March 27, 2002

The Druid Tradition

Questing for enlightenment through the Druid tradition is ultimately a quest for understanding your inner self and your relationship to the world around you, to the ancestors and the divine. Finding those quite moments of inner peace feeds the soul, expands our consciousness and understanding of the natural world and our selves.

To feel the heart beat of the earth and the rhythm of nature coincide with the your own heart beat leads to a deeper understanding of our connection to the ebb and flow of all creation. But it takes courage, determination and trust to brake through our natural protective systems that are in-built in our modern day psyche. With practice, determination and enthusiasm these barriers begin to brake down, and allows us to open fully to the wisdom, teaching and inspiration of the natural world, the ancestors, the divine and indeed ourselves.

Most people appreciate a picturesque, natural scene. The rugged rocky coastline of Cornwall, the rolling fields of Kent, the highland glens of Scotland. We can not help but feel relaxed and contented when we are within these landscapes. Within Druidry we aim to develop this further, to increase our awareness and perception of these natural, wild places and take part in the flow of spirit that is inherent in all things; The trees, rocks, birds, animals, flowers, the wind as it rushes through your hair. The healing that is available to us and the healing we can offer, by reaching this state of rootedness within this sacred land, is vast, probably beyond your comprehension until it is actually experienced.

Once we allow ourselves to be open to the ebb and flow of this creative energy, we begin to feel centred and balanced, we become empowered. We breathe in the regenerative energies of the natural world, we reconnect with the source of breath, and come to know that it all originates from the same source. A Druid is honoured and humbled by this knowing, and offers sincere thanks to that creative force that initiated the awakening. We give an exchange of energy; a gift of flowers, songs, poetry or prayer.

The fleeting moments of that magical, spiritual experience become more longer lasting. The experience of the spiritual moment becomes the spiritual ecstasy that feeds our soul, knowledge and understanding. The moment we become enlightened is when we realise that the ecstasy is to be found within ourselves, for we too are made of the same matter as stars, trees, rocks and animals. We are facilitators of this creative energy and the earth is the keeper and originating source, the sun and moon causing the tides of the seasons to swell and fall.

This interconnection is never more deeply felt when we consider the cycle of our life and the cycle of the earth. All to often we only see that we are born, grow old and die. However, the Druid knows that life spirals on, that we are born, grow old, die and yet we are reborn again. Not necessarily of this world, of human form or indeed a living entity. Our life then becomes a circle or spiral, our soul journeying through many incarnations. When we look to the cycle of the earth, winter follows autumn, autumn follows summer, and summer follows spring, which follows winter, and so on. The constant flow of the seasons is accepted as a natural cycle of death and rebirth. However, what initiates these cycles? The cycle of seasons are initiated by the movement of the Earth around the sun and the moon around the earth. So what initiates the cycle of our lives must be the incarnation of our soul in our physical body. Therefore if we ‘map’ the two cycles upon one another, we can see that the sun and moon and our soul are one and the same thing. Therefore by honouring the sun and the moon, celebrating the changing tides of the seasons, we are also celebrating our inner sun and moon, and the changing tides of our evolving and growing.

All too often in our present day lives, we feel disconnected or separate from the natural world. We have to struggle and plan and catch fleeting moments to enjoy the places of wild beauty, the tranquillity of a garden, to walk the dog! However, by making a conscious effort to feel the earth beneath our feet, to feel the wind in your hair, the rain on your face, the sun upon your skin; our Inner Light, our Soul responds. Our stress and tension are washed and burnt away, we feel alive and a part of the creation once more.

We are fed and drink from the cauldron of inspiration, as our pathways of perception are opened through the deeper contact with the natural world. The Ancestors not only of our bloodline, but also of the land, upon which we stand and of our spiritual heritage, guide, protect and walk with us. Each a part of the other, each adding their own drop of inspiration in the cauldron. We are the Ancestors of the future and the souls of the past in this present moment. The gateways that are marked at most of Britain’s ancient sacred sites, are gateways to our own inner mysteries and the mysteries of our ancestors, the gods and all creation.

I have been walking my path of Pagan, Shamanic Druidry for about 12 years now. I facilitate the Greenwood Grove of the British Druid Order in Kent and lead workshops, courses and events and other groups to ‘rediscover our native spiritual heritage’. If you are interested in any of the groups I am involved with or would like to find out more about what I do, then contact me, Rob Wilson on 07870755089 or e-mail

Blessed Be as Blessed is!

Rob Wilson
Tuesday, 26 February 2002

© Rob Wilson, 2002