November 13, 2017

We are no Angels excerpt by Lara Brook

After twenty years as an insurance lawyer, one day I simply started channelling ideas from Spirit on how to make my life happier; at first I tried not to take notice and carried on as if nothing had been happening. Telling myself that I didn’t have the time nor the place to listen or to write this “stuff”; but suddenly things started to change in my life and I was spending less hours working in the office, I had a purple laptop all to myself and even a little antique desk I bought years before. I had no more valid excuse and the voices of my spiritual guides were yelling at me at this stage: “Listen!!!”

Some of these ideas came from more than a decade of practice with Crystal Healing, Reiki and Angelic Reiki. I was compelled to put these ideas in writing as if they were mine and original, but I know that in a way they are not. They have been around forever, and Spirit and the Angels are simply reminding me of them. What is mine is the writing style, the wording, the passion, the time and effort, and ultimately the faith in them.

We are no Angels: we don’t have the whole of eternity on our hands nor do we possess almighty powers. On the contrary, our time on Earth is limited, we don’t even know when it ends and have somehow limited abilities; but we are lucky, because Spirit and the Angels are keen to help us!

With the help of Spirit I have channelled some food for thought. You can think about it, discuss it with friends and family, meditate about it, dream on it or just let it settle into you and see what happens. My wish is that any person may have the ability to live a more spiritual life just by way of including some of these suggestions in the everyday routine.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!


The power of dreams is amazing. They entertain us, cleanse us from emotional debris and often give us an insight on what’s to come. This is a formidable tool, an aid for life improvement. Like any tool we just have to learn how to work them. The problem is that dreams don’t come with a user manual; if they did, men, who are good at reading maps and manuals, would be masters of dreams. Can you figure that? Instead, we are left to our own devices to guess and second guess what dreams are all about and how to get the most out of them.

Lacking a rational way to deal with dreams (no user manual) let’s just go with creativity.
When you have a dilemma and nobody seems to be able to provide a satisfactory solution, just try and… ask yourself through your dreams. It might surprise you but, when you think about it, it makes sense. Who knows you better than you? Who cares for you more than you?

Now, when I say you, what I actually mean is your higher-self, your subconscious. That’s the part of you that holds the experiences of your previous lives, it’s your wiser self. This aspect of you is also in contact with the Divine, with Mother Nature, with the Universe and with the whole of Humanity. It is part of “All there is”.

That’s all very cool, but how do you go about programming your dreams?

There are options. You might like to write your question on your dreams pad with candour, like a child writing to Santa. Be specific in your request and always act for the highest good. Bad intentions don’t work in the spiritual world and can easily backfire.

Another way to do this is having a meditation: for a few minutes let go of any thoughts and focus on the matter you want an answer to. For this purpose, a visualisation is particularly powerful; so, sit in a quiet spot and depict in your mind’s eye all the various aspect of your dilemma, just act it out as if it were a movie or a theatre show. In any case ask your higher self to provide you with an answer in your dreams.

To enhance your ability to receive oneiric messages, try placing a piece of Sodalite on your forehead for a few minutes. This beautiful crystal resonates with the third eye chakra (the vision) and is said to empower the holder with wisdom. It will therefore help you “see” the appropriate answer.

What you need to do at this point is have a good night sleep! Write down any dreams you had as soon as you wake up (leave pen and paper close to the bed) and that’s your answer.


Where have I put my car key? I’m sure I left it here! Oh, not again, I don’t have time for this now; I am in such a hurry! GRRR!

How many times have you seen this scene with yourself as the main character?

If there were an Olympic category for losing things around the house, I would win first, second and third medal!

How are you positioned in this table of losers? If you come in the first ten, you need some help too.

The terrible thing is not losing items in itself because there is very often a practical alternative. The problem is the shear frustration and sometimes the panic that comes with it, especially when in a hurry or when in no mood to cope with annoyances.

Usually my husband, who is much cooler headed than me, lends a hand. He asks me to leave because, I quote, “your negative energy is impairing my searching abilities” and then proceeds to sieve the area using a kind of “sound technique”.

What he does is calling the missing items by their names (no rude words, please) and cajole them into the clear. For example, if I can’t find the car key, he will say something like: “Little car key, where are you? Come out and play with me now, little car key”.

Without even thinking it, he is creating an energy connection with the car key by sounding its name with his voice. At the same time, he searches the area geometrically in a very practical way until he suddenly goes off an actual tangent and shouts: “I found it!” I figure that my husband listens out for a response from the lost item; this works like an echo of his own voice bouncing on the missing object and returning to him with information on its location. It reminds me of the principle behind the sonar.

The secret to success here is to keep cool. First of all let go of your frustration. Step away from the scene of loss and stop looking for the missing items until you feel calmer. Find a way to distract yourself and let go of the irritation: go for a brisk walk or, if the weather is typically British and you don’t fancy showering in your clothes, just sing. Sing as loud as you can. If you are in public, grab a mike or sing under your breath, if you need to preserve your respectability, you choose.

As soon as you feel better, you can resume your quest.

You can try my husband’s technique, calling the lost object and hearing out for the answer. Or you can ask the elementals to:

1. Stop playing hide and seek with your possessions
2. Help you find what you are looking for

The elementals are the elves, the leprechauns, the fawns and the fairies. They can be very naughty and playful, but also rather helpful. The offer of some sweet food usually works wonders. Don’t be tempted to ask using an angry tone in your voice or to reprimand them, because you are not going to see your car key again. Always ask nicely and thank them sincerely. Anyway, there is a lesson to learn, whatever the outcome.

When the situation is serious you might want to call in the super-heroes. Leave Batman and Robin alone and invoke the Angels. Their mission is to help us and we only have to ask.

Again, collect yourself in a calm state, focus your attention on your Guardian Angel and ask him/her please to show you the way to the missing item. It is important to be grateful in advance for the help you ask. This way you show the universe that you trust the Angels and it is this trust, this unconditional faith that makes it happen.

Now listen to the answer, follow your intuition and check again that drawer for the third time, knowing that, although it wasn’t there the last time you looked into it two minutes ago, your car key could very well be there now. Surprise! It is! Panic over.

Time to go and lose something else!

© 9 Nov 2017, Lara Brook

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