the renowned East Field.

Eleven-Eleven: Chilcomb Diagram

Eleven has featured numerically in formations during the past few seasons, often as its highly revered derivative 33. What we’ve never seen though, or at least until season 2000, were formations featuring eleven-fold geometry … So trust the first ever to land in what’s known locally as ‘Crop Circle Alley’ near Beckhampton on 25th July, on the very day I arrived in Wiltshire! (Oh, no not me again!) After having spent five hectic days, going round in circles, I went home. I returned again on 6th August, the very day that the second eleven-fold came down at Cherhill Field … the day it dawned on me that eleven had arrived twice!

Graham Tucker – Medway Crop Circle
(Article and diagrams © 2000)

September 15, 2011

Eleven-Eleven: The End Times

The 11:11 phenomenon that’s intrinsically linked to digital clock displays is very much about time. We’re living through a long awaited period of transition, that’s known as “The End Times” and as our reality moves towards its omega point, most people will agree that time nowadays appears to be speeding up – which it is! Time is literally collapsing, and as incredible as that may seem to some of you, the term “End Times” means quite simply the end of time.

Haven’t you noticed how time appears to pass quicker each year? We are now entering a higher dimensional aspect of our planet, and whilst you would never see this in the hands of a clock moving any faster – you can readily sense “Cosmic Time” speeding up. many have talked about these changes in different ways, with some even declaring that the 24 hour day now only equates to 16 hours … now didn’t you just know that!

Time certainly feels different now, for our world is restructuring herself. The energy of ascension is really moving fast, and with it the structure of our own bodies is altering. It’s simply has to be said that the long held prophesies of a reality change will occur because the many elements, such as the speeding up or quickening of the Earth’s pulse already exist …

Everything within creation is a vibrating energy. Whenever the speed of vibration increases, energy becomes less dense and heat is created. So look at what’s been happening to the temperature of the planet over the last few decades … we now have global warming. In all probability, this has more to do with the quickening frequency of the planetary energy field than anything else.

Through an 11:11 triggered response, information easily becomes a commodity that’s almost as important as food. As soon as you start to grow in awareness, you intuitively sense that primarily you’re a spiritual being … and along with that realisation, suddenly the fact that you pre-programmed yourself with a 11:11 reminder before you arrived here, doesn’t appear to be so far fetched!

Crop circles are also a trigger … often employing eleven in their measure, these profound wake-up calls are literally a physical manifestation of spiritual consciousness. They profoundly announce with elegant and intricate beauty, “the paradigm shift is upon you”! Acting as heralds, they’ve long been working in our recycled fields to achieve the forthcoming harvest. Each and every transmission carries a message and what has to be understood is that these cosmic imprints have an incredible power to transform. One important messenger arrived in oil seed rape at West Kennet Wiltshire early in ’98. It became known as “The Beltane Wheel”. (figure 1)

End Times

Figure 1.

Consisting of 33 tongues of flame, this ancient symbology embodies “Blazing Fire of Bales” or “Bale Fire” that referenced the old Celtic festival of Beltane. Beginning on May 1st of each year, the Beltane Festival was celebrated right throughout the month. The first half of the Celtic year though began in November and was known as “Entering the Dark” … wintertime, with its short-lived days. The second half of the year began in May at Beltane, and was known as “Entering the Light”. At Beltane, fires were prepared on hilltops using sacred wood. They were lit just before dawn, and symbolically were a celebration of leaving the dark and entering the light.

The Beltane Wheel was found lying opposite Silbury Hill, early on the morning of the 4th May. This was a fascinating formation, and one you couldn’t fail to notice with its yellow flower heads as flames. It appeared in a field that’s been overlooked by the West Kennet Longbarrow, for the past 5700 years or so. Often attracting formations within its environs, the Kennet Longbarrow is the largest barrow in England, and the ground plan of its chambers resembles a pregnant squatting goddess. The principle function of the barrow was to provide a womb, in which the dead could be reborn. With its message of entering the light, the Beltane Wheel perfectly echoed rebirth. Being springtime, there’s evidence of renewal everywhere, for suddenly meadows become alive with flora celebrating new life.

The construction of the Beltane Wheel is quite complex. Although it appears to have no circular components (that’s to say beyond its structure as a ring) it’s in fact made up of many overlapping rings.

33 is a sacred number, for it evokes “The Christ Consciousness” … eternally giving light, the 33 flames of the Beltane Wheel represents Christ’s earthly years. 33 is derived from 3 and 11, and simply by employing these numbers we find that we can easily unlock what’s encoded here.

End Times 2

Figure 2.

First of all, if we slice the inner circle pizza fashion into three we can then go on to divide the lower segment into eleven pieces. (figure 2) Next by drawing a triangle we can instantly produce another three triangles that create a three dimensional effect. (figure 3) What we’ve actually created here though is a pyramid, which in being a temple of enlightenment, symbolically pours out “the light” of enlightenment, as we enter along our chosen pathway towards a new reality.

End Times 3

Figure 3.

At this very moment in time, the Earth is slowly entering and journeying through a band of light particles known as photons – collectively “The Photon Belt”. With our entry into this belt, we are literally entering “The Light”. (figure 4) For many thousands of years man’s consciousness has been in the dark and now we are reawakening into the light … the very message of Beltane, and that which we find encoded in the Beltane Wheel.

End Times 4

Figure 4.

As the veil that separates us from higher realms becomes thinner, we are able to absorb more spiritual energy. As this energy is consumed, negativity becomes a waste product. Eleveners along with many others that are soaking up this light, should be aware that as the veil lifts the light will intensify, with the result that the dark will literally become darker. Right now the so-called dark and negative are in panic… it’s all around us I’m afraid. All of this though is nothing to be fearful about, for in the forthcoming new age of enlightenment we’re heading far beyond a fear-based reality.

Before you incarnated here, you were subjected to a process that laid out the contract governing this lifetime. In it you established the way you wished to imprint yourself upon this physical reality. Through the 11:11 experience you’ve literally been triggered into remembering this connection. This trigger is an amazing integration of spirit with physicality, which briefly allows you to glimpse the full sense of your being.

11:11 is a vibration that’s awakening a network. 11:11 is a vibration that switches on the grid consciousness and selects those for whom are pre-destined to follow this path, for there are many in service as well as in lesson. With 11:11 appearing so frequently, it’s never long before you find yourself mentioning it to others. In so doing you’ll often find that those you’ve mentioned it to, get back to you at a later date and can’t wait to tell you that they’re now having the same experience. Well folks, you’ve awakened them! … for there’s a multiplying factor here that’s now being recognised as a part of all this.

People from all walks of life experience this phenomenon, right across the board. Pre-encoded with their own personal life mission, eleveners are awakening as the Christ Consciousness. Christianity and Islam both teach that Christ will return at the end of days, and whilst that’s still possible in the flesh, it’s far more likely that the Second Coming should be regarded as a collective consciousness shift en-masse.

Before “The Guy from Galilee” began His ministry, it was the Baptist who foretold of His coming. John immersed Christ symbolically into the waters of enlightenment, for he was the Water Bearer who was pre-destined to announce the physical coming. It’s now Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac that spiritually pours out the waters of enlightenment that’s announcing the Second Coming. At long last “The Christ Consciousness” is being announced, as we ourselves become baptised as we become fully immersed in the Light. This is the long-awaited transition into Superconsciousness that’ll reawaken our spiritual faculties … finally it seems, we shall see ourselves for what we really are – spiritual beings!

Graham Tucker
(Article and diagrams © 2003)