November 11, 2017

Using Heart Doodles to Raise Your Vibration

I’ve been using heart doodles to manifest more joy and success in my life and business for over 250 days now, and I’m excited to share with you this simple, fun, heart-centred idea and method that takes just a few moments of your time! I’d love to inspire you to do this too.

Everyone can doodle. Whether you are just using a scrap of paper and a pencil or you use a special journal and get out your sparkly coloured pens… it’s not about creating something perfect it’s about letting your creative flow out. It’s about letting go of a habit of over-thinking, or being self-critical. It’s about getting out of your head space and into your heart energy which raises your happy vibe and welcomes more things to be happy about into your life.

Some days you’ll have more spare time than others and some days you may be feeling more creative and want to fill a whole page with a magnificent heart focused mandala. Other days maybe you’ll just manage a really simple single heart sketch. Accepting there is variance and that the simple little pencil heart is just as valuable as the elaborate sparkly artwork filling an entire page, is part of harnessing the power of these heart doodles. To feel contentment, acceptance, knowing you are enough and worthy at all times and are always supported by the universe to manifest aligned success.

So, as well as drawing a heart, which instinctively connects you to love energy and source light, on the days you feel aligned to it, you can write words next to the heart doodles or inside the heart, making them part of your design. Choose words to represent things you have in your life and are full of gratitude for, or things that you want to attract into your life and words to describe how those things make you FEEL. 

When you are instinctively drawn to a word or phrase listen to your heart and follow that theme. For example your words could be “connect to nature” and you could add leaves or flowers to your heart doodle. If your word is “abundance” you could use a sparkly gold pen to add lots of gold dots and hearts around the word, drawing unlimited abundance into your energy.

Heart Doodles help you focus positive energy and attract abundant success. Doing them daily is really powerful and you could do them as an alternative to journaling when you don’t feel aligned to write, or add a little heart at the end of your writing if you want to keep a full journal regularly as well.

As a soulful graphic designer I love using heart doodle work to help my clients connect to the soul of their business message when creating branding or promotion design and when I share my personal daily heart doodles I always get a positive response. Please consider sharing some of your doodles on social media to inspire others if you decide to give this a go!

Love Ces xx
Inspired To Inspire Design