June 24, 2010

Walking the Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway

It was 3013 years ago that a doorway was beginning to open up for all humans. This doorway would be our entrance into and onto the Ascension-Enlightenment Pathway. It would be the start of when we would begin to fully remember who we are, and to discover our origin in the universal consciousness of the infinite mind. It would be our returning to the original home that we came from, to be here on earth. This would be the place that we would begin to understand the role that we played here in the overall universal blueprint and the purpose of the infinite universe.

We have been coming back from spirit to the human plain, lifetime after lifetime, to bring the infinite energy of the universe in; providing the space and the energy for it to grow. We would finally begin to awaken to the truth that we, on the finite plane, have never been separated from the infinite plain of spirit. We would finally learn that the energy of the divine spirit is and always has been within us. It is and always has been in our body. It is in, and is, our consciousness. It exists all around us. This pathway of Ascension-Enlightenment is a new relationship that is developing between the human and the spirit within. We are opening up to the paths of our own origin that is within us. The separation, veil that has kept us from this knowledge is thinning, and we are seeing into other dimensionalities of the infinite worlds. We are learning to walk and to bring together the two worlds of the finite (human), and the infinite (spirit) simultaneously as one.

We are discovering new sensations, new feelings, and a sense of restlessness as we become accustomed to this merging effect. In 1987/88 this merging effect would be called the harmonic convergence. This is the convergence of the harmony, rhythm and frequency of love and light of the spirit with the human. We are becoming what Walt Whitman would call the ‘body electric’, Tobias would call the Divine Human, and Archangel Michael would call ‘the Golden Angel’.

We are now merging with our grander part, our true self; what we would call our higher self.

We are all in, and going through, a tremendous period of transitions, transmutations and transformations. We are moving into potentials that we have never known existed. We are moving to new levels of multi-consciousness. We are raising our frequencies, vibrations and densities to the level of the light and love of the Spirit Divine.

As Robert Frost would say:

“Two roads diverge in a wood,
And I…
I took the one
Less travelled by
And that has made all the difference.”

William Wordsworth would also state that,

“Our birth is but a sleep, a forgetting.
This process of Divine Transformation
Is part of our Divine Awakening?
Awakening to the still Divine Point,
In each of us.
This still Divine Point that is untouched
By time and space.
This is our Divine Point of Entrance
Into our, Timelessness of Eternity.”

This Ascension-Enlightenment pathway is to now allow for us to awaken To, and make the choice with our Free Will of the Human, to enter into Our Divine Will of the Spirit. We can now merge these two wills back to Their Eternal Universal Consciousness of the One Infinite Supreme Spiritual Mind with its Infinite Supreme Love that gave birth to all that is and has ever been.

We must now realize as Buckminster Fuller has said: 99.9999% of what affects our reality will be undetectable by our five senses. We must learn to think for ourselves, rather than to follow blindly what has Been taught.

It was Thomas Troward in the late 18th century who realized that we were In the final stages of the Ascension Process. He knew that the Universal Consciousness of the Infinite Supreme Spirit was ready to give birth to the next level of its evolutionary process. Thomas knew. that in the next 100 years, the Earth and the Universe as we know it would go through a revolutionary change, the likes that we have never witnessed before. We were going from the Ascension Phase into the final phase of Enlightenment.

Dr. Rod Johnson
© 2003

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